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Running Gag: Phelous
Phelous has a lot of these:

  • Characters getting killed are sometimes presented as Mortal Kombat fatalities (complete with Sub-Zero appearing to chastise Phelous/punch Phelous in the face).
  • The Imogen Heap song "Hide and Seek" playing when a character gets shot. Taken to ridiculous extremes in the Funny Games video, when Phelous and some of his friends start walking into the room and shooting each other, and the song plays every time one of them gets shot.
    Phelous: I guess that means I'll be using that [song] a lot in this review! (Beat) Actually I won't be using it at all.
  • Phelous dying at the end of his videos. He has since retired this joke, but it does make a comeback in To Boldly Flee.
  • SUBTLE!!!!
  • Playing The Syncopated Clock over especially tedious scenes
  • The subtitling of particularly narmy lines.
  • Cutting to Statler and Waldorf mocking the movie.
    • Similarly, a shot from The Great Muppet Caper with Sam the Eagle poking his head out of a doorway and saying "You are all weirdos!".
  • Phelous loves referencing Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and other horror video games:
  • Adding sitcom-style Laugh Track to particularly stupid moments and cartoony sound effects to scenes of violence.
  • He's reviewed no less than eight "Pulse" movies. There are nineteen in total.
  • Similar to Pulse, he's reviewed seven films with Boogeyman in the title.
  • The rape horn from The Other Troll 3 whenever there is implied rape.
  • Playing The Kool-Aid Man's "Oh Yeah!" whenever something bursts through a wall
  • After Fear Dot Com, referring to websites as [Name] dot com dot com
  • When a record player appears in a movie, Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" plays.
  • Any time he has a case of fridge logic, he rationalizes it as "Reasons for actions are stupid!" or says "Logic equals no."
  • Whenever there's a character named Doug, Phelous scoffs and follows that with a clip of The Nostalgia Critic giving him a Dope Slap in Kickassia.
  • Playing a clip of The Doctor saying "I don't want to go" whenever a character in the movie says something similar.
  • Hah Hah! Stupid surprised (whatever)!
  • Ever since his review of ''House of the Dead - Funny Version," he dubs in Uwe Boll's ridiculous "duh duh duh duuuhh!" every time there's a shocking reveal.
  • Sometimes, if something really unpleasant happens plot-wise, he'll use a clip of Tina from Skinned Deep yelling "WHYYYYYYYY?!", complete with a goofy polygon with the word "Why?" written on it. This one started with his review of The Deaths of Ian Stone.
  • Often when there is a Red Shirt character that gets killed, Phelous would go, "And he/she dies."
  • The Lock You Inside Doors
  • Face it, breakfast is ruined!
  • Whenever a team of people presented as experts ends up doing something stupid, Phelous often chimes in with a cheery "THEY'RE THE BEST!"
  • In Wrong Turn 2 Dead End, which takes place during the filming of a reality show, one main character eats another's granola bar to prove that he doesn't care about her. Phelous mourns the loss of the potential "Granola Bar Alliance" and cracks jokes about it for the rest of the film.
  • FUNNY X! [insert loud rock music here] during the Funny Games review.
  • In his late-2011 reviews, a green blob-like "Ghost Babby" appears hidden on the title card. (Except for the A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) review, where it's front and center.)
  • "Thankkkssssssssss."
  • Pretending to end the review early.
  • "Thank you for that", from Crocodile 2.
  • From his Mortal Kombat Conquest reviews:
    • Raiden, God of Useless!
    • Siro, the [Adjectivest] Mortal Kombat [Noun]!!!
  • "I know what I know, boy... but I'm not telling it!" Played whenever a character is witholding information for no apparent eason.
  • As of the Silent Hill Revelation review, the infamous "poptart jumpscare" has become one.
  • Throughout the Twilight board game video he keeps describing things as either "This is the face of a [Noun]" alternatively, "the [Noun] of a killer".

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