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Headscratchers: Phelous
  • Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it: Phalen isn't as thin as the title cards portray him as. With people like Linkara, it's passable, since his coat makes him look heavier than he actually is, but with Phelous it seems a bit jarring.
    • It's not like that really matters, though; it's just a drawing. Drawing proportions =/= real life proportions anyway. Also, rather amusingly, "Phalen" is a girl name while "Phelan" is a guy name (the latter is his).
    • The problem with the title cards is that everyone loses weight in then. Phelous, Linkara (watch his review of Star Trek #1 and then his review of Star Trek #2), Critic, Chick, etc.
      • From the artist's point of view, though, what are you supposed to do when presented with someone who is a little overweight (like Phelous or Linkara), who you like and has asked you to do title cards for them? Even Sean Fausz gets slimmed down a bit in drawings, but at least with him you know he is fully aware of being a large man, and it's too obvious not to portray at least a bit. With the others, though, you kind of want to make the drawings a bit more flattering. Weight is still a controversial issue. With the Critic's title cards, I think it's just the style, as Doug is slim normally. The only thing I really take issue with is the Chick, because she is normal weight, but the title cards show her as super-skinny when it's unnecessary.
  • Is there a reason why his review of Satan Claus is called "Disney's Satan Claus"? It's clearly not a Disney film.
    • I think it's a joke about how it's clearly not a Disney film.
    • It's a pun on the Tim Allen movie The Santa Clause also known as Disney's (The) Santa Clause.
  • So at what point did Phelous start having an ongoing story arc?
    • It's a friendly Take That at people that do, like Linkara or Spoony, I remember some lines like "Wait, if you're from an alternate universe then how is this all happening?" he's Lampshade Hanging the idea of these rather silly reviews having plots.
  • Why did a mushroom grow out of his head in his Super Mario Christmas episode?
  • Why does it seem that Phelous always pronounces "lantern" as "lantrin"?
  • In "In The Name Of The King 2", why did he keep referencing Sugar Bear and his Cereal, Sugar Crisp?

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