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PewDiePie is, long story short, a very quirky guy, but there are some moments where he can channel his humorous tendencies or drop them altogether to bring some truly awesome moments to the table.
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    Pewdie's Videos 
  • Him managing to get the Slenderman, of all people, to stand still (well, more or less stuck behind a car) and then proceeds to film his balls for a few seconds before he disappeared.
  • PewDiePie and Uber Haxor Nova note  played Worms together. The idea alone is awesome, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Pewds is playing Sonic.exe and Robotnik's level cuts to static, he keeps repeating "Don't come out of the screen, Sonic...". When he finally does come out of the screen (The "I am God" picture), Pewdie doesn't so much as freak out, just giving the picture a solid look and then going: "Okay, I mean, Sonic, you're not that beautiful. Let's be honest." For a guy who has been notoriously known screaming at these sorts of things, it's awesome for him to learn from his past and adapt accordingly.
  • During his Dark Souls playthrough he managed to beat the Iron Golem without Tarkus (for context, this boss is considered ridiculously hard, if not nigh-impossible, to beat unless you get an ally spirit named Tarkus to help you). Even Pewds is surprised and he spends the next minute celebrating.
    "Praise the sun!"
  • After fourteen episodes of trials and tribulations, he beat Dark Souls.
    • For bonus points, early on he summons other players to help in a boss fight, despite being unaware of exactly how the summoning mechanic works. When he realizes that the other players did most of the work for him, he deems summoning to be a cheap, cheaty tactic and goes solo from then on.
  • Him having the opportunity to play South Park: The Stick of Truth several weeks before it hit stores.
  • In one of his Outlast videos, there's a scenario in which Pewdie accidentally comes out of his hiding locker. He quickly hides in the one next to it. Three guesses which locker the enemy checks.
  • In one of his Pewds Does Everything videos, he smacks his butt with a banana, and when he notices the camera he awkwardly throws the banana backwards. It then lands perfectly on the table behind him.
  • In one of his Trouble in Terrorist Town videos, he jumps off of a building and ends up landing on CaptainSparklez. The round ends, as CaptainSparklez was the traitor the entire time and Pewds had killed the traitor without any intention.
  • He once chopped off the head of someone running at him in-game...while flying out his chair in fright.
  • His guitar cover of "Let It Go" replacing the lyrics with how tired he is of the song's excessive popularity.
  • One of his Q&A questions asked "What is this?"
    Pewdie: Oh, I'll tell you what it is. 2 fab 4 u!
  • Pewds recently started his Dark Souls 2 LP and has been having a great deal of trouble with it. It wasn't until someone pointed out that he was in the Champions Covenant that his problems made sense. After looking up what it does and realizing it makes the game about twice as hard Pewds decided to stick with it.
    • In his latest video he fought the Iron King. For those not in the know this is That One Boss for a lot of people. Pewds defeated it, while still part of the Champions Covenant and while using only melee (the hardest method of fighting it) apparently on the first try.
  • In the Squish Oculus Rift video, while the walls are closing in Pewdie begs to the game that he'll do anything to get out. Suddenly, the walls stop just as he's saying it. When Pewdie changes his mind, the walls actually continue closing in.
    • He wasn't doing this on purpose. There's actually a disclaimer that says he didn't even know what to expect.
  • His Trouble in Terrorist Town strategy initially consists of grieving by trying to gun everyone down instantly regardless of whether or not he's innocent, causing much stress on his mates. But, in "PLEASE GIVE ME A LARGER PENIS", he manages to act in a way to provoke the other people to kill each other off so that it's just him and Ken. TWICE. Much to everyone's surprise, he then hunts down Ken. One of his best moment is the second time he was the traitor in that video in which Ken was stuck on the wall (due to glitch) and all he has to do is kill both Cry ( who was suspected being a traitor by throwing grenades) and Minx ( who suspect Cry is the traitor) without both of them shooting him out of retaliation. In both times he's the traitor, he wins in that video.
  • The quick kiss Pewdie and Marzia share in part 6 of his Fahrenheit LP. It's fast, but it's still there.
  • While Pewdie plays a parking simulator game called PAKO, he is driving a vehicle that is being chased by the police (also, if you crash into any other car, you die). He makes a U-turn at the end of the confined space that he's in, and the police car speeds past him, missing him by centimeters. Even Pewds is happily surprised.
  • At 5 AM on night 2 in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, he ends up using all of his flashlight power (the flashlight is rather helpful in allowing you to monitor the animatronics), so BB (which stands for Balloon Bitch, if Pewds is to be believed) appears and starts laughing at him, much to Pewdie's chagrin. He puts on the Freddy mask and sits there helpless, waiting for some animatronic to finish him off. After some time Foxy shows up and begins to lunge at Pewdie, but he makes it to 6 AM before Foxy can kill him. If you couldn't already tell, Pewds was very surprised by this. "Praise the sun" indeed. He even picks up and celebrates with Edgar, who appears to have absolutely no idea what's going on but doesn't care anyway.
    • On another night, the same thing happened—BB held him captive, and he still made it to 6 AM.
  • In his first Far Cry 4 video, he manages to kill a tiger just before it can kill him.
    • Taking out another tiger with one well-placed and well-fired arrow counts as well.
  • The entirety of his Five Nights at Freddy's 3 LP. By now, Pewdie's become Genre Savvy from his experiences playing the past two games. He brushes off jumpscares with an unamused remark or a clearly faked scream, frequently talks about how unscary the game is, and he actually completes all five nights in only two videos.
  • In part 2 of his The Impossible Quiz playthrough, he gets lost on question 62 and decides to do a Swedish version of "eeny meeny miney moe" to pick his answer. He gets it right.
  • In THE YOUTUBER GAMES, Felix starts rooting for Marzia after he dies. Marzia wins.
  • In EXPLODING NIPPLES (an episode), Pewdie manages to get to the top of the server leaderboard before abruptly being eaten.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Didn't even get scared at the game overs and in fact spent more time complementing lamps than anything else.
  • Considering the fact that Pewds is almost disillusioned with the same formula for horror games to the point that nothing almost scares him anymore with horror, this game managed to impress him so much that he had nothing but praise for it, despite having a very cute title.

    Pewdie Himself 
  • His response to the whole Retsupurae controversy and his controversial comment, pretty much destroying the general image that some of his Hate Dumb like to portray him as; extra points for not doing it with sarcasm or ranting (even considering his previous comments an Old Shame). Regardless of what side you fall on regarding PewDiePie's entertainment value, the fact he can be mature enough to do this kind of response despite what his Hate Dumb likes to paint him as is awesome.
    • Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as he yet again thanks his fans for helping him be in the position he is in.
    • Even better is that Retsupurae, when discussing him shortly after the Adults React video, admitted to doubting that anything would ever make him change his ways, as long as he was still making money.
  • Pewds is the #1 most subscribed channel on Youtube (not counting Youtube's channels) and as of now has something over 30 million bros. That's one hell of an accomplishment.
  • Pewds being able to raise $450,000 ($200,000 more than his goal) for his Charity: Water campaign to help the less-fortunate get clean drinking water. Also doubles as a CMOH.
  • As of June 2014, all of his charities have altogether raised over $1 million. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Despite being the biggest name on Youtube and even in gaming, Pewdie is so humble of himself that he doesn't even consider himself to be famous.
  • As of July 19th, 2014, Pewds' channel is the most viewed on Youtube EVER.
  • In this video, one of the things Pewdie talks about is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (as it was very popular during the time), and how he is opting not to do it. He then retaliates by going into a deep discussion about the true horrors of the disease (which most people that do the challenge don't do).
  • He once guest starred on episode of Good Mythical Morning. While talking about Swedish stereotypes, no less.
    • He also appeared on the season finale of the 1st season of Rhett and Link's Ear Biscuits podcast series.
  • Pewdie making the brave and bold decision to turn off comments permanently due to him being fed up with the magnitude of irrelevant matter down there. While this did come across as a shock and devastation to some, he did receives lots of support and even made a follow-up video thanking them.
    • Pewdie now leaves a comment to direct people unto the forums to comment on the video. Due to the heavy influx of commenters, there's still some that pass the system, but they're disabled for the most part.
  • When playing Five Nights at Freddy's 2, his reactions are shockingly unsurprising and acts tiresome of them. Sure, there are a couple times when they got him, but for the most post he just shrugs it off and laughs at it. Considering how he is infamous for his screaming at everything naturally, that's VERY impressive.
    • He even managed to beat the second game after rage quitting the first one.
  • His first talkshow appearance (12 minutes!) on a norwegian show called Skavlan. And yes, it is in English.
  • Pewds is appearing on South Park... Holy CRAP!!!
  • His appearance in The Stinger of the 2013 Youtube Rewind was equally awesome and funny.
  • He appeared on Conan!
  • His acknowledgment that he might have jumped the gun too fast about the entire "Youtube Drama" fiasco at I Hate Everything's video and not clearing things up on the real point of his video. IHE meanwhile gets an awesome moment where him and Felix discuss the problem about the mob mentality and that Felix acknowledges that IHE pointed out a lot of things better than Felix.
  • At the end of his sponsored video, he gets to wear an awesome Transformers suit as Bumblebee.