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Heartwarming: What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?
  • During the 11 April 2011 episode of Radio Dead Air, Nash wanted to raise $200 for Tara - the co-host of the live version of WTFIWWY - to send her to a convention. He asked the chatroom to, if possible, donate 1 or 2 dollars. They ended up raising nearly $500 in under 30 minutes.
  • In the Valentine's episode, seeing the picture of Nash's then girlfriend JesuOtaku on Nash's computer just made this troper smile.
  • Nash received a talking Space Core plush from a fan and spent a lot of one RDA broadcast gleefully showing it off, at one point kneeling down behind his desk to make it look like the Space Core was hosting. He was just so damn *happy*!
    • And then he and Tara had a plushie war with Space Core and Disembodied Orgasm Hippo.
  • On 20 June 2011, Nash announced during Radio Dead Air that a friend of his passed away during the show. A visibly shaken Nash proceeded on with the show, and JesuOtaku, who was there with him, casually gave him a kiss on the cheek.
  • On 27 June 2011, Nash was explaining that it was nearing time to renew his SoundExchange broadcasting license, with his licensing fees being US$600 yearly. The chatroom raised the necessary funds in under 15 minutes. Nash was visibly shaken with the donations.
  • The RDA 11th anniversary video Derek The Bard put together, shown on August 1st, 2011.
  • At the end of the 9/5/11 live broadcast, Tara talked about the Hippo Lantern Corp and making it into an internet group, a webcomic, etc. And even though Nash was clearly exasperated by more hippo stuff, all he said was a faint, "You... You chase that dream."
  • Nash's December 26, 2011 livecast, Nash kindly asked for viewers to donate to help with his 2012 SoundExchange license fees (keep in mind, he does the livestreams on his own time and at his own expense note ). He was hesitant and made it explicit he didn't like having to ask for money, and made it clear that even if he didn't raise the money, he'd pay out of pocket to keep the show going. He was also worried, as the fees were due earlier than the year before (as above, the 2011 fees were due around July/August, this time it was around February/March), and wasn't sure they'd make it in time, but even so he recommended not worrying about sending any money until the middle of January. At the behest of the chat, he checked the Paypal account roughly 20 minutes after bringing it up...and found that his fans had gotten the $600 in UNDER 20 MINUTES. Nash was nearly speechless.
    • A couple weeks later he proudly showed the chat the check he was mailing to SoundExchange, thanking them for helping keep the show going.
  • When Tara was out with a cold, Kyle Kallgren co-hosted, and his title card artist, Ven Gethenian, drew a hippo for Tara as a get well gesture.
  • A bit of a strange one, but when JewWario guest hosted, he was wearing a pair of motorized brain-controlled cat ears. note  JesuOtaku's reaction to Justin's new accessory was nothing short of adorable.
  • In the 9/10/12 WTFIWWY Live, guest host Lewis (Linkara) says that Nash was worried that the show would be too "blue" for him. It wasn't, but it's worth noting that Nash tones down his swearing considerably, when Lewis is there.
  • In the 11/05/12 Broadcast, Nash brought up how The 2011 Muppets Movie was getting a sequel, and he was glad for it, so that the Muppets would stay a part of every generation. He went on to say "When so many years from now, the sun has burned into a red giant, and we're all leaving the Earth, you're gonna hear 'It's time to say goodbye~'" Many chat members admitted to having started crying.
  • When Pledge Time 2012 came around, Nash needed $2000 for Sound Exchange fees for 2012, up $600 due to his viewership going up. So he set up a Paypal link. Within five minutes he was yelling STOP because they had raised $2750. Not only did that pay his Sound Exchange fee, but it also paid for the Live 365 service that keeps 24/7 music on his automated web station when the live show isn't on. This is perhaps the fastest recorded time for pledges to meet the target amount in the show's history.
  • In the episode of WTFIWWY Live first broadcasted on the 23rd of November, Nash was horrified by a story of a pregnant woman who assaulted her own mother to steal her expensive engagement ring.
    Nash: It's your mom! Man, I would beat someone STUPID if they laid a finger on MY mama!
    • Another episode showed that he has similarly protective affection for his grandmothers.
  • Todd and Nash talking in one episode about how they went from "Hey can you take my picture with *Blank*" to "OMG Can I get a picture with you!"
  • Nash offering an internet hug to Obscurus Lupa after she went through a rough period of events in February 2013.
  • The week of 3/22/2013. Nash had recently hit hard times. He got fired from his job, and JesuOtaku broke up with him. The RDA fans rallied behind their beloved DJ and sent in a wide variety of donations and well-wishes. So much so that Nash actually will run a TWELVE HOUR MARATHON STREAM WITH VARIOUS TGWTG GUESTS set up via Twitter to thank the fans. It honestly made this troper cry Manly Tears. The kicker? He found an interview for another job after ONE DAY OF LOOKING.
  • Here There Be Dragons. "Krull". "You've never truly failed until you've stopped trying."
  • Recently, Nash's father died. Fans and friends responded with a huge outpouring of love and support.
  • Nash's last line on his entry about things he learned while in Canada (for Con Bravo): "My friends love me."
  • In a recent episode, Nash showed the stream some fanmail sent to Tara from a teenaged fan. Tara was overjoyed (and slightly scared that 14-year-olds were watching the show).
  • Just... all of Nash's Here There Be Dragons review of The Last Unicorn. Even Space Guy's affected by the movie.
  • During a livestream of Lego Marvel Heroes, Nash was so frickin' happy whenever he played as The Hulk.
  • On Twitter, he declared that he wouldn't make fun of fanfic writers and artists for his own amusement, later said on Tumblr that fanfic writers should not be mocked and derided for daring to write something unusual, and told the fanwriters and fanartists that they could write or draw anything they liked about him and he wouldn't care (Although Nash did say once that he didn't like being in NC-17 rated works). This from a man who, by his own admission, doesn't like the fanfic.
  • On January 25th, 2014, after learning of Jew Wario's death, Nash started a livestream where he and fellow TGWTG producers and friends shared their memories of Justin. While the stream was not made of happy moments by any means, it still was sweet to see everyone hold each other together after their loss.
    • The number of people tuning in was over 1500 at one point. Fans and producers alike really came together for this one.
  • In the March 29th episode, it was revealed that Tara had adopted a new kitty. The chat was briefly united in Squeeing.
  • It's usually agreed that Nash is tied with Lewis in probably having the nicest fanbase on the entire site.
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