Shout Out / Phelous

  • Numerous ones to Doctor Who (old and new), Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat. He often even gets into the stuff only intense fans would recognize.
    • One of his videos ends with him dying (at the end of Stay Alive), with the words, "I might regenerate... I don't know... it feels... different this time." The Fifth Doctor's last words!
    • And in his follow-up to that, House of the Dead, he manages to combine one of the endings of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories with the Fourth Doctor's regeneration. Wow.
  • The end of his review of Nightmare City features a parody/reenactment of the ending to Super Mario Bros. 2, complete with the soundtrack.
    • He did this earlier at the end of his review of Day of the Dead 2.
  • Sometimes he likes to subvert the expectations his fans have about his shout-outs. One time, he said that the viewer was probably expecting a clip of The Doctor saying "I don't want to go!" (the Tenth Doctor's last words). He instead shows a clip of the Third Doctor saying "I don't want to go."
  • The entire sketch on the end of his second Funny Games review is a tribute to the Tenth Doctor's departure.
  • "Boogeyman 2 in Danube Seconds" is a retelling of the movie in the style of Hans Von Hozel.
  • A park ranger boots a guy in the head in Swamp Zombies.