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Quotes: PewDiePie
Pretty funny I'll admit! :)
But seriously though, have you never heard: "If you don't like it, then don't watch it"?
Actually never mind, keep watching! Your extra views gets me extra cash!

I can thank PewDiePie for one thing - he's becoming the heat-sink of the internet. He is attracting all of the crap, he's like a magnet for idiots. [...] If he attracts all the idiots to him, then I'm alright with that. I can deal with him being rich as long as he has to suffer knowing that his dignity will never be seen again.

So awesome! Just has, like, the craziest reactions.
A boy from Teens React response to what he thought of PewDiePie.

If you ain't flap before, you ain't flap before.

Do not walk in on a girl taking a shit. Scary things will happen.

''There's been some rumours about me, uh, saying that "PewDiePie only cares about money, making money on YouTube and he doesn't give a shit about his fans" and, uhh, I feel like you bros know that this is obviously not true. Like, I feel that it's pretty clear if you actually watch my videos. Umm, so maybe it's pointless for me to even make this video. Basically, how it started though, and it's my fault because I think two months ago, umm, there was a couple people who made a video where they were just trying to make me look like the biggest douche in the universe, which is not true. I'm probably the second biggest douche in the universe, so, jokes on them. (Laughs) Anyway, uh, I thought it was a really childish video. I don't want it to seem like I can't take criticism, but I feel like the way I have acted can seem that way, but, anyway, I'll get to that later. Anyway, I thought the video was childish and that's why I responded back in a childish way. I realize that was a huge mistake for me. I probably shouldn't have answered to that kind of stuff in the first place because I keep asking you bros to ignore trolls. So, of course, I should do it as well. Umm, but, I think the biggest mistake was that I was childish when I did it."

Please remind me again why this shrieky idiot is popular on YouTube?

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