Characters: PewDiePie


The Let's Player. He voices all the items and the characters, and is the one who keeps in touch with the community.


A statue who appears in either bronze or gold edition, depending on which one Pewdie finds first. He is Pewdie's best friend.


"Yee, aww, what's an episode without Piggeh? That is like some, porno without porn!"

An omnisexual pig carcass who has a strange craving for sex. He is usually found in a weird place, and is very forward with his desires.

The Barrels

Pewdie's worst enemies, the barrels are the first things Pewdie blames for his various misfortunes. He will usually go out of his way to yell at them.

  • Big Bad: At least in Pewdie's eyes.
  • Enemy Cube
  • Enemy Mine: In Pewdie's Doom III playthrough, they helped him fight the demons (a few times) by exploding when he shoots them. Also, several videos have the Barrels assisting Pewds in Lucius
  • Scare Chord: Pewdie's screaming of the word "barrels" whenever they appear causes his viewers to be more startled about that than the game itself, more often than not.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: It doesn't matter if they're just barrels - Pewdie will still blame anything bad that happens on them.
  • The Voiceless: Until recently, and even then only sometimes.

Mr. Chair

A chair. That's pretty much it.

Irresponsible Dad

An idiotic parent who rides with his son through ridiculously dangerous environments.


The aforementioned Irresponsible Dad's son.


A child-like entity that always frightens and tries to kill Pewdie.


A rock that is "too fat." Loves Pewdie, to a point bordering on Stalker with a Crush.


A sex toy that is in PewDiePie's more recent videos. There is a series of videos featuring himnote .