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12:11:57 PM May 21st 2014
Just pulled a crapton of examples from the page. They're all examples of "Really strong attack" which is not what the trope is about.

    Anime and Manga 
  • One of Super Dimension Fortress Macross's most famous scenes involves the eponymous several kilometer tall ship punching an enemy ship (with its own arm covered in Deflector Shields), then opening ports on the inside and unleashing a Macross Missile Massacre from dozens of mecha within. Originally, it was a desperate maneuver that was Crazy Enough to Work, but it got codified into the "Daedalus Attack" and got used several more times due to how effective it was.
    • It was so effective that Vrlitwhai's reaction was to call for reinforcements. Note that the Macross was a single vessel and Vrlitwhai's fleet had about a hundred.
  • One of the competitors in the Tournament Arc of ''One Piece's'' Dressrosa arc, King Elizabello II, has the "King Punch" ability which allows him to throw a punch strong enough to destroy even a mighty fortress after charging for one hour. When he finally throws it he obliterates all the remaining fighters in the for the Barrier Warrior, who swiftly turns the attack right back on him.
  • Subverted in Dragonball Z. Hercule attempts to use his ultimate move (appropriately named the Megaton Punch) on Android 18. It doesn't work.
    • In the latin dub this punch has twenty words in its name.
    • Dragon Punch/Dragon Fist, one of Goku's moves that doesn't see much use in the main series but happens in the Non Serial Movies and Dragon Ball GT from time to time, is a full out lethal punch that, at Super Saiyan 3 or higher, makes a mini golden Shenron that explodes.
  • Episode 7 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II has Accelerator doing two in quick succession. First he charges at his victim and lets loose the first punch which she blocks with the MacGuffin the arc was about, shattering it. Accelerator throws off a quick one-liner and lets loose the second punch straight into the girl's face, sending her flying for over a hundred meters until she gets stopped by a wall and falls several floors down onto a grate with her face soaked with blood. Accelerator is walking with a cane and shouldn't even be able to speak, much less use his vector manipulation ability. Talk about Handicapped Badass...
  • Pokémon
    • As a bonus, the Japanese name of the move "Mega Punch" is "Megaton Punch" (and it's mentioned in the second series opening theme in Japan).
    • Ash's Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape has something like this as its signature move. When ordered to use Dig it'll go underground, then pop up right below the opponent and punch them in the chin hard enough to send them flying. After it evolved into Monferno, doing this to Paul's Electabuzz caused an explosion.
    • Have a look at this from Pokémon Origins. It speaks for itself.
  • In Anime/TTGL Simon teleports halfway through the world, rips the Gurren Lagann through a wall, ejects from his cockpit, slides across the ground for a good hundred feet, brings his hand back, and with a fantastic scream of "ROSSIU!!!!! LET'S SEE YA GRIT THOSE TEETH!!!!" he slugs Rossiu right in the face. All at once he honors fallen brothers, puts the The Scrappy of the series in his place with gusto, acknowledges Rossiu's basic decency and good intentions, and punches a man so hard his headband holding his hair in that Fei-like style explodes from the sheer ungodly awesome of the punch. Rossiu's lucky he had a HEAD after that. He INVENTED teleportation just to punch someone in the face. Gives a whole new meaning to Dynamic Entry and Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! doesn't it?
    • The Movie gives this trope TTGL's usual treatment when the Moon-size Cathedral Lazengann attempts to punch Earth in lieu of getting dropped on it. Team Dai-Gurren prevents this from happening.
  • One of Gon's special nen techniques turns his already powerful punch into a Megaton Punch by gathering all of his nen in his fist.
    • Uvogin's Big Bang Impact. Phinks has also a Megaton Punch, how strong it is depends on how much he rotates his arm though.
  • Anime/Ranma's fighting style favors speed over power, so when he needs to pull out a megaton punch, he instead punches the same spot hundreds of times per second.

    Comic Books 

    Live-Action Television 
  • The Dukes of Hazzard:
    • "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding," from Season 5, featured Richard Moll as the fearsome Milo Beaudry, whose punches and other combat moves were far more damaging than those administered by others the Duke boys took on.
    • "Cool Hands, Luke and Bo" – averted, although antagonist Slater (an ex-Marine who was dishonorably discharged for going AWOL, thanks to Luke ratting him out) boasted that his fighting skills and punches were no match for anybody.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • In its broadest sense, larger wrestlers – often, the monster heels – will have ordinary punches (along with other wrestling moves) that are sold as more powerful and, consequently, more damaging to their opponents than if those same punches and moves were delivered by a smaller wrestler. This is usually to sell the giant wrestler as a fearsome, unstoppable force who can potentially cripple if not worse anyone who crosses his path.
  • Roman Reigns has this as a trademark with the Superman Punch, sometimes punching the ring before blasting someone.
  • Da Crusher had a finishing move where he would wind up his arm and blast his opponent with a punch across the kisser, knocking him flat out. He called it his "100 Megaton Punch".
  • Former NWA Champion Ronnie Garvin's finisher was the Knockout Punch. It was so effective, he was said to have "Hands Of Stone".
  • The Big Show also has one in the form of the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) which knocks out not just smaller guys, but even guys like The Undertaker.
  • The Great Khali's "knockout punch" was actually a cranium slap that instantly could knock out virtually any of his opponents, even The Undertaker and The Big Show.
  • Chris Hero defeated Shane Storm at CHIKARA The Crushing Weight of Mainstream Ignorance by blasting him with a single right-hand punch.
  • Gordon Solie used to say that Eddie Graham had "the hardest punch in wrestling."
  • Claudio Castagnoli doesn't have a punch. He does, however have a "Very European" uppercut that will snap your head back like a Pez Dispenser.

     Video Games 

  • Bayonetta has the mother of all Megaton Punches in the ending, where Bayonetta binds Jubileus, the god of her universe, with her hair, does an elaborate magical dance... and summons a gigantic avatar of Queen Sheba, also from her hair, which proceeds to kiss her fist, wind up and punch Jubileus so hard her soul goes flying into the sun from past Neptune's orbit at faster-than-light speed. That about takes the cake...
    • How bad is this punch, you ask? Most of Bayonetta's hair-demon attacks have damage calculated in terms of Gigatons, with Megatons being used for the Torture Attack finishers on mooks. The final hit on Jubileus? It's measured in Infinitons!
  • In the boxing arcade game Ring King, if one fighter performs a dashing uppercut while the other fighter is standing by the ropes on the left or right side of the ring, the fighter who gets hit will be sent flying out of the ring, landing somewhere off-screen, thereby resulting in an instant K.O. win for the boxer who did the uppercut.
  • Demon's Souls also has one right at the beginning, if you can beat the tutorial boss (who you're supposed to lose to). If you manage to survive it (which is possible, just requires timing), you then get to visit an extra area with loot, lots of corpses... and the humongous Dragon God boss from later on in the center area. As soon as you enter that area, the Dragon God roars at you, stunning you, and then Falcon Punches you right out of the room for an instakill, sending you to the Nexus anyway. Ouch. Especially nasty if wearing metal armor, as the shower of sparks gives a really nasty idea of how painful that was.
  • Final Fantasy VI has an enemy attack called "Megaton Punch." It instantly kills the target party member and ignores immunity to instant kill attacks.
  • This is Bowser's basic attack in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. If done right he can punch enemies across the screen and if done wrong he trips on the enemy instead. This is also used as a Finishing Move for the Final Boss of the game, in which he manages to rival Captain Falcon himself in Incredibly Epic Punches.
  • In Fallout 3 the pneumatic Power Fist can actually make an enemy explode, just like this.
    • With enough points in the unarmed skill this can easily be done with your bare hands. Or any weapon for that matter if you take the Bloody Mess perk.
    • Taken to, perhaps, it's logical extreme in Fallout: New Vegas. Take said Power Fist, attach a contact plate to the knuckles and connect said plate to a double barrel shotgun. Boom. It is know as the ballistic fist
    • The Gun Runners Arsenal DLC also adds a ballistic fist that also fire an explosive charge into the target upon a critical hit. Even without the bloody mess perk the effect is rather spectacular.
  • BlazBlue
    • Bang Shishigami performs one as his ultimate finisher. Especially played straight when he also falls victim to one from Litchi Faye Ling in her story mode, and that's if she loses to him in a fight she challenged him to.
    • Hazama has a kick version in his Serpent's Infernal Rapture distortion drive, which sends the opponent flying all the way off the screen vertically.
    • Makoto's Astral Finish, which ends with her punching her opponent all the way to the moon, smashing it to pieces.
  • The Dragon Kick in God Hand is an instant kill to normal enemies and does sizable amounts of damage to bosses. The victim goes flying into the air and disappears with a twinkle before a parallel Gene in France Dragon Kicks them back. 100 Fists and Home Run God have a similar effect.
  • Guilty Gear's Potemkin has an Instant Kill in XX that fits this trope - he takes off his power-limiting collar and kills the opponent with a single punch.
    • In the same game, the vampire Slayer has an Instant Kill where he punches his opponent into space, turning them into A Twinkle in the Sky. Then recites a haiku.
  • In Primal Rage, the character Blizzard has the aptly-named To Da Moon fatality.
  • This is Yui's favorite move to use on Ryo in Brass Restoration. She's apparently been using it on him since childhood, so his intense training has made him immune to any damage he would otherwise suffer.
  • The Berserk Pack from Doom was like this, only instead of sending your enemies flying it made them splatter into a million pieces.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had a cheat which turned your standard melee punch into a Megaton Punch, allowing you to send enemies flying a hundred feet straight ahead when you punched them. For added hilarity, the cheat also affected NPCs.
  • In God of War: Chains of Olympus, if you get the Gauntlet of Zeus and level it up all the way, you can get a Megaton Punch going.
    • There's also the Nemean Cestus of God of War III, which lets you reel in an opponent for one.
  • Mega Man ZX has appropriately-named "Megaton Crush", the half-Charge Attack of Model F's Hand Cannon which can send opponent forward and hitting another opponent on the way for an extra killcount. Hence the weapon's name, Knuckle Busters.
  • Several of the Jack characters from the Tekken series actually have a move called Megaton Punch, which is a powerful punch that does 40 damage. In addition, there is the Gigaton Punch, which is one of the most damaging (unblockable and 199 damage, meaning it'll only not take you out if you're playing with a 100% handicap and have full health) and difficult (a "lever spin" is required to pull it off in the PS2 version, but it is never explained what exactly that is) to execute, but, yes, sends the opponent flying across the stage until they hit the invisible wall.
    • Roger the kangaroo and Alex the velociraptor have a similar attack, called "Animal Gigaton Punch." It's substantially easier to pull off than Jack's attack (originally just a lever direction combined with Left Punch), yet it's almost as powerful.
  • In The King of Fighters, Ralf Jones has a similar move named Galactica Phantom, which is practically unblockable (though fairly easy to avoid by jumping in the right moment) and, if connected, sends the opponent flying across the stage a la Megaton Punch.
    • It gets worse in the GBA spinoff The King of Fighters EX 2: Howling Blood, where the Galactica Phantom has a much, much shorter charge time and is a regular move instead of a SDM, meaning you can conceivably OHKO someone right off the bat with it on a counterhit...
    • Ryo Sakazaki has this as well, with Tenchi Haoken, which has the added benefit of STUNNING your opponent.
    • By luck or if you feel you're pure awesomeness, have these as a counter attack and you'll shit bricks from the damage it causes to your enemy. Especially Galactica Phantom SDM. Lethal even for bosses.
  • NanacaCrash. (There goes your life.)
  • In Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.. games, one of the ways a character can be defeated is by hitting them so hard they fly off into the horizon and vanish in a twinkle.
  • Mass Effect 3 introduces class-unique heavy melee attacks to the series. While most classes use omni-blades and the Adept focuses on Punched Across the Room, the Vanguard class gets a straight-up powerful biotic punch which executes faster than other heavy melees, synergizing well with their Charge ability.
    • And now the Batarians join in with their Omni-gauntlets. One punch, and Your Head Asplode. The addition of batarian Vanguards makes this even better.
  • In spite of the Bayonetta example above, There is an even more powerful example of this. Asura from Asura's Wrath does this on a regular basis, from punching out a planet sized deity's finger and making him explode with one final punch, all the way to growing bigger than the planet itself and punching straight through the Creator of life's forehead, all the way to doing multiple Megaton Punches with the final one killing the Creator's ultimate form, even at the cost of his life. All for the sake of his daughters safety.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent's grunts tend to pull these off if they can see you behind a barricade.
  • In the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Jin Saotome's Heavy Punch attacks tend to be more Megaton than Fierce as it is. But he takes the cake with his Super, Blodia Punch: Jin punches the opponent as hard as he can, followed almost immediately by the fist of his Humongous Mecha.
    Spencer: Bionic... ARRRRRRRRRM!!!
  • In the Source engine, damage in excess of what is required to kill a player is translated into force on the corpse. A critical punch from the Heavy can launch people across a room, or a map, if their health is low enough. This is also why the Spy's Back Stab tends to launch ragdolls around on a whim, because all backstab kills are triggered by absurdly excessive damage rules.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni: At the climax of Episode 8, Battler Punches out Bernkastel. Bernkastel who, just scenes ago, had been laughing off universe explosions. Battler's fist is more powerful than the universe. And inflicts the concept of pain.
  • In Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, Schirach has one hell of a punch that can send you flying For Massive Damage if she manages to grab you when she charges at you.
  • In Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, one of Mag's special attacks is a giant fist that he uses to crush all enemies on the screen.
  • In Touhou Hisoutensoku, Hong Meiling has Two Spellcards (Strike sign: "Roc Fist" and Fiery Attack: "Roc-killing fist") that throw the opponent in the sky, especially the first one if it's a counter-hit. She also has the Red-Cannon skill, which is a much weaker version of the two spellcards and only throws the enemy in a counter-hit (Otherwise he would only launched in mid-air).
  • In X Com Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within adds the MEC Trooper class. One of the armaments you can give them is the Kinetic Strike, which is basically a melee-range Rocket Punch. It is the single most damaging attack in the game, and scoring a kill with it causes the deceased enemy to be flinged a couple of tiles away, with enough force to make a car explode.
  • "Freedom Force" has this with either in-game standard characters or your custom characters, it's all up to how you design the attacks. Especially hilarious due to semi-realistic physics engine, which means that lightweight opponents get sent flying higher/further from higher knockback. If you're good at balancing perks and flaws, you can have a custom character who can wield trees and buses as early as the first couple of stages, knocking female enemies across town! Also, the physics engine applies impact damage when they land/collide with stuff. My favourite part of a really fun game.
  • While quite of a few of the fist attacks in the Disgaea series would qualify, the Rising Dragon fist skill in 2 and 3 is probably the best example, as it has the user do a flying uppercut on the target that brings both out of the atmosphere before punching the target so hard that they become a twinkle in the blackness of space instantaneously.
    • The version of it used in 4 is noticeably different in execution, but still very much a megaton punch. The victim is first punched under a waterfall flowing from the top of a mountain, then uppercutted so hard that the force sends the water flying back up the mountain along with the target. After the target flies out of sight, the mountain splits in half and crumbles to dust.
  • The end of Donkey Kong Country Returns involves DK destroying the evil lair by punching the moon into it.
  • Digimon World has Megaton Punch as an actual attack that your Digimon can learn.
  • In the ending of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman finishes off the Titan-mutated Joker by spraying his fist with explosive gel and punching him in the face.
  • The early FPS/RPG Strife combines this with Ludicrous Gibs. Stamina implants improve both your hit points and your punch damage, with enough you smash an enemy across the room in a shower of meat.
  • A good Wrestler in Dwarf Fortress can punt an enemy quite far away with just one punch.
  • In the game Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bowser actually tries to punch the planet Mario/Luigi is standing on during all three of his boss battles.
  • Pokémon has the move Mega Punch, which was called Megaton Punch in Japan. There's also the similarly named "Mega Kick". Another move is DynamicPunch (which is called "Exploding Punch" in Japan), which has 50% accuracy (which, in a series where an attack with 80% accuracy is considered unreliable, is really low) but does tons of damage and also confuses the enemy if it connects.
  • In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Rain has a move that lets him roundhouse kick his opponent so far across the screen that they coming flying back on the other side. Subverted by the fact that the distance it sends the opponent is far more than the damage it does.
    • Also, one of Raiden's fatalities is an explosive uppercut that blows his enemies into pieces.
  • Rare first person shooter example: Dark Forces, the first entry in the Dark Forces Saga, leaves Kyle Katarn with only his fists as his Emergency Weapon (this being before they established Kyle as an active Force-sensitive Jedi). Typically, punching a (humanoid) opponent puts them into a moment of stunlock and bounces them a bit. However, if Kyle crouches, looks up slightly, and punches, he can send most Imperial cronies flying across the room with greater Knock Back than all but his most powerful explosive weapons. This can get entertaining in some levels, allowing Kyle to punch stormtroopers off cliffs and the like.
  • Saints Row 2 gives us the highly entertaining Pimp Slap weapon. The game's loose association with reality only makes it all the more amusing to watch.
    • Saints Row: The Third upped the ante with the Apocafists, giant rubber fists that send cars flying and turn people into showers of blood.
  • Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action is built around building up to these - taking down enemies with standard rapid attacks fills a meter that allows the player to use more and more powerful combo finishers that boil down to ricochet-inducing megaton punches.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, due to a bug in the physics engine, giants are able to smack humans into low orbit.

    Web Comics 
  • In Angel Moxie when as part of her Heel–Face Turn Tristan punches the demon lord Vashi (for going back on her offer to allow Tristan to rule over France when they conquer the world) she sends her flying due to her superstrength. Vashi does eventually land.... in China.
  • The eponymous Rip Haywire's signature attack.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Hack and Slash from ReBoot were capable of this, although they rarely got to show it since they were usually too busy putting the "dumb" in Dumb Muscle. In the episode "Gigabyte," after Hack is drained of his energy by the titular character, Slash gets revenge by unleashing a seriously epic Megaton Punch, knocking him from outside Mainframe right into the heart of the city... which is where Bob was trying to keep him away from.
    Bob: You idiot! Look what you've done!
    Slash: What? He hurt my friend!
  • Once on Yin Yang Yo!, Yin lost control of her aura and sent Coop all the way across the world. She's normally done a Megaton Punch on several occasions (mainly Card Carrying Villains and Coop the Chicken).
  • Lugnut's Punch Of Kill Everything from Transformers Animated combines this with a Rocket Punch. His fist get replaced by a pressure-sensitive button that, when used to punch things, creates massive explosions that can level a city block. Unless triggered prematurely, in which case all that power hits him instead.
  • In Regular Show even the weak can do this practising the art of "Death Kwon Do": wearing a mullet and cut-off jeans.

    Real Life 
  • Legendary heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano's face-off with Jersey Joe Walcott in 1952 for the world heavyweight title ended with a magnificent example.
    • In case you missed it, they were checking to see if Walcott was alive. That's the kind of punch that makes Captain Falcon look like a pansy.
  • The punch of the "smasher" variety of mantis shrimp has an acceleration of over 100,000 m/s2. Not only is the impact of the punch itself incredibly powerful and has been known to break through aquarium glass with a single strike, the rapid acceleration (about the same as a .22 caliber bullet) actually creates a shockwave from the collapse of cavitation bubbles, capable of stunning or killing its target even if the punch itself misses. Watch this specimen break open a clam, and just listen to those blows. The sounds are being muffled through aquarium glass. The shockwave is also accompanied by a small burst of light and a temperature increase of several thousand degrees, although the effect is too short-lived to have any real offensive significance.
  • Bruce Lee had a finger-hand punch - his famous "one-inch punch" - that moved so fast and was so powerful it would knock back opponents several feet. Even when the opponent was ready for the blow. Thing is, this wasn't even Bruce Lee's strongest punch; the thing that made it so effective is that it has that much power despite (as the name indicates) involving his fist moving only a very short distance before hitting the target. Thus, Lee could hit you with a Megaton Punch out of nowhere, without ever drawing back his arm and cluing you in that the punch was coming. Dodging was pretty well out of the question.
  • Dan Henderson is known for (what is in many people's opinions) the hardest knockout punch in mixed martial arts (MMA) history. Henderson knocked out Englishman Michael Bisping at UFC 100 with a punch he wound up almost 180 degrees and stepped into with most of his body weight (Bisping was also circling into the punch). "Hendo" followed up the sledgehammer blow with an equally-devastating full-body-weight-jumping-elbow to Bisping's face after the poor Brit had already hit the ground, unconscious.
  • At about 0:08 in this video of prison inmates saving a prison guard from being strangled, the first Big Damn Hero charges forward and throws all his momentum into one punch, before dogpiling the strangler with other prisoners. It is just as awesome as it sounds
  • The end of this video has a good one, overlapping with Epic Fail on the part of the punchee.

12:22:55 PM May 21st 2014
Some of them can go to the YKKTW for Super Punch that was inspired by this kind of misuse.
02:53:54 AM Jun 28th 2012
Anyone think Megaton Kick should get a page? I was gonna make a YKTTW but can't think of an apt description or many examples, so want opinion before I do so.
05:22:25 AM Apr 18th 2012
So what's the difference between Megaton Punch and Punched Across the Room? It sounds like the former is about the type of powerful, wind-up punch, and ther latter just about punching hard enough to send flying...
10:19:16 AM May 12th 2012
Mega Ton Punch is meant to be used for comedic effect. And generally the farther away the character gets thrown/flown, the less serious its supposed to be. Punched Across the Room is for a more "serious" tone, to show someone being really powerful.
10:56:03 AM Oct 16th 2012
But how exactly do the titles convey that difference? I think Megaton Punch should have a more comedic title since it is the funny one.
02:40:26 AM Apr 20th 2013
Half the examples that has been moved to Punched Across The "Room" has the target being launched into orbit or worse, so...
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