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Awesome / What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?

  • Space Guy's "The Reason You Suck" Speech infused with Logic Bomb to the Trousers Cosmic at the end of the episode "Begging the Question." Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The week in June 2012 surrounding The Spoony One's departure from TGWTG was filled with copious amounts of drama and general unpleasantness (and no more needs to be said about that). Nash—who, like JesuOtaku, largely stayed out the conflict—announced on his Twitter that the upcoming Monday's Radio Dead Air would be a "Drama Free Zone". Although this was largely a precautionary warning against Single-Issue Wonk trolls from coming into the otherwise peaceful RDA chatroom, his tweets eventually became a clarion for those in the TGWTG fandom that just wanted a place to hang out free of drama for a couple hours. By the time Live WTFIWWY came around there were over 1000 peoplenote  watching the stream, something the nearly twelve-year old Radio Dead Air had only done a few times before.
  • The very next week, Nash had to pick JesuOtaku up from the airport, and preceded to leave Tara in charge for what she dubbed "Radio Red Hair". For someone who had never livestreamed by herself before, it was nonetheless very awesome.
  • Nash coming to Obscurus Lupa's aid after Mark Sevi trashed her was quite awesome.
  • Nash once built himself a wall just so he could hit his head against it.
  • Nash writes on his blog about 20 of his favorite songs in late 2009.
  • After the live show for 10/22/2012, Nash and Tara provided a bonus treat—a detailed discussion regarding the lowest of the low in "sexy" Halloween costumes, in which they gave the concept a much-needed tearing into.
    • This has since become a yearly tradition, with the costumes getting more and more ridiculous each year.
  • During the 11/19/2012 Broadcast, Nash asked for donations to pay for the $2000 Sound Exchange license, up from $600 the previous year. Within five minutes, his audience had raised over $2750, enough to pay both the license and the Live365 for the next year.
  • Nash had a really bad week in March 2013—he lost his job and he and Hope broke up. However, following massive amounts of well wishes and fan donations, Nash decided to thank his fans by hosting two 12 hour livestreams on March 23rd and 24th. Even better? He got a job interview after just a day of looking.
  • Nash did a phenomenal job on one episode of Radio Dead Air, when he hosted the entire thing as Space Guy in what was an amazing display of acting.
    • Extremely impressive when you consider he never broke character at all, even through technical difficulties.
      • Even moreso considering he made his co-host come very, very close to cracking up more than once.
  • June 3, 2013 was the first show since Nash's father died that weekend. Not only was Nash awesome for even doing the show (he revealed during his introduction that he'd also done a show the week his mother died several years prior), but during WTFIWWY, the stream hit 1000 viewers for only the fourth time in its history.
    • Later that same week, he announced on his Facebook page that the 2013 donation drive was canceled: the RDArmy had already raised the money months early!
  • On June 8th, 2013, Nash hosted a livestream where he played XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Due to a prior mission, a lot of his heavy hitters were still wounded... Right as a Terror Mission came in. His only squad mate who was still active was a Sniper modeled off Tara, the mission was Very Hard, and the rest of the squad was made of Red Shirts. What does Nash do? He goes through the whole mission, saving all but 4 civilians and not losing a single member of the team, and takes out CHRYSSALIDS with these newbies. The whole chat was stunned by this as much as Nash.
    • And then there's his New Years' Eve 2015 XCOM: Enemy Within Iron Man stream, aka 'The Life and Times of Colonel Igor Koslov, Savior of ERF'. Igor is the only soldier to survive from beginning to end, and his exploits rapidly elevated him to Memetic Badass status.
  • Nash is actually kind of intimidating as the narrator of The Uncanny Valley shorts.
  • Nash's entire review of The Last Unicorn, from unrepentantly belting out the chorus from the theme ("hI'M ALIIIIIVE") to shooting down Space Guy's every scathing remark at the movie's genuinely touching scenes.
    • Hell, Peter S. Beagle loved it.
  • Nash repeatedly calling Dean Winchester an idiot for saying homophobic things in Supernatural, and overriding Tara's attempt to explain it as 'he doesn't know any better' by repeatedly saying, 'Because he's an idiot!'
  • Even though Nash doesn't support TGWTG's fanfiction (He politely asked that he not be included in NC 17+ stories), his Tumblr post about defending the fans from people mocking them on Twitter is awesome to read (Especially if you're one of the writers, in which case the week leading up to that was... unpleasant).
  • On March 31, 2014, Nash had to miss his first show in years because he was driving to his new home. Fans gathered in the chat room anyway. After about half an hour, chat user m4a2000 got on ustream and created "Radio Dead Air- The Ripoff Show", with no notice, no professional equipment, no official boardcasting licenses, and no camera. Despite no image of the acting host, m4a2000 was awesome, staying professional through technical difficulties, screening, organizing, and downloading videos live, and generally being a great host. He also brought in a funny, snarky female cohost (chat name Ami684) and the two of them hosted an episode of WTFIWWY, with the stories submitted from the chat. The fans stood in awe. A recording of the WTFIWWY is available here.
  • Nash having the guts to say that he doesn't mind that the Star Wars Expanded Universe will not be acknowledged in Episode 7, and that at least all post Jedi material is now non-canon. He even points out some good things to come out of it, such as Chewbacca being technically alive now, and the New Jedi Order series now having not happened.
  • Nash having the guts to explain why he liked the (extended cut) endings of Mass Effect 3 on Twitter.
  • Nash states at the beginning of "This is Hookerween 2014" that the intent of the annual RDA parade of weird costumes is not done to shame women who want to dress sexily, it's done to shame people who make and/or wear tasteless costumes, and the need for costume sellers to oversexualise everything, even things that shouldn't be sexy in the first place.