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    I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer 

    The Ruins 

    Troll 2 

  • Poking fun of the whole "Someone's rubbing puppets on us!" effects used, there's a scene where Phelous is attacked by a Kermit The Frog plushie.
    • What really sells this is the song that plays when Kermit is gnawing Phelous's face off.
    Kermit: "Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And what's on the other si-"
    Phelous: "Cut it out!" (flings Kermit away with a large thud)

    Troll 3 
  • The end skit has toy bulldozers rushing to attack Phelous. The sound and editing are timed perfectly.
    • The effect of Phelous having a root poke through his eye that surpasses the one in the movie: He uses a stick and a paper cutout of his face.
    Phelous: AHHHHHHH, REAL!

    Cabin Fever 

    The Midnight Meat Train 
  • The sharply dressed killer stands up, straightens his tie and gets on the eponymous subway train. Phelous sets the whole thing to the theme from Get Smart. It fits. Perfectly.

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 
  • His spoof on the alternate personalities in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories with rapid fire Shout Outs to The Cinema Snob, The Nostalgia Critic, and The Angry Video Game Nerd, as well as a Take That to The Irate Gamer.
    Phelous as Angry Nerd: "Shattered Memories? More like shattered asshole! I'd rather play a different game than play this game!"
    Phelous as The Nostalgia Critic: "Hello, Silent Hill shattered my memories! I don't remember it so you don't have to!"
    Phelous as The Cinema Snob: "In my expert opinion, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a game <pause> that came out on the <pause> in December 2009."
    Phelous as Irate Gamer: "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the perfect predecessor to the first Silent Hill game."

    Fear Dot Com 
  • He gets progressively more and more confused and infuriated with the evil website's nonsensical actions and statements, until...
    Evil Website Woman: *seductively* "Do you want to hurt me?"
    Phelous: "Yes! Holy Shit YES!!"
    • When the Evil Website Woman calls one of the characters, Phelous cuts in as her.
    "Seven daysss... ah I mean, are you ready to play?"
    • His running gag of calling the in-film website Fear Dot Com Dot Com.
    • Dena Natali's part in the end skit. Her performance as the aforementioned Evil Website Woman achieves the right balance of funny and creepy.

    Night of The Lepus 
  • His Night of the Lepus review repeatedly splices in footage from the Star Trek episode "Shore Leave", specifically the scenes involving McCoy's encounter with the white rabbit. The effect is hilarious.

    I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer 
  • The increasing tone of This Is Gonna Suck that creeps into his voice as he repeatedly asks "This is a comedy, right?"

    Automaton Transfusion 

    Night of the Living Dead 3 D 

    The Deaths of Ian Stone 

    Cabin Fever 2 
  • This part:
    John: You know I can't leave [Alex]! You know that!
    Cassie: Well, let's just go and get him, then!
    Phelous: I'M TRYING TO BE DRAMATIC! Don't be all RATIONAL about it!
    • Him going Laughing Mad during the scene where Cassie amputates John's infected arm is also pretty good.
  • "So, you're probably wondering why [Paulnote ]'s still alive... (long ass Beat) (shakes head, shrugs)"

    The Blade Master 
  • The robot scene in the other Troll 3, set perfectly in time to a variant of the Team Rocket motto from Pokémon.
    • His take on the abrupt change in camera angle between lines:
    Phelous: "Take her away! TAKE HER AWAY! Right now! RIGHT NOW!"
    • The Rape Horn.

  • "So we start the movie with a bunch of unlikable jackasses looking to do nothing else but party and have sex. Oooops, that was Cabin Fever again. On to Hostel: So we start the movie with a bunch of unlikable jackass looking to do nothing else but party and have sex."

    Hostel 2 

    Death Row 

  • The Humains crossover review with Benzaie is full of win.
    • Whenever something stupid happens, they do a weird Kermit-style arm-waving while saying "Humains!"
    • The "French Shia Labeouf".
    • Upon hearing the characters explain their accident, the disappearance of a body and someone shooting at them with arrows by saying it must have been wild animals:
    Benzaie and Phelous: WILD ANIMALS?!
    Phelous: What, like wild boars?
    Benzaie: Shooting arrows?
    Phelous: The only boar-like creatures I have heard about that shoot arrows are the Moblins in Zelda! Are those in Switzerland?
    Benzaie: Well, yeah, but only the australian ones actually shoot arrows!

    Dawn of the Living Dead 
  • The ending skit (especially Sub-Zero and SadPanda's appearance's)
    Phelous: Why won't this movie DIEEEEE?!
    D1: I'll tell you why... because it's already dead! Muahahahahaha!
    Phelous: Oh, you have gotta be kidding me! How are you here?
    D1: Because I wasn't given a proper burial!
    Phelous: So?! You're still ME - you can't be here!
    D1: Look; either you die, then you can't be sitting there doing this review, or I'm somehow a different person and am now your nemesis!
    Phelous: I don't need a nemesis, I have Sub-Zero already anyway.
    D1: What? What does he do?
    Phelous: He... sits in the kitchen there, comes out and hits me or says mean words if I make a Mortal Kombat joke.
    Sub-Zero (reading a magazine in the kitchen): Yeah, when are you gonna do that again? I'm getting bored!
    Phelous: Shut up!
    D1: Wow... mean words. That's why you need a real nemesis!
    SadPanda: Hey! Phelous has a nemesis: me, the Sad Panda!
    Phelous: You're not my nemesis Panda, you do my theme song!
    SadPanda: Oh yeah, you're right. Bye.
    Phelous: Yes, bye, the review is over and this is just stupid, why won't it end?!
    D1: Because you must face me - Phelous D1!
    Phelous: What the hell does "D1" even mean?
    D1: Ehm, well, it means...
    *Lightning hits D1*
    D1: Argh, purple lightning... my one weakness...
    Phelous: (turns to the camera) Okay, we're done here. END THE DAMN VIDEO!

    Open Graves 

    Dotcom Murder 
  • In his Dotcom Murder review:
    Protagonist: "Shit!"
    Computer in film: "Shit not recognised."
  • When a computer named Hal denies the protagonist's request's by saying "I can't let you do that," Phelous responds with this cut:
    Phelous: "No! I'm not using that Space Odyssey clip. It's what they want!"

    Pulse 2003 

    Pulse 2006 
  • The beginning of his review, where he combines three of the more prominent ads that played on Blip at the time (Fibre One, Madden NFL 11 - "Put your hands up", and The Pillars of the Earth) by having a skit of "I swear by all the advertisements, I will never care about your fibre."
  • Fourth advert (Yoplait) gets a mention as he walks away, saying he's going to go lose weight by eating yogurt.
  • The interruption by JewWario is hilarious. "Play. Play. Play. Play button!"
  • His dubbing-in of Arvin Sloane's dialogue over Ron Rifkin's character:
    "The only person I blame... is Josh." "YOU SIMPLE-MINDED DILETTANTE!"
    "I'm not imagining this!"
  • Rifkin gets out of his chair. "A few days ago, I would have done anything to keep you alive. And now, I don't care."
  • His reaction to Boone saying that keeping viruses on your computer is like "keeping nukes in your closet."
    Phelous: "I'm purposely downloading viruses off the internet! I'M SUCH A BADASS! Oh, what a rush!"

    Pulse 2 
  • When Michelle starts cleaning up the apartment, "Take on Me" begins to play, but Phelous cuts it off:
    Phelous: "NO! She doesn't get "Take on Me!" She doesn't deserve it."

    Pulse 3 
  • After mocking Friend-Meets-World's using the Wii version of Mortal Kombat Armageddon to play against his girlfriend (the Wii version doesn't have online multiplayer), Phelous makes a MK joke and expects Sub-Zero to hit him. Instead, Sub-Zero glitches into Ermac (an extremely nerdy inside joke amongst the Mortal Kombat fanbase).
  • His impersonation of what two people having sex over a webcam looks like: pushing the "insert" key over and over again, yelling "Insert! Insert! INSERT!".
  • The zombie fisherman was nothing compared to Pulse 3:
    Phelous: "The internet ghost of a record player? The internet ghost of a record player?! THE INTERNET GHOST OF A RECORD PLAYER?!? IT MADE ME DO THE OVERHEAD SPINNING SCREAM THING AGAIN!!"
  • "I GOT A SHOTGUN! Suicide is painless..."
  • Angry Joe showing up as an internet ghost, convincing Phelous to resurrect him with a flash drive, and then repeatedly shooting Phelous once he's resurrected.


    Silent Hill Homecoming 
  • His review ends with him getting attacked by one of the nurses, only to reveal it's another Phelous behind the mask.
Nurse!Phelous: It's that fucker Phelous, get him!

    Case 39 
  • The demonic child starts asking Renee Zellwegger's character 'Why, Emily?' in regards to not being allowed to go to their therapy sessions any more. When ignored, she asks again...and again...and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again andagainandagainandagainandagainandagain...
    Phelous: "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"
  • At the end, he watches the review again and is confused because of his lack of death. His video self then starts laughing demonically and prepares to kill him, just to be shot to death by Phelous with a zapper. After reviving and multiplying several times, he's finally dead, but Phelous sees one more inconsistency...
    Phelous: "Wait, how can I shoot him through that? It's a flat screen monitor...and that's the only problem I have with that."
  • The scene where the girls' father in the asylum snaps and attacks a guy with a fork, set to Homer's epic lapse of sanity from Treehouse of Horror V.
  • His reaction to seeing that the girls demon form looks like one of the internet ghosts from Pulse
    Phelous: *crying* "Why won't it leave me aloonneee!'" *clears throat''*
  • The entire death scene of the hornets coming out of the social worker set to (what else?) one of Nicholas Cage's infamous moments in The Wicker Man:
    "OH, NO! NOT THE BEES-!"
    Phelous: *Deadpan* "Hornets."
    "NOT THE BEES-!"
    Phelous *Deadpan*: "Hornets."
  • When Bradley Cooper's character, Doug, picks up the phone, Phelous edits in "It's time," over he clip.
  • When the demon child yells at Emily in a Narm-filled deep voice, Phelous impersonates her following with "Daboo. Zug zug. They're destroying our city!"

  • The Anaconda review. Yeah, the whole review.
  • When the boat encounters a "snake fence".
    Terri Flores (JLo): "That thing must be there for a reason!"
    Sarone: "Yeah, to keep us out."
    Terri: "I'm talking about upsetting the ecological balance of this river."
    Phelous: "'Cause you see this is a naturally formed fence and just stop talking, Lopez."
  • Stupid Surprised Panther.
  • The ending of the review, where John Voight (Phelous in an Old Man wig) randomly appears, does a hilariously bad impression of "holy rites" (Voight's character is a priest in the movie), and then kills Phelous with Death By Leg Strangulation.

    Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid 

    Anaconda 3: Offspring 

    Anacondas: Trail of Blood 
  • Phelous mocking the main villain's reasonning:
    Villain: I have invested over fifty million dollars on this project.
    Phelous!Villain: Only with fifty million was I able to afford a one-man team and a cottage in the woods. Well... I did have a real research facility before, but I sabotaged it while I was visiting because I hate logic. Speaking of which... (instructs the hitman to kill another scientist he still needs)
  • Johnny Cage and four other people are driving through the forest and are stopped by a fallen tree...which five people could certainly move. They decide to abandon their car and walk. Cut immediately to Phelous being stopped in his own car by a twig that's fallen into the road.
    Phelous: "Oh no, no, no, NO! What am I gonna do now!? *resigned* Looks like I'm gonna be walking."
  • The Dear Sis gag.
  • Sub-Zero (after being glitched into Ermac during Phelous's Pulse reviews) comes back to life due to the overload of "FATALITY" jokes Phelous used. Sub-Zero then does a fatality on Phelous when he quotes the song Chinese Ninja Warrior by the Immortals.
    Sub-Zero: *triumphantly* "That one is for the guy up in the sky! (Calmer) That one is for you, Johnny Cage. Wait... is he dead still? I don't remember with him anymore. (To the camera) Anyway, I'm gonna visit Reptile before he turns into shitty CGI..."

    Let's Play: Silent Hill 
  • Phelous knows you're not supposed to insert Resident Evil references into a Silent Hill LP, but sometimes he just can't stop himself...
    Harry: *staring at a bloody wall where dogs were once chained up* "What the..? What is it?"
    Phelous: "Blood. Hope it's not Cheryl's blood."
  • And later...
    Cybil: "Have you got a gun?"
    Phelous!Harry: "I got a shotgu- oh, wait, no I don't."
  • He also spends a lot of time calling the Air Screamers names and yelling at them for coming out of nowhere and kicking him in the head and nicknames the Rompers "Humpers" due to their attack animation.
  • The Orgasmic Chainsaw was hilarious, too.
  • When Harry is trying to explain the Otherworld to Cybil, he dubs in "Must be on drugs" after every sentence.
  • When he's in the restroom (I believe that's where he was, anyway), and hears a child crying from offscreen: "SHUT UP!" His tone when he yells it is hilarious.

    Dead and Deader 
  • His theory in Dead and Deader that it revolved around "Harbor Patrol" (An actress who played a Harbor Patrol agent in House of the Dead, an AMS Colonel in House of the Dead II: Dead Aim, and a mad scientist in Dead and Deader), in which he suspects the universe diverged when she got resurrected; she'd either be the leader of the heroes in 2 and lose her legs, or keep her legs but be a mad scientist in Dead and Deader. It's brought up at the end of the episode, where Phelous wonders what would've happened if he hadn't chosen to review the bad movies. In one sincerario, he just doesn't care. In the other?
    Alternate!Phelous: (with red, glowing eyes) I NEED A BAD MOVIE TO REVIEW! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!

    House of the Dead 
  • Uwe Boll's outburst of "Dun dun dun dunnnnn! Curien!" at the end of the House of the Dead: Funny Version made the whole movie almost worth it to Phelous. Almost.
  • And now it seems that it'll be a running gag with him.
  • In the same review, Boll's audio commentary is ridiculously unprofessional. He accepts phone calls and eats snacks while recording. Phelous wonders whether this was supposed to be 'funny'. Cut to... him belching and eating crisps as an unseen audience laughs at every single move he makes.
    • What really sells this part is how Phelous took some of the most overused comedy clichés (burping and laugh tracks) and actually made them funny.

  • Phelous' reaction upon seeing the turkey raping a woman
  • The ending of the review, featuring Pester Z. Bum.
  • Making up lyrics to the musical theme for Triangle

     Black Christmas 2006 
  • From his Black Christmas (2006) review:
    Phelous: "Christmas rape horn?"
    • Immediately preceding that, him recoiling in horror at the Parental Incest.
    • It's pretty subtle, but he calls a character played by Michelle Trachtenberg Dawn, which was her character on Buffy.


    Five Across the Eyes 
  • Phelous's summary of the movie Five Across the Eyes.

    La Horde 
  • From his crossover review of "La Horde" with Sadpanda, Welshy and ChaosD1... the french subtitles!
    "Baguette Croissant! Baguette croissant baguette croissant baguette croissant!"
    "Baguette? I'll Croissant."
    D1: "GRENADES!!! DON'T!!!! WORK THAT WAY!!!!!"
    • Followed up with Sadpanda fainting as Welshy springs up, asking "They don't?", with D1 just calmly responding "no" a few seconds after.
  • The beginning of the review, when Phelous announces the name of the movie.
    Phelous: "It's called The Horde."
    Sadpanda: "No no, you're already wrong, Phelous. It's called La Horde, not 'The Horde'."
    D1: "And what does that translate to?"
    Sadpanda: "'The Horde'."
    Phelous: "I hate you, Panda."
  • After the group discovers that The Scrappy is the only survivor of the movie:
    Phelous: "Oh well, at least after that she dies."
    Sadpanda: "Well, not really. We don't see her get killed an-"
    Phelous: "She died."
    Sadpanda: "I mean, maybe there will be a sequel-"
    Phelous: "She died!"
    Sadpanda: "Never mind."

    Chain Letter 
  • Luke realises that the two can just talk through the camera like the other reviewers do instead, then he follows up with a very brief Film Conscience.


  • "This morning, flocks of seagulls- and I ra-a-an, I ran so far awa-a-ay!"
  • The ending also qualifies. All 4 minute 36 seconds worth of it.
    • His reaction to the scene in which Rod and Nathalie walk on the beach (or more specifically, his reaction to the filmmakers' failure to edit out the sound of the ocean, which drowns out the dialogue): he devolves into a fit of Angrish, growling and roaring at the camera; this quickly cuts to a shot of him with a straight face, saying, "The editing is bad."
  • In a call back to La Horde:
    "BIRDS!!! DON'T!!! WORK THAT WAY!!!"
  • He claims to interview Rod, the woodenly-acted protagonist of film, only to bring out an actual wooden rod.
    Phelous: "Whoa, Rod, where was all this energy when you were filming??"

    The Human Centipede 
  • An 'advertisement' for 'Lock You Inside Doors': "It's inconvenient!"
    • "Dammit, I can open my door just fine!"
  • Around that little sketch, the dramatic musical stings that keep popping up when the doctor says or does something.
  • "DUH-DUH-DUH-DUNNN! You are the Curien piece!"
  • The return of Hide and Seek, complete with what can only be described as a weird, disjointed acoustic version playing behind it.
  • After Phelous plays his usual music when the Centipede is revealed, he cuts it off and plays "something more fitting.", Hanging Out With My Family.
  • Sad Panda playing an acoustic rendition of the infamous Troll 2 "OH MY GODDDD!" line in place of the usual Channel Awesome jingle.

    Resident Evil Afterlife 

    Drive Thru 
  • Phelous overloading the footage of Drive Thru with references to other movies, including Birdemic, Ghostbusters II, and IT.

    A Serbian Film 

    Swamp Zombies 
  • Phelous does a great impersonation of Mr. Mackey from South Park.

  • Timothy vs the Closet.
    "You win this round, closet!"
  • The Closet being compared to a TARDIS.
  • Phelous is describing how the monster is actually kind of a letdown, but then a horrible realization hits him...
    Phelous: "And wait a second. Is the boogeyman...A ZOMBIE FISHERMAN!?"
  • Phelous ends up facing the Boogeyman, who turns out to be Soundwave. Which he instantly defeats by smashing his Soundwave toy.

    Boogeyman 2 
  • Phelous discovers that the hospital director is played by Tobin Bell. Cue the Saw dialogue every time he talks!
  • The Boogeyman's new look being compared to Skeletor's retarded cousin.
  • A new "real" Boogeyman shows up and is promptly killed by Phelous. Upon unmasking him, he turns out to be the part of Phelous who thought Boogeyman 1 could still be a good movie if the killer was a regular human.

    Boogeyman 3 
  • Boogeyman 3 featured Erin Cahill as the lead role. When the cards are down and she is the only one left, Phelous says that there's only one thing she can do; morph into the Pink Ranger.

     The Boogeyman 
  • Phelous clearly is on a roll once he starts reviewing Ulli Lommel's godawful original The Boogeyman series. His trademark use of meta-humour really serves him well here, since Lommel just kept splicing footage from the first movie together with new scenes, then called it a sequel. Particular highlights include:
  • The Boogeyman: A little boy, after sticking his head through a window and shouting "BOOGEYMAN!", gets killed pathetically when the window half-heartedly closes on his neck. According to Phelous, that death scene almost made up for everything else. Almost.
  • Boogeyman II: Phelous' sister, Kyna, has a cameo in the end skit. The ensuing deaths... really must be seen to be believed. They involve a car exhaust pipe... okay... and a toothbrush!
  • Return of the Boogeyman. Too many to mention, but here's one of the best:
    Annie: "I finally won the battle over evil. The man with no face is gone. Now I must try on my stokings, to prove to myself one last time that I am free."
    Phelous: "But now she's become the woman with no legs! Y'know what, that actually made too much sense for this movie."
  • He gets increasingly frustrated at the lack of continuity between movies... they even got the main character's name wrong! This culminates in his fake Retcon of the first Boogeyman review:
    Phelous: "Hello, Phil? Philip? Are you there?"
    Past!Phelous: "Philip?"
    Phelous: "Yeah, that's your name now."

    Meow Mix 
  • Pick any scene in the Meow Mix review. Anything is hilarious when it comes from a fluffy kitty.
  • "And now a new segment I would like to introduce. I call it me being lazy and licking myself a little." (Does so) "Well, I delivered what I promised."

    Jeepers Creepers II 

    Smallville Series Finale 
  • His video of watching the Smallville series finale and being horrified to see that Clark Kent becomes BATMAN! That's not what REALLY happens, but it does in this video and it's hi-larious!
    • Also, his constant laughter and screaming throughout the finale.


    House of Wax 2006 
  • The cameos celebrating Paris Hilton's death in House of Wax (2005), followed by Doug Walker appearing and being sickened by their celebration of death.
    • Also Doug getting angry at Phelous for reviewing Mac and Me, and whispering that he's not actually mad because he never wanted to review it.
    • Oancitizen had the best line about Paris' death:
    ''' "I welcome the deaths of other human beings that I don't know!"
    • Film Brain singing "Ding Dong the witch is dead".
  • Brad Jones trying to hang himself, only to fall to the floor, cough for several seconds, yell, "fuck that!" and then stumble away, dragging the rope behind him.
    • This doubles as a CallBack to the time Phelous successfully hung himself after being prompted to by the Snob at the end of The Other Troll 3 review.
    • This is also a Call Back to Phelous's cameo at the end of Brad's Caligula's review.
  • Whenever the killer, who bears a resemblance to Tommy Wiseau, is seen, Phelous dubs in dialogue from The Room and TheTommyWi-Show.

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 
  • There is a moment where a second Phelous appears in the mirror with a really funny expression.
  • "TEDDY! TEDDY! Brother of the Freddy!"
  • Phelous interpreting Teddy as being whiny and angsty, to the point of dubbing Simple Plan's "Untitled" (How could this happen to me) over a scene where he's yelling at Nancy, then lampshading it.
    Phelous: "Oh cool, they made Krueger such a whiny bitch I thought to use the Simple Plan song for him. Fantastic."

    Halloween Resurrection 

    Wrong Turn 

    Hostel III 
  • Phelous D1 returns again at the end of the Hostel Part III review! ...and Phelous doesn't care.
    D1: "Ha ha ha ha! You never should have installed that tatoo scanner on your door, Phelous!"
    Phelous: "No."
    D1: "Uh... anyway, welcome back to the Phelous in a Hat and Trenchcoat saga! I'm taking you to the elite 'hunt people who are bound up' club!"
    Phelous: "No."
    D1: "BUT I-"
    Phelous: "No."
    D1: "Come on I've got a really good storyline this time, honest!"
    Phelous: "No, you're supposed to be a cat still, so go back to that."
    D1: "He he he. But you see, time can be rewritten and stuff, so I-"
    Phelous: "No."
    D1: "I don't wanna g-"
    Phelous: "No."
    D1 (Suddenly becomes a cat): "Aw damn it!"

    Julie & Jack 
  • Pick any part of his Julie & Jack review together with Obscurus Lupa (along with some unexpected Tear Jerker at the end). It helps that their vastly different styles mesh surprisingly well.

    Turtles Forever 
  • All the Shredder-related jokes in his review of Turtles Forever.
    Phelous: "No fucking shit, Shredder. The dimensional portal sent you to another dimension?"
    Shredder: "Oh, how was I supposed to know that's what the dimensional portal was for? I thought it was used for making ice-cream."
    Phelous: *disbelief* "Ohh, what an idiot."
  • The cherry on the cake must go to the episode's stinger, however.
    2003!Leonardo: "It's our Shredder. He's come here to tear down your world."
    1987!Donatello: "And he's a grade-A meanie!"
    Phelous launches into uncontrollable giggling upon hearing that line, but then...
    Phelous: "What do you know, that giggle ray actually does work."

     Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers 
  • Instead of a review, Phelous and Lupa work together on making a deliberately bad movie of their own, Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers, which stars the couple as a crack pair of... well, Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Sorta. Kinda. Almost.
    • Several parts are highly amusing, but the best is when Phelous' character (who's a vampire in disguise) monologues about his past to himself, hoping that his Knight Templar partner (played by Lupa) won't find him out. Unfortunately, he was talking aloud instead of thinking... and Lupa was right next to him.
      • This scene also allows Phelous to insert unused excerpts of Mortal Komedy.

     Child's Play 2 
  • When Andy asks if he'll see his mother again:
    Phelous: Let me check IMDB, honey. *checks Catherine Hicks' IMDB page* Nope. Your mom doesn't love you and she's never coming back.
  • Critic's shit-eating grin after Lampshade Hanging his video's recent mid-rolls.
  • The Brick Joke reference to Catherine Hicks' role in Star Trek IV.
    Phelous: What, was she too busy with her precious Star Trek at the time?
    Critic: Oh, so now you remember she was in Star Trek IV. Well, no— this is long after the Star Trek movie.
    Phelous: Really? I thought Homeward Bound came out after this.
    Critic: ...who are you?!
  • When Chucky smashes Tommy's face in and buries him under the swing. Phelous thinks it's the greatest encounter in the film, bar none.
  • The Critic and Phelous swapping bodies at the end...except it doesn't really work, but the Critic just keeps going on as if he's Phelous anyway, practically making fun of him. The icing on the cake goes to him interrupting the end of the Channel Awesome jingle by screaming the last notes.
    Critic: *laughs* You should be the one doing this imitation, he sounds more like you!

     Mortal Komedy 
  • Phelous' April Fool's review of his own Mortal Komedy, from start to finish. You could hardly get any more meta, and Phelous milks the concept for all its worth.


     Amityville 4 
  • Phelous's glosses over previous Amityville sequels (though he mentions that the house blew up in both films and somehow got better) because this is the one he's been waiting for; why? "EVIL FUCKING LAMP". The movie's absurd enough with having a haunted lamp as the villain, but he makes it even sillier; giving the lamp dialogue.
  • Every times Phelous gives dialogues to the Lamp:
    "YERHAA! I am the ULTIMATE POWER! NOTHING CAN'T STOP THE LAMP! .... except a yard sell. Damn it!"
    "Don't laugh at me! I AM EVIL INCARNATE IN A LIGHT UP ROOM, DAMN IT!!"
    "Hey! Put me down, damn it! I am the ultimate evil power! FEEEL MY WRATH! THE WRATH OF LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP!"
    • Especially hilarious are the exchanges it has with the cat:
      Evil Lamp: "What do you think YOU are doing, cat?"
      Cat: "Eeee, whatever; it would have been a lot of effort to get into that cage, anyway..."
  • The scene with the little girl believing the lamp is her father. Cue her mother taking her away:
    "I don't like the insinuation that I screwed a lamp! You are grounded!"
  • At one point we see the girl's room trashed, with crayon scribbles on the wall. This leads to an imagine spot of the lamp, holding crayons, walking into the room. "Ahahahaha! No one will suspect the lamp drew on the wall with crayon! No one suspects the laaaamp, haha!"
  • Riiing "Collect call from EVIL LAMP. Will you accept the charges?"

     Man's Best Friend 
  • Phelous completely losing it during his review of Man's Best Friend during the scene where Max swallows a cat whole.
  • His utter bafflement over the "Dog-Rape Scene".
  • When "Yellow Eyes" tries to give rat poison to Max:
    Phelous!Max: You made a huge mistake, fellah! Everyone knows rat poison goes horribly with mailman! Rat poison only goes well with annoying parrot! (attacks the parrot)
    Phelous: Well, at least that parrot wasn't roasted alive by a lamp!
  • The exchange between the Puppy and Max:
  • Phelous pointing out the villain being killed by a puppy has to be the most embarrassing death ever. Cue a shot of his tombstone reading "Android Heriksen: He survived the killer dog but then a puppy killed him".

  • Aladdin has several, from the fakeout in which Phelous reveals this isn't the Disney Aladdin to Phelous mimicking the villain's ("Jafart") poorly animated movements.
  • The various Aladdin jokes in the Shredder review (the male lead being Aladdin's voice actor).
    Aladdin: "You, the world's oldest living virgin?"
    Jafar: "I'm saving myself!"
    Aladdin: "Yeah, for a farm animal."
    *Iago freaks out*
  • He plays a scene unedited which skips about and cuts randomly due to the poor nature of the film transfer, leading to:
    Phelous: *Calmly* Could be a LITTLE less awk *Cut, suddenly raging* HELL'S GOING ON HERE?!?!
  • When Aladdin's mother frees the genie from the lamp and she faints:
    Genie!Phelous: I have struck your mother dead, boy. That's a free bonus.

     Blood Rayne 
  • The Briemstone Society members are so emotionless and bored-looking no matter what they say or do, Phelous keeps referring to them as the "No Shit Society".
  • When Kagan is about to absorb the heart to allow him to become a Daywalking Vampire:
    Kagan: Prepare to witness the beginning of a new era.
    Phelous: Yeah, a single vampire will be able to walk in the sunlight, now! New era!

     Blood Rayne 2 
  • Phelous mocking the fact that Rayne apparently has a gift to cause people who team up with her to die.
  • This scene from his BloodRayne 2 review:
    Phelous (referring to an annoying reporter character he doesn't like): "Please kill him!!"
    (A picture of the character appears with the words "He doesn't die", followed by Phelous singing "Doodly Derpy Derp DOOP DOOP DOOP" like Kermit the Frog.)
    Phelous: *cries*
  • "Soooo, Billy the Kid and kids.... yeaaaaaah, don't vampires have laws against this too?"
    • Which leads to this line when Billy flirts with Rayne:
    "Funny, I didn't think she was your type, Pedi the Kid!"
  • The multiple times Phelous mocks Billy's absolutely ridiculous plan:
    "This plan is about as smart as something Billy the Kid would come up with himself! (Beat) So yeah, maybe it would work on him."
    "That gatling gun was set up by the vampires! Did they load it with garlic holy water bullets?! This seems like a really stupid plan! (Beat) Must have been Billy's."

  • Blubberella:
    Clint Howard: "Well, fuck my donkey."
    (Both the original Clint Howard's lines and Phelous' imitations are hysterical.)

     In the Name of the King 
  • His review of In the Name of the King involves a lot of his jokes being puns based off of Lord of the Rings. And they're all hilarious.

     Child's Play 3 
  • The Nostalgia Critic calling Phelous' life a disaster and laughing at him. Depending on if this takes place before or after Scooby-Doo, could also be Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Phelous finally explaining how reviewers in two different places can possibly communicate with one another... which deeply freaks out Critic (and possibly the audience).
  • After Critic states he never does meta jokes, he realizes he has Doug Walker's wedding ring on and tries to hide it.
  • Remembering the Good Guy CEO's quote from the last review, Critic and Phelous proceed to call him "Mr. Shove-It-Up-Your-Ass."
  • This time, Phelous banishes Casper to the toilet. At the end, the Critic goes to use it, forgetting Casper was banished there.
  • The return of "I have a date with a six-year-old boy."
  • This line:
    Chucky (on seeing Andy making out with the film's love interest): "Man, I really gotta get out of this body!"
    Cut to an Imagine Spot of Charles Lee Ray kissing Andy
  • Yellow liquid running in front of an image of Harold Whitehurst after he sacrifices himself.
  • "This means war." (Chucky then pops out of a Looney Tunes drum.)
  • Mr. Explainy-Pants explaining the joke about random deaths being funny or not...then getting shot by the Critic and saying that the joke was irony.

     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures 

     Halloweenie Series 2012 
  • His reviews as "Halloweenie". Everything. From the fake skull "mask", to the skull on his desk wearing a baseball hat and glasses (no doubt a reference to this picture he posted on Twitter), to the hamminess, to the Special Effects Failure, to the intentionally shoddy editing, and to the horrible "jokes".
    Halloweenie: They FUNSIZED my pumpkiiin! I'm lying, it's an orange. I don't know how to carve a pump- (straight to next cut)
    Halloweenie: For years we've been sold on these mini lies with the lie fun-size. Well, do you know what's fun to me? Killing pe- More Candy!

     Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 
  • "Did you just talked? No! I don't want to hear another word from you. And I sure hope it doesn't happen again!" *Winks*
  • "Besides this is not a remake. This is an original... Pile of Crap."
  • The first dialog between Child!Michael and his mom.
    Phelous!Child!Michael: I just feel a little sick after my actor change. Did we really need more scenes of me?
    Phelous!Rob Zombie's wife: Of course we did, honey. We need to bring up the stupid white horse shit, because my ghost is gonna show up with one all the time, and it symbolizes stuff, so it's got meaning and shit. Clever, right?
    Phelous: *Completely deadpan* No.
  • "I died so you don't have to~!"
  • The conversation between Laurie and the psychiatrist:
    Psychiatrist: Laurie, they never found his body.
    Laurie: So?
    Phelous!Psychiatrist: There's no reason to be calm, Laurie. He's still out there. He's going to kill you! You need to panic right now!!
  • The scene where Loomis complaints about an old picture of "Old Loomis"... said photo is Donald Pleasence's.
  • Loomis declaring Michael Myers is Dead, spelling it "D-E-E-D".
    Phelous: And we do see in fact Michael Myers IS fucking "Deed", as the Brawny man replaced him.
  • His reaction at Michael revealing his leg through a slit in a tunic, after the line of "A Chick dressing as a Dude who wants to be a Chick".
  • The face Phelous makes when Michael Myers "talks" (more like makes a subtitle appearing with sparkly sounds) in his Halloween remake review has to be seen to be believed.
  • To illustrate how Laurie has become an obnoxious jerk in this sequel, he plays a montage of her more awful moments. It also just so happens to have the "Dog Ending" theme from Silent Hill 2 playing over it.

     Halloween 6 

     TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells 
  • Phelous trying to play the guitar with a microphone, failing spectacularly.
    Phelous!Michelangelo: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
  • Pointing out how the stage show basically goes against everything the Turtles learned about the art of the ninja.
    Movie!Splinter: You must never stop practicing the art of ninja. The art of...invisibility.
    Phelous!Splinter: Well, when I said that, I meant "practice the ninjutsu of music!" And by "invisible", I meant "go on fucking stage in front of hundreds of people, and then let yourself be recorded so everyone sees you!"
    • And then Phelous follows it up with the Ghostbusters doing away with the ghost-hunting business and becoming a band.
  • Phelous' long reaction to Splinter's "Skipping Stones" song, before finally using his fingers as a cross in horror.
    • And then there's his take on the song by singing about doing his taxes, eating crackers, taking a dump, and then taking a nap.
  • "Yes, it is I, Colonel Shrader, and I hate reviews!"
  • "This costume is almost on par with my Shredder, and that's sad."
  • Raphael performing "Walk Straight":
    Raphael: You got to walk (walk straight), Talk (talk straight), be (be straight)
    Phelous: Whoa, whoa, whoa! People are free to live whatever lifestyle they choose, Turtles!
    Raphael: I say "walk", you say "walk straight", I say "talk", you say "talk straight". You say whatever the Turtles say.
    Phelous: Why, you fucking bunch of fascists!
  • Phelous parodying the visuals of the "Cowabunga" song with "NO" graphics.
  • "But before the Turtles can call Shredder a grade-A meanie..."
    • This bit when Shredder is insulting the audience:
    Concert!Shredder: "Cousin? What's the matter, couldn't get a date?
    Phelous!Kid: She is my date!
    Phelous!Shredder: Oh, fuck me!
  • Shredder's song about how much he hates music causing Baxter Stockman's head explode.
  • Pointing out how Concert!Shredder killed three people in the concert, making him the most incompetent and competent version of the character simultaneously.
    Phelous: Hope you're taking notes, Shredder.
    Phelous!Shredder: If you disguise it under the dumbest plan in the universe you can get away with murder in a children's concert!
  • Follow Your Fart.

     TMNT: Gettin Down in Your Town 
  • From the sequel Gettin Down in Your Town:
    Phelous!Shredder: (is singing) I love the Technodrome so baaaaaad, it houuuuses everything I love, like Kraaaaang- (immediately stops singing in horror)
    Phelous: 8O
  • His spot-on impression of Krang.
  • Michelangelo loudly announcing Splinter's death... over and over again.
    Michelangelo: He's dead! Thank you! He's dead! Thank yooouu!
  • "Holy shit! Someone put a bullet right between Leo's eyes! WHO KILLED LEONARDO??"
  • Phelous noticing that Leonardo basically became Raphael 2.0.
    Phelous!Kid: I don't like this concert...
    Phelous!Leonardo: DID I SAY YOU COULD TALK??!!
    Phelous!Kid: (sobbing)
    • Then Phelous realizing that Leonardo actually just fucking hates Mikey.
    Phelous!Leo: I'll never forgive you for fucking me over in Jeopardy, Michelangelo!
    Phelous!Mikey: The answer was cowabunga, dude! I pretty much gave you that!
    Phelous!Leo: I don't wanna hear it!
    Phelous!Don: Duuudes, we're gonna sort out our issuuuues, we'll be right back!
    Phelous!Kid: ...what?

     The Real Ghostbusters Christmas Carol 
  • The Action-Figure skit, with Ray having busted a cat.
    Phelous!Peter: You blasting this cat in particular offends me more than usualnote .
    Phelous!Ray: Hey, come on, Pete! We can get some roasted cat over on open fire.
    (Peter blasts him and Garfield pees on him)
  • "And that's the story of how the Ghostbusters killed christmas" *cue The Real Ghostbusters credits*
  • "That's right, the ghosts of Christmas get busted! I guarantee you, no other version of a Christmas Carol will have that!" *uproarious laughter*
  • His reaction to the tiny bird the butcher gives to the family.
    "What the hell is that?! A pidgeon?! So Cratchit and his family are going to die from fine rat meat? You know, what? That's not even big enough to be a full grown pidgeon. This guy fucking killed a baby pidgeon just so he could give Bob Cartchit the smallest fucking bird possible."
    "And we never see them again after this scene. So yeah, they fucking starved to death. (Beat) Merry Christmas!"
  • Also pointing out that Egon has to risk his molecular structure, when Slimer could get there instead.
    "Scrooge's anti-christmas message must have even resonated with the afterlife, as even stupid Slimer also hates it now, which means he's gonna be even more useless than usual! As instead of sending Slimer to get the ghosts back for them, Egon has to risk altering his molecular structure to that of a ghost so he can go find them."
    (Deadpan) "Yeah, almost like you can go instead, you stupid sack of shit."
    "Yeah! Get sucked in, Slimer! Oh, damn."

     Sonic Christmas Blast 
  • The title card from the Sonic Christmas Blast episode.
  • Phelous dubbing over Scratch's lines (and especially his Annoying Laugh).
  • The constant game overs.
  • Santa Claus' pessimistic defeatism triggering the ending credits at least four times.

     Super Mario Christmas 
  • From the Super Mario Christmas double feature review, Phelous repeatedly calls out Toad for caring more about the snowboard Princess Toadstool gave him than his own friends.
  • "If you do drugs, you go to Hell before you die. Please."
  • Stating that he hopes that Nintendo never gave Yoshi a baby mentality again. Cue clip from Yoshi's Story
    Phelous: (shaking his fist) Damn you, Yoshi...!
  • His reaction to the bug-eyed cave children.
    • The ending where he gets a mushroom cap, much to his horror. This is followed by end credits consisting of various characters dancing to "Do The Mario".
  • Phelous expresses his love of Bowser's plan: to blow Santa up.
    Santa: (as Bob-ombs fall from the sky) Ho-ho-holy shit!

    New Phelous 
  • Watching "New Phelous" attempt to read/pronounce "The Magic of Scheherazade"
    • "And now, let's review 'The Magic of Ooh-Sha-Her-Zid-Zad-Doo'... 'Ooh-sha-hair-raz-add-doo'... 'Ooh-sha-rizza-had-sah-doo'... 'Jah-rer-rer-rer-rer-zad'... 'J-j-jeh-her-eh-zir-rad-der'... 'Ooh-ja-ja-her-ah-zer-aid'... Ok, this font is stupid."
      • Followed by Phelous D1 scolding him for "...making fun of my favorite game, The Magic of... ...My favorite game!"
    • In yet another Take That, New Phelous reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game exactly like The Irate Gamer did.
  • This brief callback:
    ChaosD1: "SUNSETS!!! DON'T!!! WORK THAT WAY!!! No, seriously, uh, Phelan, you and Welshy gotta stop trying to shoehorn in that catchphrase for me to say. It's fuckin' stupid."
  • Whenever Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees appear, but the best has to be Freddy Michael Voorhees.

     Octopus 2 
  • Phelous's "Really?" expression after a little wheelchair-bound girl declared a day of planting flags as the best day of her life.
  • When it's apparently revealed that the Mayor and Police Captain set the two main characters up, it's revealed that the Captain was in fact named "Captain Octopus".
  • Phelous attempting to do the magical No Ending with the Jurassic Park music, only to find himself unable to get out of the driveway on his tricycle.

     Bootleg Zone videos 
  • For starters the Title Cards read: "The Bootleg Zone... with the Phaylus!
  • His reaction to the "Pure Evil" Turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-esque Turtle Fighters.
  • After Phelous points out a red splotch near the mouth of one of the Prodigy Pets, he performs a little skit about Pikachu walking through "Pokémon Land"note  and getting attacked by a vampire.
    Vampire: Vampirism! It's super effective!
  • Performing a Prodigy Pet Poke-Rap...with just Pikachu.
  • Acting out an episode of Power Rangers with the Turbo Galaxy Rangers.
  • Bat Hero acts utterly pathetic and whiny as a crimefighter, to the point where he even mistakes other crimefighters for criminals. After he kills the Turbo Galaxy Rangers and unwittingly helps Krang steal their transporter, all of the bootleg toys that Phelous reviewed up to that point have Bat Hero lynched.
    Bat Hero: "Hmm, my bat sense is tingling."
    Blue Turbo Galaxy Ranger: "That's Spider-Man!"
  • The Ninja Turtles deciding to beat Shredder...with guns.
  • Removing Leo's kimono in Karate Turtles Warriors complete with sexy music, followed by:
    "Nakedness in a half shell! Flasher power!"
  • Part of The Stinger of the Flying Ranger Bootleg Zone video. Goku arrives, wanting to be a Flying Ranger as well, but is told he can't because he doesn't have wings.
    Goku: I have an idea!
    *gets shot with a Little Pluckies Ninja Protects, and reappears with a halo and angel wings*
    Flying Ranger: Great! Now you can be a Flying Ranger too!
    Goku: Nope, I'm dead!
    *ascends to Heaven*
  • Krang congratulates Steffi Love, the Glitter Diva, for humiliating Bat Hero, calling her more evil than Bebop and Rocksteady. Steffi admits that it doesn't take much to act more evil than them. Bebop and Rocksteady try to counterargue by boasting that at least they haven't eaten any computer chips that day.
  • After Phelous discovers that Steffi Love has her own theme song, he makes a music video for it, which consists mostly of Steffi beating people up and hanging out with villains.
  • Titanic-Bot has Phelous making fun of how stupid it's a Titanic knock-off to be offended by it.
    "Now, How big of an asshole would I be if I put ICE on it? Haha! (Beat) I'm doing a TITANIC THAT TURNS INTO A TRANSFORMER. It's too late for dignity now."
    • Bat Hero and Steffi Love try to use the Titanic-Bot to re-enact Rose "flying" in Titanic (1997), but fall face-first into the water due to it being too small for Bat Hero to stand on.
  • The whole dang Thomas Transformers review.
  • The skit at the end of the Specialman review. Specialman just sings his name and rams into criminals, until he rams into a "sinking" Titanic-Bot and ends up in the hospital. Then an exasperated Bat Hero shows up, and when Specialman points out that Bat Hero is wanted by the police, Robert Cop takes care of it after Specialman rams into Bat Hero and flatlines.
  • Phelous and Lupa referring to a red-clad Batman and a black-clad Spider-Man as "SpiderBat and ManMan", respectively.
    • Since ManMan can't hold his web-shield properly, Phelous and Lupa try to find an alternate use for it. First Phelous sticks it in the hole in ManMan's behind, and spins it around while laughing and playing circus music. Then, Lupa puts it in the hole in ManMan's head, and she and Phelous refer to it in the rest of the review as a hairpiece.
  • The Spider-Man Motorcycle review is just magical, particularly the siren. Its 'siren' is "La La Love On My Mind" by Anne Wisbourn, and instead of racing around it bobs up and down like a very slow mechanical bull.
  • Phelous decides to review a bootleg Pokémon game, referred to as Pokémon: Strange Gold. It's actually Pokémon: Lost Silver, complete with Phelous succumbing to Lavender Town Syndrome.
  • "INFINITE PLEASURE!" *Cuts to him looking at the toy sadly*
    • From the same review:
    [Dinosaur Invincibility] broke twice over the course of this video and I wasn't even rough on it. (cut to Phelous hitting it with a hammer)
  • The Filly Witchy review is especially funny to Bronies since Phelous may be secretly One of Us.
  • Baltard: The biggest loser on Planet Ferror!
  • The first impression of the Super Heros version of Spider-Man and the black splotch on his right eye.
    Phelous!Spider-Man: (in funny voice) Eek! I'm really surprised at something! SURPRISER-MAN! Why am I winking?! (screams)
  • Phelous is amazed when he finds out that Motocycle the Pooh plays Gangam Style once it's turned on.
  • In the Galaxy Cop video he points out the "Not for Children 3 and under logo" and makes reference to a Stuart Ashen joke, because people complained that he didn't use it in previous videos, even though he makes a valid point:
    They did at least add the warning and some symbols on the backside including Sad Onion, not my bit but apparently I have to say that!

     Silent Hill Revelation 

     Resident Evil Retribution 
  • "Barry Celebration time!!"
    (After quoting Barry's lines) "Barry doesn't do it at all in this movie, so bet your ass I'm going to do it."
  • Phelous actually returned to watch RE-Extinction to count all the naked-Alice visible in the final shot.
    Phelous: I hope you enjoy the pointlessness I put myself throught for these videos. You don't? Cool.
  • "And now we return to the "Alice Show", where we must save Alice because she's so damn important" (Alice's face mid-sentence, looking retarded) "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!"
    • The face was also used previously when pointing out Suburbia!Alice didn't bother to check if "Nicedriguez" was still alive after she picked them.
      Phelous: (Retarded!Alice face pops up) Assholeeee!
    • Part 2 uses it again.
      Phelous!Alice: (Sending Becky alone) Hey, run up ahead. I'll check my wound by myself, That way you can possibly get killed by a zombie by yourself. (Retarded!Alice face pops up) Duuhuuu!
  • After pointing out that the Red Queen created zombies that can shoot at people:
    Phelous: Wow. Just, wow. I don't even care anymore. She may as well just pull out the rainbow-unicorn-zombie-she-created-online-made-real-from-a-virtual butt rain acid from the ceiling shoot them with his laser eyes. (All completed with a drawing of said unicorn)
    • Then another plot-hole from the Red Queen comes.
      Phelous: Get ready for all the answers when the unicorn shows up!
  • In both parts, Phelous points out Alice is "supposed" to NOT having powers, still kicking zombie ass.
  • ''"Bye, Nicedriguez. You might have been completely pointless to the plot, but you showed me Michelle Rodriguez playing a different character"
  • His utter disgust to Barry's death scene.
    Phelous!Barry: (gets killed) Glad I was in this movie...
    Phelous: Good waste of your Barry, Retribution. (adopts Barry voice) You're a stupidity sandwich.
    • Also another big offender to him was that Barry and Jill never got to interact unlike the games, so he puts repetitions of their game exchanges.
      Phelous: I don't care! It was worth it.

     Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 

  • Smiley. Just...the whole thing.
    Sad Panda: Good thing I know how to use internet cheat codes.

     Deadly Friend 
  • ♪Paul, the Genius DUMBASS!♪
  • Phelous gives BB his own voice acting; his Cookie Monster voice is fitting for the robot.
  • "Paul, the Genius Dumbass" is responsible for BB being unable to speak because he keeps pulling out memory cards on BB's motherboard.
    Phelous!BB: BB finally learning to talk-
    Phelous!Paul: Hey, BB, the paperboy wants to see your brain. (removes it)
    BB: Argh! (deactivates)
    Phelous!Paul: Look at it, looks like a chipboard. (chuckles) (puts it back)
    Phelous!BB: (distorted) BB finally learning to (devolves into gibberish)
  • The dead-on comparison of BB's voice to the Tasmanian Devil.
  • A minor Running Gag comes in the form of editing in Nestor Cunningham's "All right!" during scenes that involve Sam's dad... which manages to make the scene of him knocking Sam down the stairs a bit of Black Comedy since, due to editing, that is practically all he says during it.
  • During Sam's nightmare of stabbing her dad with a broken glass vase, Dixie-land music is editing in over it.
    • Said music is later edited in during BB's death scene by shotgun.
  • This quote:
    Phelous!BB: But BB's MISTER Roboto!
    Phelous!Sam: But Sam's MRS. Roboto!
    Blue Screen Of Death: Sam crashed but it's OK / It's just a human brain / Reset it again
    Phelous: CRITICAL ERROR!
  • In a Call Back to his Troll 2 review, him scoring the infamous basketball-to-the-head scene with Also Sprach Zarathustra.
  • Phelous keeps cutting to the basketball-to-the-head scene as shorthand for, well, everything. Explanation of how stupid the movie is? Headsplosion. Sam displaying superstrength? Headsplosion. This movie is stupid? Headsplosion! Headsplosion doesn't explain anything? HEADSPLOSION!
    • Apparently, Paul punching Tom's head repeatedly until Headsplosion is too silly, so instead Sam's going to jump out a window and "beat Tom's head into the ground until he dies of injuries".
  • "Oh, man, a robot in the family! That's wacky!" as a reference to Lupa's review of "Robot in the Family."
  • The rather nonchalant way Phelous says that "Tom's recovering from his latest concussion after playing in traffic".

     Jacob's Ladder 

     Aladdin: The Adventure of All Time 
  • The opening of the video handwaves the dramatic ending of Jacob's Ladder like it was another of Phelous's regular deaths.
  • The Running Gag of Paige's grandfather getting out his gun.
  • Humpty-Dumpty's graphic note  death.
  • After Aladdin and Paige make Blackbeard into what he is with the magic lamp, Aladdin cuts his beard, much to Phelous' aggravation.
  • Phelous notes that Cleopatra's servant girls wear really skimpy outfits, which normally show the underside of their breasts that barely cover their nipples. Then there is an off model shot of them that makes it look like they're wearing crotchless pants.
    Phelous: WHAT THE FUUUCK?! Time for my rating: Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time gets a hard R for nudity!
  • Phelous notes that one of the recently released prisoners from prison is a skeleton, who prances around the street. He grimly says that now this undead abomination shall walk the earth forever!
  • This bit of dialogue:
    Scheherazade: "...I'm going to hide the lamp in a place it will never be found."
    Scheherazade!Phelous: " My vagina!"
  • His completely tearing apart the movie's honestly twisted and horrific Moral Dissonance (the villain is evil for trying to change history, but our "heroes" are directly responsible for history's greatest villains and atrocities and we're supposed to praise them for it) is as hilarious as it is awesome.

     The Time Machine (I Found At a Yard Sale) 
  • The dinosaur and Phelous and Lupa's reactions to it.
  • Lupa's offscreen Skyward Scream during the belly dancer sequence.
  • Fat Grandma steals the show.

     Psycho Santa 

     The Gingerdead Man 
  • Phelous makes it seem like the reason why James says "Put your gun down, please." multiple times while Millard holds him at gunpoint... is because Millard kept not liking the way he said it.
  • "Oh no, we're out of Johns Daphne. What are the kids gonna do without their whiskey cookies?"
  • Cookie Monster saving the day.

     Birdemic 2 
  • Phelous' depiction of James Nguyen's "dream wife", which is a picture of James Nguyen Photoshop to have a bird's beak and long, blonde hair.

    Hello Mary-Lou: Prom Night II 

    Prom Night III: The Last Kiss 
  • This, when Mary-Lou is seducing Alex:
    Alex: I must be dreaming!
    Mary-Lou: (low, gravelly voice) Dream on.
    (Fade to Black, then fade in to Alex at the bottom of the stairs he fell down shortly before with a puddle of blood near his head)
  • Phelous's utter confusion and frustration with the fact that four people were in love with Alex: his best friend Shane, his sister, his girlfriend Sarah, and Mary Lou.
    • It's even more hilarious when Shane actually acts lovingly towards Alex by constantly listening to his problems, suggesting they run away together, and even tucking him in when he falls asleep.
    Phelous!Alex: Look, Shane, I know I haven't been that good of a friend lately, but I got asked if I was a bad enough dude to rescue the president, fell in some Mutagen, went Super Saiyan 2, then buried some bodies in the football field and boinked a ghost.
    Phelous!Shane: Keewl! Let's run away together!
  • Phelous demonstrates Alex's utter powerlessness when trying to threaten to break up with Mary Lou with this:
    Mouse: You better stay the hell away from my cheese! Or else!
    Bear: Okay, mouse, I don't want any trouble...
  • "You think they'll find him?" *cue Phelous editing in police siren lights and Alex getting shot in the head*

    Beauty and the Beast (Good Times version) 
  • DERP CAT! A-whee-oooh! (Sung to the last few notes of the DuckTales theme)
  • Phelous points out that this beast looks like a cross between a warthog and a Goomba.
  • Beauty's delayed reactions to anything.
    • And also her unbelievable bad acting when she "gasps in surprise".
  • Him making fun of the animation style. He mostly pokes fun of Beauty's blank expressions and dull eyes.
  • The running gag of the father throwing anything useless to the dumpster... even himself and Phelous.
    Phelous!Dad: Phelous hasn't been funny since Mac and Me. He is completely useless now.
    (Phelous gets thrown to the dumpster)
    Phelous: How did he throw me to the trash if he's already in here?! Is that supposed to be scary?! Shut up. Beat Wait a minute, I'm telling myself to shut up? That doesn't make sen- SHUT UP!! Beat I keep digging this hole!
    • As well as the running gag of a zoom-in on an Off Model still frame of his wall-eyed face as Phelous goes "EEYUUUUGGHN".
  • The naming of Beauty.
    Phelous!Dad: I'll name you Beauty. (first ugly sister appears) Oh! Uh, never mind! Uh, I'll name you Beauty! (second sister appears) Oh, damn it! Uh, third time's the charm!
  • Phelous harping on the fact that the Beast is afraid he will die a Death by Despair...out of loneliness. Not out of a broken heart, but because he's lonely. Never mind the fact that he had been alone for plenty of time, or the fact that he could call Clara at any time to give him an anti-loneliness power-up.
  • As a Running Gag, Phelous inserted bootleg versions of Lumiere and Cogsworth.
    • When the father arrives to the castle the first time:
    Dad: Hello... Is the master of the castle here?
    Phelous!Dad: What's that song I hear playing in here? "Be out guest, Be our guest. Eat our food, leave us dead" Well, don't mind if I do. "EEYUUUUGGHN".
    Dad: I'm a traveler who lost his way.
    Phelous!"Lumiere": Bonjour, my friend! I'm Lumiere, and welcome to castle-
    Phelous!Dad: Woo, a delicious candle (eats the candle)
    Phelous!"Lumiere": Sacre fuckin' bleu.
    (Later. While the Beast is beating up snow)
    Phelous!Beast: So, you dare to steal from me, Winter? I'll destroy you!
    Phelous!"Cogsworth": So... The Beast is still punching snow, huh?
    Phelous!"Lumiere": Yup.
    Phelous!"Cogsworth": So, Wanna see if the Beast two castles down needs some servants?
    Phelous!"Lumiere": Yup.
    • In Part 2:
    Phelous!"Lumiere": Ho ho! The return of Lumiere. Oh, screw it, I know this is just gonna end badly. I quit.
    (Beauty and Beast are left alone in silence)
    Phelous!Beast: Awkwaaaard...
  • Clara being generally useless:
    • First she can't distinguish between a door and a window. So she tries to get out from said "door".
    • Pointing out how even Clara seems so disinterested in the plot that she started to diss Beauty.
    • Also for the dance scene:
    Phelous: Who's playing music? Is Clara a one-man band?
    Phelous!Clara: (with a bunch of instruments in front of her) Wow, wow. There's a beauty and the asswipe or something, tale as old-... (Verbal Backspace) Oh, shit. That's the other one. Who gives a fuck. Goin' out to piss on those flowers.
  • When the beast asks Beauty if he frightened her.
    Phelous!Beast: I'm really scary...right, right, you were scared, right?!
    Phelous!Beauty (thinking): (beat) I hope a fly doesn't get in my mouth...
  • After Beauty kneels in front of the beast to thank him for not killing her.
    Phelous!Beast: Whoa, whoa, whoa, this isn't the Beauty and the Beast porno, woman!

    Lion and the King 
  • Lingering on and repeating several of the more laughable quotes in slow-motion.
    The King: The diamonds! My God!

    Robin: Your father the black panther is your father?!

    Myu-Myu: But perhaps we could be friends.
    Robin: Hmm, I dunno...I think we should be enemies.
    • Phelous later splices in the last quote into a scene with Robin and Dundee, resulting in Dundee walking away with sad Peanuts music playing.
  • His reaction to the narrator "weasels", especially when they explain past events.
    Weasel: You remember the black panther who gained power in the jungle...
    Phelous: NO!!! I DON'T!!! WHY WOULD I REMEMBER THAT?!!!
    • When the weasels start flubbing their lines multiple times, we cut to a clip of Phelous presumably giving a Cluster F-Bomb with the audio muted, then breaking down sobbing.
  • The fact that his gag dubbing over the movie fits better than the actual dubbing of the movie.
  • The "animation" finally breaks Phelous.
    Phelous: Aaahh! Just... STOP! Every damn frame of this is WRONG!!!
  • Phelous pointing out the absurdity of The King telling Not!Zazu that it was his responsibility to prevent Robin from chasing Dundee.
    Phelous!The King: "Clearly if he's hunting crocodiles, you can stop him, biiiiirrrrrrdddd..."
    (Robin eats Not!Zazu)
    Phelous!The King: "Whooooooaaaaaaa!!!" (Puffs on joint) "Ffffffuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk..."
  • His impressions of, and commentary on, the ridiculous voices and bad voice acting.
    Not!Zazu: (Nasally) You have to go back to your father immediately!
    Phelous: (Plugging his nose) If you plug your nose, it's an AMAZING voice!
  • "Shut up, Dundee."
  • Sometimes, one of the characters asks a question, and the response they get is the same question.
    Robin: (to the vultures) Hi, um, do you know what happened to the panther's diamonds?
    Vulture: Why, what happened to the diamonds?
    Phelous: (Says "What happened?" 5 times, imitating Robin, the vulture, Dundee, Not!Zazu, and Not!Simba)
    • and:
    Myu-Myu: Anyway, do you know where the hiding place is?
    Female Gorilla: It's not that easy. Do you know where the hiding place is?
    Phelous: It's the law of the jung-sert, answer a question with the same question! Surprisingly, not much is accomplished here.
  • The King: From now on, nobody sleeps around here.
    Phelous: (as the elephant) Ohhhh, I knew we should have joined the panther!
  • His reaction to Myu-Myu's mother being a gorilla.
    Phelous: A gorilla is his mother? How did they... No. Nope, nope, nope, no, no. *cuts to flash animation of panther and gorilla having sex* NO!
  • Phelous talking about the exposition-spewing rodents:
    Rodent Thing: And it was the...animals owed it to little Robin's cleverness that they could cheat and drive away the panther.
    Phelous: Wait, it was the animals owed it to little Robin's cleverness that they could cheat? What fucking assholes! (deadpan) Panther got cheated, yo.

     Beauty and the Beast (Golden Films version) 
  • The jump scare at the beginning:
    The King: My God! Uuuuuuuhhhhh!!!
  • MINI DAD!!!
  • Phelous deciding that the dad in this version is too boring, so he possesses him with spirit of "Old Man" from the Good Times version.
  • After absolutely no chemistry between Beauty and the Beast:
    Beast: But know this: if you do not return in one week's time, by the first snowfall, then I will die of a broken heart.
    Phelous!Beauty: Wow, that sounds wonderful! Do you really mean it?
    Phelous!Beast: Fuck, we really haven't had any moments yet, have we? Just come back, dammit, I need someone to yell at or I'll die.
    Phelous!Beauty: Sounds worth it!
  • "Mustache-enezer, for your crimes against humanity, particularly those four daughters, you have been sentenced to death!" *cue a fire effect over the dad with Phelous making painful crying sounds*
  • Phelous' shocked, jaw-drop reaction to the backstory of the three "comic relief" ghosts being people that the Beast as a prince let starve to death, and are now cursed for no reason to be stuck in limbo until they help the guy who killed them break his own curse.

  • The entire episode is one long CMOF for snarky, meta and non-sequitur tastes.
  • After describing the Troubled Production, Brad mentions how he has to go to Linkara's and "not flush."
  • Mr. Leonard and Kaptain Krispy having a funeral for the stepped-on bag of chips.
    • Hell, everything regarding the two treating stepping on a bag of chips as Serious Business.
    Brad!Mr.Leonard: "That bag of chips was my only child!"
    Phelous!Mr.Clipboard: "Get a life, LEONAAAAAHARD!"
    • In a fake ending, they imagine Mr. Leonard committing suicide, then the credits rolling.
    Brad!Mr. Leonard: My life was never the same that day. Joy was gone. Tried to find reasons to get up in the morning. All I could think of was that bag of chips.
    • On a related note, Brad!Mr. Leonard making a running gag out of the tremulously-delivered "I'm an OLD BASTARD..."
  • Phelous' incredulous reaction to how the icons develop "Rigormoldus".
  • Mr. Clipboard and everyone at Brand X throwing a pizza party in the aisles.
  • Phelous and Brad's voiceovers:
    Phelous!Lieutenant X: (to Cheasel) "Weasel your way up my ass. You're already lubricated, I see."
    Brad!Cheasel: "Speaking of ass, I've got you covered for an emergency bathroom, and a kitten. I'm a sick fuck!"
    Phelous!Lieutenant X: "And straws for the felching afterwards!"
    Brad!Cheasel: "Oh, okay, uh, you're the sick fuck!"
  • Phelous proposing to Brad:
    Phelous: "Wow. So beautiful. And this is gonna be the day I propose as well. (Lupa looks surprised. Holds box of Fruit Brute and looks at Brad. Lupa storms off.) Brad, will you be my partner in a spin-off featuring us as supermarket sleuths?"
    Brad: "Oh, wow. I-I never thought this day would come. Seriously I didn't because it's stupid. So obviously the answer is yes!"
    Lupa: Cold-farted itch? COLD FARTED ITCH?? Did he really just say that?!
    Phelous (singing): So now I'm a believer!

     Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust 
  • His response to the Gingerdead Man saying how ridiculous the idea of bringing dolls to life is.
    Phelous: "An actual joke? Get the Hell out of here! We're in the middle of the death of comedy!"
  • He realizes that the song at the start of the movie was a warning, starting with the line "Run, run, run as fast as you can..." He runs away from the room, only to return shortly after.

     Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver 

     Cricket on the Hearth 
  • Every gag playing on how much Cricket Crocket is awful, as well as how "lucky" he really is.
  • The moment when a doll winds up without a painted pair of eyes and Phelous overlays the Otherworld transition cue.
  • Phelous making another offscreen gunshot gag... only for the exact same thing to happen for real later in the cartoon while Phelous swears that it actually happened and he didn't add it in.
  • Old Man from Good Times' Beauty and the Beast coming to live with the family.
  • The cops from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show up to arrest Caleb.
    Cop 1: Oi! he's talking to a bloody cricket, he is!
    Cop 2: We'll have to lock him up for everyone's safety!
    • They appear again during one of the song sequences.
      Cop 1: Oi! Defacing Royal Naval property?!? You shall walk the plank, sir!
  • "'Ello, sir, you want to move in with me and the missus?"
  • "The service at the Money Lender is fine, but it's the evil laughing that keeps me coming back."
  • Phelous' utter bewilderment of a sexy cat singing in an animal nightclub.
  • The entire Quantum Leap sketch featuring Aladdin, Paige, and Wordsworth from Aladdin And The Adventure Of All Time.

     Mortal Kombat: Konquest 

    The True Story of Puss 'n Boots 
  • The start of the movie.
    Narrator: "I witnessed an incredible story, one I've decided to tell to children young and old."
    Phelous!Narrator: "And that's why I'm currently serving 5 life sentences."

    Dragon Ball: The Path To Power 
  • Running Gag of inserting the infamous Never Say "Die" edits from the Ocean Dub of DBZ whenever a character dies.
  • The shots at Dragon Ball GT he made throughout the review.
  • Goku:"What do I care about seeing your dirty old fanny?"
    Phelous: Fanny?! Goku, you realize you can't say that! In England! Therefore you can't say it anywhere! Besides, over there it means cun--

    Planet of the Turtloids 

    Dragon Ball Z: Top 15 Funniest Alternations & Censoring 
  • "And here's the cherry on top of the evacuation sundae.
  • "We could handle main character's getting 'Next Dimensioned', but random people? They just escaped on their parachutes, because it's Sunday."
  • After the credits
    Nappa "Vegeta! what does the scouter say about his power level?"
    Phelous!Vegeta "Too bad it's sunday! I would've said an overused meme tomorrow."
  • (deadpan) "Trigger warning, guys: tears. Oops, was too late on that one."

    Alice in Wonderland 
  • The second time Alice visits the hallway with the doors, the movie recycles so much animation from earlier, that Phelous fabricates a scenario of her getting trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • Four words: Old Man in Wonderland.

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys 
  • When Hermie and Rudolph are crossing a lake, Phelous jokingly suggests this actually is the Styx, and will lead to his favourite movie: Rudolph Goes to Hell. Which will then lead to Rudolph Vs Frosty.
    "Whoever wins... we'll forget."
  • "Hermie banged the Tooth Fairy. Never forget."

    Magic Gift of the Snowman 
  • When Landon reveals the snowman to his sister:
    Phelous!Emery: Wow! Thank you for the personal creeper outside my window.
    Phelous!Landon: Oh don't worry, Em, he's just going to watch EVERYTHING YOU DO!
  • Phelous notes just how silly the "If she can make it to Christmas" diagnosis is, so he has the parents seek a second opinion. And who do they consult, you ask...?
    Phelous!Dad: ...Aw, screw it, we'll go with the "magic Christmas" diagnosis.
  • His reactions to unsettling things in the film such as the Unfortunate Implications of the power the princess' smile holds, Snowden being a Jerkass to the kids, the villain being modeled off of the Crypt Keeper and who burns to death in the end.
    Phelous: Half the time I went to write horrible responses for Snowden to say for this review, he would straight-up say them in the movie anyway!
  • Phelous' reaction to hearing that the Charlatan snuck into Princess Electra's room at night and stole her smile.
    Phelous: Oh, shit. I don't think I'm gonna like how he makes her lose her smile...(Rape Horn plays)

    Dinosaur Adventure 
  • Him pointing out the kid unfriendly dialogue with Tio's father and Robin's father.
    Robin's father: My God!
    Tio's father: What the hell?!
  • Everything involving Oro, especially the "science will make us fly" scene:
    Oro: You're as stupid as you always were!
    Phelous: Yikes! If you're getting called stupid by this face, you better rethink your life.
    Oro: Science has made progress! One day, we'll all be able to fly!
    Phelous: That's not how science works!
    Phelous!Oro: (hovering through the air) I'm flyyyyyiiiiinnng! SCIIIIIIIEEEEEEENNNNNCE!
  • His reaction to the discovery of Tio II. He points out the obvious cruelty of Tio's parents just not bothering to look for their son and just had another son named after the first one.
    Phelous: Holy shit, their parents are horrible! I love it!
  • "And everything was perfect in Damn Hell Valley... until the ice age two days later."
    The Lion King: My God!

    The Countryside Bears 
  • The triumphant return of Scene-Interrupting Bear.
  • At one point, the creepy stalker crow from Dinosaur Adventure makes an appearance in the background, causing this to happen:
    Phelous!Lion King: MY GOD! A SPY! (eats the crow)
  • When the baby kangaroo is picked up by the wind:
    Phelous!Wabuu: Well, she's dead. Let's go!
    Phelous!Oro: I told you science was making progress to make us all fly! (flies past the kangaroo) SCIIIIIIIEEEEEEENNNNNCE!
  • One the bears complains how nobody will care if he gets wet, thus prompting....
    Old Man: I hope that bear does get wet in the future, because that will mean... that I was expected! *eats Grumpy* Ha! fooled you guys on that one!
  • Phelous' Jaw Drop after Wabuu is called a child murderer.
  • Phelous almost gives up on the movie after the very first line of dialogue is "Hello, Wiener."

    The Secret of the Hunchback 

     The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Golden Films Version) 
  • Throughout the review, comparing this version to the Good Times version - and deciding this one is much worse. He makes a convincing case.
  • His laugh at this Quasimodo's Informed Deformity.
    "Oooh, he's so grotesque! He looks like he is ready to join a boys band!"
  • When the bats are somehow able to communicate with Quasimodo during daytime from Notre-Dame when he is outside during night time leads to Phelous theorizing they are from another dimension.
  • "Quasi-Frollo" saying "The party is over, Fellas!" with his accent. Cue Phelous' reaction:
    Phelous: Di-did he just say my fucking name?! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!
  • "Doing anything against the law is illegal."
  • His response to Melody and the Hunchback getting married at the end:
    Phelous: Victor Hugo always intended to have Esmerelda and Quasimodo marry at the end. He just didn't have the technology to write it back then.

     The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Dingo Pictures Version) 

     Hellraiser: Hellworld