Film: House of the Dead

Shooting their heads is the key to everything.

House of the Dead is a film adaptation of a popular light-gun game of the same name directed by the infamous Uwe Boll in 2003. It flung his name into video game movie infamy.

A Prequel movie to the video games, the movie follows a group of people going to a daylight rave held in ominiously named Isla Del Muerte (Spanish for "Island of the Dead", no relation to that one, or that other one), who are then attacked by hordes of zombies. Gun smugglers, cops, and a hundreds-of-years-old undead Mad Scientist ex-priest are also involved.

A "captain Kirk" joke early on and an explicit reference to George Romero indicate that the film may actually be a subtle and deliberate Self-Parody. Later a "Funny Version" of the film was released, which is a Recut consisting of goofy outtakes and sarcastic pop-up commentary.

A sequel was released in 2005.

This film contains the examples of:

The Funny Version provides the examples of: