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Running Gag: PewDiePie
  • Shouting LOL while playing Calling.
  • Holding the computer mouse to his ear as if it was a phone.
  • Shouting "RABRABRABRABRABRABRABRABRABRABRABRAB!!!" whenever having to shake off a ghost.
  • "Stop wasting your lantern Pewdie!"
  • It might be unintentional, but Stephano gets knocked into objects frequently.
  • Yelling "Front Flip!" when actually doing a back flip in Happy Wheels.
  • He tends to call Tyler a shitty cop a lot in his Fahrenheit Let's Play.
  • Spawning Cthulhu for no good reason in Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Also in Scribblenauts Unlimited, he had the tendency to type words like "penis", "porn" and "dildo", before quickly deleting it and writing something seriously.
    • In his Talking Angela video, he typed "lick pussy" before changing it.
  • In the playthrough of Surgeon Simulator 2013, he has a habit of punching the phone (and therefore, everything) off the table, while shouting "STOP CALLING ME MIRANDA!!" note 
  • Pewds will also start beatboxing out of nowhere during playthroughs.
  • "It's just you, me, and the loading screen." *Stares into camera*
  • After doing something badly, he'll have an explosive effect with the words "Nailed It!" over it.
  • Whenever Pewds Screams Like a Little Girl while playing a game, the word "Manliness" will show up.
  • Expect nipples to show up frequently.
  • Sometimes while playing games, he'll beatbox while singing "Pewdiepie plays (name of game)" while the logo spins around.
  • He has grown an interest in Japanese stuff, considering his use of the words "kawaii" and "sugoi", and some Japanese music.
  • He has a habit of putting "Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough" at the ends of the titles of some of his longer videos.
  • In Pewdie's newer videos, after a shot there will be a cut to black and a bleep noise, and then a cut to the next shot. Usually this happens after something random occurs.
  • He names almost all of his game characters "Bob", such as in Skate 3, Turbo Dismount, and Surgeon Simulator 2013.
  • He sometimes sings to the tune of the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina of Time.
  • He plays a lot of simulator, a lot.
  • When asked to draw or "fabulize" himself, he's pretended to draw it. He cuts to the end result being a duck. His reaction: "What the fuck!"
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