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Running Gag: Web Original

  • The Angry Video Game Nerd's fight scenes that involve him will have a convenient pile of cardboard boxes spontaneously appear occasionally whenever he knocks someone back, making his opponent fall into the boxes.
    • Lampshaded when the Nerd and the Critic met. The Angry Video Game Nerd kicks the Nostalgia Critic into a pile of boxes, to which the critic wonders why there are boxes everywhere.
  • The Onion's had a Running Gag for the last few months of some gruesome improbable injury happening to George Bush, in a short article ending with the phrase "Bush is resting comfortably at Bethesda Naval Hospital".
  • The Onion has many, actually:
    • A therapist by the name of Eli Wasserbaum will be asked for comment in some articles.
    • Don Turnbee, a middle aged man featured in articles about his patronage of various fast food establishments.
    • Any time there is porn mentioned, one of the titles will be an installment of the Butt Fuck Sluts Go Nuts series.
    • The print version will have a page with a "continuation" of a non-existent article that contains nothing but the phrase "Passerby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood" over and over again. Makes for a good space-filler...
    • Before he died, any article about Strom Thurmond would conclude with "The Senator then died." When he actually died, they ran the headline "Strom Thurmond Finally, Finally Dies"
    • In their mock history book Our Dumb Century, a few of the running gags included "[Scopes Monkey Trial/Sacco and Vanzetti/Nuremberg/OJ Simpson The Trial of the Century", an editorial cartoon of the Statue of Liberty getting raped/attacked by the menace du jour (The Spanish, Lounge Lizards, capitalist pigs, hippies, Arab terrorists), and an editorial by T. Herman Zweibel declaring "We Must Strike Now While England Is Weak!" at various times in the century.
    • Their mock atlas Our Dumb World had all the African people named Mtumbe Ngoube.
    • Clifford Banes, who couldn't be here now as he is currently racing to the airport to find the woman he loves?!
    • Prominent (American) Congressmen are often portrayed as children learning Very Special Episode style about responsibility, friendship and so on. They're also often attributed quotes in articles on practically any topic; it's just funny to imagine Orrin Hatch declaring, 'Would Al Jourgensen wear a T-shirt depicting smiley aliens telepathing 'Love' to their baggy-pantsed children? Techno should be about hate, not love. Techno is about wearing black and screaming, not standing in one place and swaying peacefully. I say, bring back the days of Skinny Puppy'.
    • Anytime a church is mentioned, it's nearly always "Holy Christ Almighty [Denomination] Church".
    • There was a spell when the slideshows featured on the site would always end with the same picture of Alan Alda, which the caption would attempt to loosely tie in to the actual theme.
  • Before the yusketeers were formed, every time Yusiko met Yumeko or Yukito he would say "we have similar names, we should be friends!"
  • The Chin Review has several. CHEESE AND WINE! Edam, Tarquin! Edaaaaaaaam!
  • Ever since starting their Endurance Run, Giant Bomb has made Persona 4 something of a running gag in their website, often making references to the game within their other articles/videos. Within the playthrough itself they have such gags as flanderizing Dojima's already poor parenting, comments about the Funky Student NPCs and often making voices of Personas they encounter and reject.
  • The SCP Foundation discourages the use of Running Gags since the [REDACTED] resulted in some quite hideous [DATA EXPUNGED].
    • Why didn't we try to use it against SCP-682?
      • We tested it on 682 and ended up getting a dozen personnel killed in a bizarre yet amusing manner.
    • It was too dangerous, so we launched it into the sun.
    • SCP-447 must NEVER come into contact with a dead body.
      • It also turns everything green with a minty smell/taste.
    • All Foundation personnel are reminded that the SCPs are to be treated as powerful and dangerous artifacts at all times. They are not for use in pranks, party games, or to help with your hangover.
    • SCP-914 may not be sentient, but it is a prick.
    • SCP-055 is... Wait, what were we talking about?
    • "SPC", the common typo of "SCP", is an Alternate Universe version of the Foundation: the Shark Punching Center.
    • Dr. King and apple seeds. Any time he works with an object that alters or produces something, it always somehow ends up as apple seeds.
  • I Am Not Infected has several, including Paul's sign off ("I'm not infected, at least not the way you think") which refers to his HIV, but not zombie, positive status. A bet between Paul and Charlie concerning getting Charlie to admit he's gay has also come up twice, and will likely come up again.
  • Whateley Universe examples: Tennyo's constant eating, Jade (who can cast herself into multiple objects) having trouble with personal pronouns, Ayla being picky about food, Jericho's clothing choices, Nate's flatulence problem, Chaka's inability to sit still, ...
  • raocow's burning hatred of Yoshi, whom he keeps insulting, specifically by calling him a "stupid freakin' horse".
    • Raocow has a number of these, such as referring to Chargin' Chucks as "Charlie", proclaiming any and all deaths to be purposeful "demos" or "for science", and repeatedly saying "cat planet" on his let's play of cat planet.
  • Caught Chatting has a few, including "Bingo!" and the 75 dead starlings.
  • Ruby Quest has Tom's MANLY PHYSIQUE and Ruby's GIRLISH FIGURE. And towards the beginning, whenever someone would suggest something dirty (which was often) the response was always some variation on "besides, there might be cameras watching." (There were.)
  • On youtube one can find a fan-dubbed (in Swedish) version of The Lord of the Rings, titled Sagan om ändringen, meaning "the fairy tale about the change" (the original Swedish title of the first book in the trilogy is Sagan om ringen, meaning "the fairy tale about the ring"). It can be watched with English subtitles, and has a few funny moments here and there, even though the majority is pretty bad. One funny thing though, getting increasingly funny each time it appears, is Frodo's tendancy to sing whenever they are out walking.
    Frodo: (singing) Oh what a pleasant day!
    Sam: (annoyed) Quiet.
  • The very lengthy 1001+ Things That The Worst Party In Eberron Is Forbidden From Doing has several. Three in particular stand out:
    • Rules informing the party they are not Batman.
    • Rules informing the party they are not to befriend, coerce, magically age, or seduce Pontiff Jaela.
    • Secondary rules informing the party they are not to convince the Warforged to carry out previously forbidden acts.
  • The Anti-9/11 Truther YouTube channel, Unsecured Coins includes in every video footage of a man saying "The whistle goes WOOOOO!!
  • Cracked's articles often have references to the gigantic testicles of badasses.
    • Robert Brockaway would like to remind you that, when facing wild animals, the best way to defeat them is to BEAT THEM WITH THEIR OWN KIND!
  • Pre-dinner mayo is GOOD FOR YOU
    • Especially noticeable when they forget the mayo in one video. Guy gets a Heroic BSOD because of it.
  • Many in the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, including, but not limited to:
    • Cristoph being unable to complete his opening speech.
    • Adrian's trenchcoat never surviving a mission.
      • In the same vein, Stephen's Plothole Generators are seemingly always doomed to destruction.
    • Chrys always stealing Aster's chocolate before she can eat it.
    • Chrys never being able to read a rare Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden manga (it disappears, is destroyed, or bursts into flame for no reason).
    • People attempting to steal Adrian's food will end up setting off and getting stuck in his booby traps. If they somehow evade it, they'll only leave the yellow Starbursts.
    • The Fourth Wall breaking, followed promptly by Adrian yelling 'ASTER!'
    Aster: Kyaaa!
    • The Darkness singing juvenile songs instead of attempting to corrupt its host.
    • Shirley reacting to bad jokes or cliches with gratuitous violence, usually towards Ben or Dave.
    • Volt claiming his IQ is 265, followed by somebody (usually Marcus) saying it was a typo.
    • Alice glomping people she meets for the first time.
  • This Let's Play of Shin Megami Tensei I has the Neutral Hero continually attempting (and failing) to get his axe back from the Chaos Hero.
  • The Freelance Astronauts have a few throughout their videos. Notable ones include cries of "ASSWINGS!" whenever Link used the Song of Soaring, Ferr's insistence that Link makes Epona move faster through the application of carrots, and references to things being "too close for x, switching to y".
  • Warning Readers Advisory has a few:
    dramatic music sting
    "...yeah, that's not gonna get old quick."
    • In the SF Shinseiki Lensman review:
    "Buskirk takes it well."
    *scene of Buskirk flipping out*
    • "Godlike aliens... Man, do I HATE godlike aliens!"
  • Dana from Echo Chamber constantly tells Tom that he and his works suck.
  • College Humor's Facebook History of the World has a few.
    • Common Sense, trying to give good advice but ignored by everyone.
    • Nobody caring about Africa's issues.
  • Fabulous Life Of Bratz:
    • "Huh, what,WHAT THE HECK?!"
    • "Where's that music coming from?"
  • nigahiga calling a lamp an umbrella.
    Rihanna: You ain't getting under this
    Chris Brown: Under what?
    Rihanna: (holds a lamp over 'her' head) Under my umbrella!
    Chris Brown: That's a lamp.
    Rihanna: So you think you're some kind of umbrella expert now?!
  • Wheezy Waiter has a ton here's a video with a bunch of them. later ones include:
    • The Eagle
    • Quiet Clone, Sexy Clone, and Revenge Clone
    • The sun getting upset with him.
  • Rather Vocalized Illusion regularly uses a Rule 34 image as a Jump Scare to shock the audience. YMMV on whether you find this gross or funny.
  • Skippys List has several instances involving an inflatable sheep.
  • In There Will Be Brawl, whenever someone calls either Mario or Luigi a plumber, they always react with some variation on "We're not plumbers!" Mario always says it with anger, while Luigi says it more with annoyance or resignation. This holds even when Luigi is out of breath from a (small) fight and extended running.
  • Behind the scenes of Epic Rap Battles of History have Epic LLOYD asking people if they want to buy heroin.
  • Mario Party TV series:
    • "Mr. Freaking Cheating Stinking Doom" and all its variations. Used when Holms gets "salty"
    • Clel: "I love this show." (Referring to Chance Time, the moment where everything turns around for the players.)
    • "Holms, PRESS A!"
    • Pausing right before a character lands on a bad space while everyone reacts. Especially a Bowser Space.
    • Waluigi and the Polio Fund, which is based on Waluigi's lankiness. Used whenever the Reverend Inferno plays.
    • Steeler's mains Toadette and DK being BFFs. Started when Toadette got lucky during a playthrough of Clockwork Castle.
    • Oh Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged has LOTS. Any time Mako shows up he's mentioned as a Freaky Fish Guy, Joey's "NYEH", Duke Devlin's "Sexy Back", Screw the Rules, I Have Money! in all it's variations, "Shut up, Mokuba". Martin Abridged has got a lot, and he mostly uses them only if they can be done in variation.
      • His sub-series the Naruto Abridged Comedy Series Spoof Show has David Bowie-San, the word "Retaaaaaaaarded" and Naruto smoking.
  • Every adventure available at Addventure begins with the protagonist standing before a staircase and having to decide whether to go up or down.
  • Several from Golden Book Video Killers:
    • Daffy Duck often hurling himself through the air while yelling "Chuckimation!" (as a reference to a similar "animation" style utilized on KaBlam's Action League Now)
    • Daffy often complaining about a Golden Book Video not having the space logo at the end of the tape.
    • Grumpy Dwarf and Daffy freaking out and running away in fear when the aptly-named white screen of death comes up at the end of a tape when it's left running.
  • Nintendo Direct has several times had someone stare at a piece of fruit (or vegetable) for a few seconds. It started with Satoru Iwata staring at a bunch of bananas in a game showcase after E3 2012. In a Nintendo Direct later that year, Bill Trinen would stare at a tangerine in the same way, and in yet another, a lego version of Iwata was holding a carrot.
  • Clement J 642.
    Clement: Knuckles, you're an idiot.
    Knuckles: SHUT UP!!!
  • Jay periodically has video tapes dropped into his lap. So far, this has happened 4 times:
    The original stock of tapes from the Marble Hornets movie.
    The supply of tapes and the hard drive he found in his safe after his bout of amnesia.
    The additional Marble Hornets tapes that Tim had.
    The burnt tapes that Tim found in the hole near the red tower.
  • In The Gamers Alliance, there are plenty of running gags. Some examples include variations of the "something warm and floppy" scenes (referring to male genitalia in awkward situations), Nesa bumping into and tormenting the hapless Nightstalker Fred in various amusing ways much to the latter's horror, and Ronove's craving for sand gnome legs and cake during the weirdest scenes.
  • Salsa dancing in The Cartoon Man, and ping pong in its sequel.
  • The Everything Wrong With series on and their Youtube channel has several repeated things across many of their videos that count as sins, including 'Reading', 'Liam Neeson isn't killing anyone in this scene', 'Movie promotes stalking', 'X is a dick to Y' (Y is usually some form of inanimate object) and 'The Prometheus school of running away from things'.
  • The Machinima series Red vs. Blue practically operates on these and many a Brick Joke.
    • Most of the characters have one each.
      • Caboose persistently claims he is Church's best friend.
      • Church gets team-killed by Caboose. Lots.
      • Tucker is a Casanova Wannabe who never gets a sniper rifle and gets knockd out in every battle he's in.
      • Sarge has a passionate hatred of everything blue-coloured, leading to some very Insane Troll Logic plans.
      • Simmons kisses Sarge's ass (a lot). And he's Dutch-Irish.
      • Grif does everything possible to slack off work, and he and Simmons have a current feud over the shotgun seat of the Warthog (despite the fact that Grif usually drives and Simmons takes the mounted turret, leaving Sarge for Shotgun)
      • Donut is Ambiguously Gay and making anything that can be misconstrued as a double entendre sound like one.
      • Lopez.0 is regarded as an idiot and speaks in robotic monotone Spanish.
      • Tex takes exception to Grif's balls.
      • Doc being a pacifist and constantly trying to pander to everybody, which leads to no one liking him.
    • The Reds get their Warthog blown up in every battle it's in.
    • Calling attention to every running gag/brick joke they do.
    • Attaching towing cables/harpoons to peoples' codpieces.
    • The skull that keeps popping up from time to time is exactly the same one, and it used to belong to Private Jimmy. Tex pulled it out of his head and beat him to death with it.
      • That doesn't seem physically possible!
      • That's exactly what X said!
    • "Memory is the key" seems to walk a tightrope between this and Arc Words. First it's a serious phrase, and then it's a joke, and then it's serious again...
    • The ongoing debate over whether or not the Warthog looks more like a Puma.
    • The ongoing debate over whether or not you can pick up chicks in a tank.
    • The ongoing debate over why we're here.
  • Jacks Films' "Your Grammar Sucks" series has quite a few.
    • Upper-Class Twit, Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, when appropriate.
    • Ever since this entry from episode 21, he's reused the ":a what a fucke?!" sound bit/video clip/quote for the comments that defy more logic than usual.
    • The whole "rapping vs. raping" thing, which earns a lampshade in the YGS Christmas Special.
    • Starting around episode 32, he's been including at least one tweet from fellow YouTuber Olga Kay in every few episodes of YGS, followed by an exclamation of "OH, OLGA". He even managed to fit it into the Christmas Special, which is a song.
    • As of recently, using the "poor brian" clip from episode 51 (whenever somebody makes the mistake of spelling "brain" as "brian").
    • A couple non-YGS examples:
      • At the end of some videos (before Jack moved to L.A.), Jack's (former) girlfriend Kristen will be there with him, apparently to talk about upcoming videos...but every time, he tells her to shut up as soon as she opens her mouth, leaving her standing there awkwardly.
  • Watch both seasons of The Legend of Neil, and you will forever grin whenever someone mentions a fog machine.
  • KassemG and NicePeter's Street Music series has "Superman socks": It originated with the ending of the first video in the series, where they mocked the light blue socks of a man who confronted them for taping him cuddling with a woman in a public park. This was briefly referenced in two other episodes, and the brief melody they used for this bit was eventually expanded into a full three minute song and music video.
  • Third Rate Gamer has a few:
    • Usually when showing just a small part of a game, he'll die at the end of the clip before cutting to something else.
    • The footage sometimes shows him picking the lowest difficulty setting before starting.
    • In almost every episode, he'll get attacked by a character from the game he's reviewing.
    • In quite a few reviews, it's obvious he's using a cheating device as he will get hit, but receive no damage. Played for Laughs, of course.
    • When words or an image appear on the screen, they are usually followed by a fart sound.
  • The youtube user Tom Ska has a video titled "Literal Drinks" in which a beverage, referred to as the Recurring Gag, has the side effect of causing a literal recurring gag, and is used as a running gag. Many other tropes take literal form in this video. [1]
  • When Shinryuu82 reaches a teleporter Boss Rush in his playthroughs of Mega Man games, he usually cuts the entire segment out with a brief message and sound clip, after which the gameplay resumes with all the bosses defeated. There were a few exceptions to this, such as in his run of Mega Man 42.
  • Super Carlin Brothers has several, including never opening the door in the background, Team Grizzly Eagle Shark VS Team Girrafellent, and the Towel Section.
  • It's often mentioned in Matt Santoro's web series that Matt is bald, has notably white teeth, and is Canadian.
    • Hugo's love of fish heads.
    • In his mail vlogs, people sending Matt money.
    • In the mail vlogs, people sending Matt origami ninja stars. note 
    • Eugene claiming that his lightsaber is real.
    • Matt telling his audience to keep things sexual.
    • Eugene threatening Matt with a lightsaber.
  • WelshGamer often has a lot of running gags in his corruptions. Such as bringing up the "One-Note Orchestra" when the music in a game plays a single note only, or blurting out "Aliens!" when a scene or screen loops endlessly and lastly, he would say along the lines of "Hey X, gotta go slow, bro." as if tripping when the gameplay and, respectively, the music slows to a crawl.

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