Nightmare Fuel / PewDiePie

"Wow...what the fuck is wrong with me?"
Pewdie himself

You'd think someone like PewDiePie wouldn't give people nightmares. To quote the man himself, "That's where you're wrong, BITCH!"
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    Let's Play 
  • He plays a lot of horror games, so it makes sense that jump scares abound in great numbers, so the viewer(s) will often get as scared (if not more scared) than Pewdie.
  • Two words: she's coming.
  • "Hi, hi, hi there!"
  • Admit were scared too when that girl pounced on Pewds in the Slender Oculus Rift video. With a Nightmare Face like that, it's hard not to.
    • This is one of the many times we see a truly terror-fueled reaction from Pewds.
  • Do you know how many videos Pewds has captioned with "DONT WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU SLEEP" or "JUMPSCARES GALORE"? And he did it for good reason.
  • Episode 4 of his Pesadelo series is actually named after this trope. Can you guess why?
  • Have you ever wanted to see the face of a pug on the body of a little girl?
  • His Vapour video is actually called "FREE NIGHTMARES." Guess why.
  • The Viscera Clean Up game, as seen in this video. Pewds manhandles a bunch of elves(' corpses?), throws some into a fireplace, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. He frequently says that the game is creeping him out, especially as he's holding an elf head that's staring right at him. And the blood. Oh my god, all the blood.
  • His Spore videos. Pewdie really loves his Body Horror.
  • His Surgeon Simulator 2013 eye transplant video. Long story short, God bless Bob's eyes. You could see how utterly disturbed Pewdie was as he was playing.
  • In one particular Amnesia episode, a certain German creator of custom stories for Pewdie has the statues greet him. "HALLO FREUNDE!"
  • The ".EXE HORROR GAMES" video is chock full of nightmarish, haunting images.
    • "Happy Mouse.exe", which has Mickey's face slowly get more and more melted and bloody as the game progresses.
    • "BEN.exe", which is nothing but a collection of frightening .gifs and pictures of the Link elegy statue, while what sounds like distorted circus music plays in the background.
    • "Alone.exe", a Pokémon game that starts innocently but goes straight to hell after an ominous prompt. Static can be seen in the background, and a picture of Pikachu donning Black Eyes of Evil and a Slasher Smile briefly flickers onto the screen.
    • The final game, "Smile.exe", a MLP game that ends with a fairly startling screamer, accompanied by an extremely loud scream.
  • Despite being a veteran horror player and has experienced true Nothing Is Scarier, Pewds can still get scared over the Power Drill Massacre.
  • Pony Island scared him so much that he had nothing but utter praise for it from start to finish (considering the guy himself is pretty much disillusioned with horror nowadays).

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