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Running Gag: What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?
  • "It's a DOUCHEQUAKE!" (Aw, you touch my tra-la-la~)
    • However, in the episode "Nimrods Are Forever," the douchequake was retired due to the massive earthquake in Japan. It was brought back in "Good and Evil", just in time for Nash to learn of the existence of crotchless panties for children.
    • On the 8/13/12 live show, Nash and JO did an a cappella rendition.
  • "WE GOT VIDEO! :D" [cut to footage of aforementioned atrocity]
  • In the (early) Doctor Who reviews we get X SMASH!
  • Time to do the math... [cue The Chicken Dance] This... plus this... EQUALS FUCKING THIS!"
  • "Does this smell like chloroform to you?" When Linkara points out how often he overuses it, Nash points out that Mr. "I AM A MAN!" isn't exactly innocent here.
  • Saying something like "I think they used the wrong music there," then rewinding the scene to have a more "appropriate" backing track.
  • In the live shows, Tara's obsession with hippos and Nash's growing horror at how many hippo-related items she has.
  • There are enough stupid running themes to fill a bingo card.
  • From the Wonder Woman pilot review: "Pants to be darkened!"
  • Stories involving people abusing bath salts. Nash even claims it's a conspiracy.
  • Various things, especially nudity and Florida, being in Nash and Tara's "wheelhouse". Although a town called Beavertown appears to be challenging Florida as of late.
    • It's now an oft-repeated rule that "Nobody wants to see your penis, and there is nothing sexy in the Wal-Mart."
      • The newest rule is "Just Watch Porn."
  • Tara's horror stories from her life, frequently concerning her former job at Spencer's Gifts (and her current job at Sephora).
  • Tara and JesuOtaku's combined ability to make Nash go into a Heroic BSOD became a Running Gag for a while when the latter was frequently seen alongside him. They also had their own Running Gag: the kitten strip club.
  • "Live everybody!" when there's a problem with the live show.
  • "Tara Explains How to Be a Better Criminal!" To the point where Tara is apparently preparing to do her own web show on the topic.
  • Weird and destructive car crashes because of either pizza or beer.
  • People caught masturbating in public.
  • Ridiculously inappropriate things made for children/people being careless and irresponsible towards their kids. Even Nash, who admits he doesn't have much fondness for children, has this as a Berserk Button.
  • "OHH, OHH, I'M A HAPPY HIPPO!! OHH, OHH!!" *maniacal laughter* S-STOP! *laughter* I-I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!
    • Has become a Discredited Meme, as Tara now lives with her sister and nephew who are both in bed during the show.
  • Since Nash has moved into his new place, insistence (at first from JO, and then from the chat post-break-up) that he close the door to the bathroom behind him have ascended to this.
  • Tara loves referencing Mystery Men, namely the line, "Maybe you should put some shorts on or something, if you want to keep fighting evil today."
  • "Fucking Alanis Morisette!" whenever Nash thinks something is ironic.
  • Tara having never seen famous movies. Although this is a Running Gag on the internet in general.
  • Todd in the Shadows usually requests an obnoxious pop song to Troll the show each week. Nash always plays his request, no matter how bad it is.
    • *kickshot* whenever Dodger (one of the chat mods) kicks someone for all-caps or being a dick.
    • Certain musicians or video creators who are frequently played on the show getting an *[insert musician name here]shot*. These include Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?, Lindsey Sterling, and Tegan And Sara, to the point where the chat was shocked Nash didn't see The LEGO Movie the day it came out (its main song was co-written by Tegan and Sara).
    • The abuse of 'Purple Shotgun' (the chat's safe word) on any Mind Screw or disturbing video.
  • Since they've switched from Skype to Google Hangouts for the show, Tara abusing the soundboard feature.
  • Either Nash or Tara (or both) complaining about how young the show's audience is, and how old they both are.
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