Tear Jerker: PewDiePie

Yes, even Pewds has moments where he just isn't his usual self and brings out some real sad stuff.

  • The finale of The Walking Dead, where Clementine shoots Lee upon request of him to avoid him coming back as a zombie. See page image for his reaction.
    • The killing of Ben and Kenny also made him cry, despite the characters being right assholes for the long while. Though also a tear jerker, it doesn't compare to the above example, as it didn't just make him cry but made him right out bawl.
    • "You can be Robin next time. You can be Robin."
  • His reaction to the end of The Witch's House, especially considering that it was right after he had gone through the above. Viola's dad shoots Viola without even realizing that he shot his own daughter.
    Pewdiepie: Not again...
    • Froggy 2012. Never forget.explanation 
  • Sometimes it's hard to laugh at his horror or sympathize with him.
  • His expression while listening to the homeless peoples' stories in part 6 of his Beyond: Two Souls playthrough. While he doesn't cry, it's rather sombering, especially for fans who have been used to his comedic exaggerated sobbing.
    • And as a double-sombering moment for Canadian fans, that episode went up on their Thanksgiving. Ouch.
  • For a real life example, his "I'm Sorry" video, addressing the Retsupurae controversy.
    • Somewhat depressing was how the whole thing spiraled out of control to begin with; with Felix's Fan Dumb taking things WAY too far in response. You know, the exact same thing Felix himself has repeatedly criticized them for doing? The fact that the Fan Dumb aids many people's hatred for Pewds makes it worse.
    • "I deleted most of my early videos. People were all like, 'Wow, he sounds so fucking stupid here.' They still comment that."
  • Timmy from Happy Wheels gets blown up, shredded, impaled, yelled at, and forgotten on an alarmingly frequent basis.
  • The Saddest Story Ever video. A heartwrenching cover set to footage of Pewdie crying and looking depressed, and we see him dropping something that turns out to be a picture of Marzia. Millions of hearts shattered.
  • His reaction to Seiko's death in Corpse Party. He loses the chipper a considerable lot afterwards and is visibly shaken by it.
    • His entire reaction to the game. He is noticeably calm. His face throughout the playthrough can be described as shock.
  • The ending of episode four of his Journey LP, where his accomplice Bengt dies in the snow. What makes it worse is that you had no idea that it was coming—you only had a hint from the episode title ("SADDEST ENDING!") that a Tear Jerker was going to drop. But after tagging alongside Pewdie for the entirety of the game up until that point, Bengt's death was rather jarring for most bros.
    • Everything up to his death.
    Pewdie: Just a little further, Bengt. Just a little further. I always admire your stamina, Bengt. You were always the toughest one. But hey—we always manage to make our way through it, no matter how hard the times were. Right, Bengt? Remember that time that dragon nearly killed you? It nearly killed me. I tried to save you, but you just ran. You're crazy. I think I might have to amputate my legs, cuz they're freezing. This is worse than climbing Mount Everest. NO—I can't move anymore, Bengt! I'm a little scared. Wh-what's going on? Bengt? Bengt, what's happening? I don't feel so good. Bengt, sing to me! Sing to me, Bengt! Where's your scarf? NO! We're dying, Bengt! I wanted you to know--that you were the brightest. You were the greatest, Bengt. I love you. Don't leave me. Stay with me. (Bengt dies) BEEEEEEEEEEENGT!
  • The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale has Pewds burst into tears after realizing he chose to shoot Kenny, lamenting on how it was his time to go due to increasing Sanity Slippage and expressing subdued anger and disappointment at Jane for the entire Batman Gambit she orchestrated. He ends up with the Clementine Alone ending and is shown to be still visibly shaken by the entire ordeal after the credits finish.
    Pewdie: *Voice breaking* This fucking shit again...
  • The magnitude and constant irrelevance in the comments drove him to disable comments forever, since he couldn't take it anymore. The reactions to the video where he announced it were all upset, although many were supportive and he released a follow-up video thanking them.