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Awesome: Whateley Universe
Being a Universe full of Super Heroes and Super Villains, expect great things as default.
  • Sara Waite takes on The Kellith in a temple full of Deep Ones and not only wins, but scares the heck out of the Deep Ones. Then she flips off Shub-Niggurath.
    • She killed her evil future self, rejecting that self from existence!
    • Sara is injured, she's burning out, she's in a hospital bed. She's targeted by mutant assassins with weapons designed to take her out. She's tackled by an astral projection and stabbed with a mithril sword. She eats both.
  • Tennyo is unknowingly locked in a death trap of killer robots and not only creams them all but busts her way out through an unbreakable door.
    • She also eats a demon.
    • And manages to kill an infamous bad guy named Killbot, without even knowing who he was, despite the guy's massive strength and high-level regeneration. She also warps reality itself in that fight.
      • Warps reality? She turns the entire auditorium into something out of a nightmare, and rips a hole in time and space!
    • Her first trip to Boston, where she faces off against the Arch-Fiend all by herself in hand-to-hand combat. When her antimatter sword can't even hurt him.
    • She gets jumped by a brick and a guy who can negate your powers. And she really gets dangerous.
  • Lancer (Hank Declan) gets one in his intro when he has to flee his dad's army base and faces an entire squad of mutant-hating soldiers, including a tank.
    • Or Lancer's Combat Final. Where he delivers a beatdown after facing off against someone powerful enough to give him a separated shoulder even though he has a PK-superboy field around him.
    • Lancer vs. Nightgaunt in "Boston Brawl"
    • Or in Ayla 7, where he saves Fey from super-strong lightning-blaster Imperious.
  • Jade Sinclair, with her What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? ability, is ambushed by three Ultraviolents. She not only beats the snot out of them, they're terrified of her thereafter. Particularly Bloodwolf, who she nailed to a tree. With railroad spikes. And burned into his chest the message: "I attack little girls." He's a werewolf, so she just used her silver ring.
    • Worse than that, it's moonsilver! (That is, it's a mithril-coated ring.)
    • She one-ups herself when she gets stabbed in the heart by an enemy. She uses her powers to keep her blood flowing, prevent herself from bleeding out, and becomes known forever as a Vampire Princess. (With an army of telekinetically animated 'undead'!)
    • Jinn, Jade's copy, finds herself captured by a villain in "To Bottle a Jinn". She is trapped inside the villain's skull, her power drained. So, she slowly hypnotizes the villain, takes control of her body during the night, and generally possesses the person possessing her! Oh, and this is before she breaks herself out.
    • Jade's combat final, where she gets put up against Electrode, who is a flying brick with lightning powers. Jade's arm gets broken, and then she nearly pulls out the fight.
    • Jade single-handedly takes out supervillain-wannabes Blinder and Podcast. Her hand gets blasted apart. This only makes her angry. By the end of the fight, Fey and Tennyo are holding her back from doing very nasty things to them. The crowd's reaction? "We told you a student would be here soon!"
  • When Fey totally pwns the supervillain The Necromancer. And then does it again a month later.
    • Alternately, in Christmas Elves, when Fey gets mad. She is attacked with a flamethrower team, and she seduces the element of fire with an erotic dance! Then sends the fire to kill the flamethrower operators. Then she invokes the Rule of Three against the people who attacked her, summoning a Black Hand of Death for literal laser-guided karma. Also, the events of this story led to a shift in the bad guys, forever.
    • Fey started out as a Squishy Wizard, so her Combat Final, when she faces an unstoppable super-strong brick, and the arena is rigged so her magic won't work right.
    • Actually no. Another mutant with powers that fuck up EVERYTHING around her had been in there previously. It left the ley lines in rather useless condition.
  • Diane Castle is very good at writing these.
    • Ayla 1:
      • Trapped by a Mad Scientist, he gets an I-beam through his chest. And lives. Pretty good horrific way to learn what happens when you phase out with something inside you.
      • When Phase stops the supervillain Sparkler. With a truckload of dairy products.
    • Ayla 3:
      • Phase tackles an entire hit team of Alphas. And wins. And then makes The Offer You Cannot Refuse.
      • Even Ayla's Imagine Spot in this one is a CMoA.
    • Ayla 4:
      • Phase faces the Yellow Queen and her minions, and humiliates them using Power Perversion Potential.
      • Ayla also buys out Marvel, now has just about every inventor in his pocket, and is well on the way to making an IPO.
    • Ayla 5:
      • ("Ayla and the Networks"): A Thirty Gambit Pile-up, and he'd won before the first move was played. And then he faces off against a super-strong brick with heat vision, in the school cafeteria, and trashes him in one move. By using his powers to stick chopped up habanero peppers in his mouth.
      • And Ayla shows how to (metaphorically) grab an entire team of bad guys by the balls and squeeze.
    • Ayla 6:
      • Ayla also manages to fight off a full-fledged demon lord. Hurt like hell though.
    • Ayla 7:
      • Phase defeats a simulation of the power mimic Counterpoint... by letting the mimic get a full copy of his powers and then using that to beat the guy.
    • Ayla 8
      • ("Ayla and the Birthday Brawl"): Ayla fights Chaka. And wins! By stabbing himself in the chest!
      • Ayla fights Tennyo.
    • Boston Brawl 2. Phase faces a forty-foot giant. After Phase beats the crap out of said giant, he uses the unconscious body to beat the crap out of most of the other bad guys.
    • "Revenge of the Alphas": Fireball, an insane fire manifester, traps Phase in a cage of fire, on a flammable surface. Phase then pwns her.
  • Pretty much every time Chaka makes an effort.
    • Pwning Montana (who's the size of a Sasquatch) in a duel where he has the advantages.
    • Beating the ninja supervillain Nex with cunning and chain-fighting skills that would make Jet Li jealous.
    • Whupping the Arch-Fiend... after he dislocated her shoulder.
    • Her 'Combat Final', against three other superpowered students... and an earthquake... and a tornado. (The latter is too awesome to show.)
    • "Boston Brawl": Chaka fights a super-werewolf with unreal healing abilities. She beats him bad.
    • Chaka versus a team of superpowered ninjas. The first thing she does is learn the leader's super-secret unstoppable strike. By watching him try to use it on her.
    • The ninjas come back on Parents' Day, and Chaka takes them on in front of her family. She even gets souvenir shuriken for her little brother.
    • Chaka's fight with Counterpoint. She loses, but manages to befriend him by saving his life. And asks him to fight her more. Also pay-off for her weakness in the Ninja fight!
    • Chaka's Christmas story, in which she helps Bladedancer fight off squads of ninjas... while she's in a wheelchair because she just had surgery on her hips.
  • The entire last third of "The Turks or the Geek" where the team pits their four worst fighters against everything The Young Turks can throw at them. And pretty much curb stomps them. Tactics and strategy are very important.
    • And superior intelligence-gathering capabilities.
  • Aquerna, who has the spirit of the squirrel. Yeah, she's a campus joke. And then she has a Combat Final against one of the most brutal bullies on campus. Not only a CMoA but also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Most of the second half of the Halloween disaster is a CMoA for everyone at Whateley.
    • The headmistress faces off against Deathlist, an unstoppable cyborg who's the most wanted killer on the planet.
      • The Three Little Witches get one for saving her when she is at a disadvantage.
    • Tennyo faces off against a troop of cyborgs who shoot her leg off. Then she gets mad. Among other things, she takes out two Syndicate dropship. By herself.
    • Screech defends the heroes. With a whisper. Then she takes out the badguys' sound weapon with her voice.
    • Bladedancer shows what she's capable of when the Tao is with her.
    • Even the campus bad guys get into the act, with Don Sebastiano directing the Alphas as they wipe out a slew of Syndicate mooks and bots.
    • Jimmy T takes on a Syndicate dropship with his impression of the Fifty Foot Woman. When that fails, he goes Godzilla on them.
    • Chief of Security Delarose (who's a Badass Normal) stands up to Deathlist to protect his people.
      • And Deathlist, who is the most wanted criminal on the planet, knows Delarose by name. Which means that it was not the first time Delarose fought Deathlist and survived.
      • Deathlist is a Whately Alumni, as was stated several times over the course of that story, and the the last person subject to Section 33 prior to Tennyo, which is why everyone expects her to also be an Omnicidal Maniac. So why wouldn't he know the Chief?
    • Range officer Erik Mahren, and his Roaring Rampage of Revenge when his fiancee is killed.
    • Mrs. Potter, a little old lady who's a precognitive. She picks the one perfect moment to call The Chessmaster on the one line that will tie up his battle network, at the one point where it matters the most. And asks how he's doing.
  • Sensei Ito, the little old Japanese guy who teaches introductory aikido at Whateley Academy, starts off the first day of school by demonstrating that - even though he is a Badass Normal - he can take out Lancer, the toughest mutant in the class, who can exert a five ton force with a flick of a finger.
    • Then later on, we learn that sensei Ito did the same thing in every intro aikido class that day.
  • Kerry Ellison (Seraphim) has to defend hundreds of schoolchildren. It turns out she's facing Ymir, the Frost Giant, which has just curbstomped the entire Empire City Guard. Awesomeness ensues.
    • In the same story, El Penitente (who has a devil bound to his soul so he can't enter holy places without burning to a crisp) walks into the sacristy of a Catholic church, burning every step of the way, to rescue Kerry.
  • Jobe. Prince Jobe Wilkins, heir to the throne of Karedonia. He's physically normal, and his power is that he is a bio-deviser. He's also a Nominal Hero. His every appearance is either a CMoA or else one of those moments where you want to punch him.
    • In "No Beast So Fierce" he defeats Captain Bravo and Bravo's whole team. By blowing them kisses. Never mess with a guy who makes bio-weapons.
    • In the Christmas story for the Bad Seeds, the villains take over She-Beast's house in secret. Jobe deduces who all of them are. He deduces what their threats are. He disables the bombs. Then he incapacitates all of the villains. And keeps a medical record of their physical collapse. When the last villain grabs him, he beats the crap out of the guy.
    • In Jobe 2, he has to fight power mimic Counterpoint, who has loaded up with other people's powers just to beat Jobe senseless. Never mess with a guy who makes bio-weapons.
  • Stalwart gets an epic one in one of Ayla's stories, and surprisingly subtle for him. [GLITCH! THE BOOZE IS HIDDEN IN HERE!
    • Actually, you know what? The entire Devisor Workshop gets a Crowning Moment when they punish two certain idiots for what they did to Team Kimba in the simulators.
  • Loophole in her own combat final. She wins against the entire simulator.
  • In Parkour Jam Hooligans, five baselines and two Exemplar 1s take on the Knight Templar 'premier hero' of Boston, Lamplighter, and WIN, with NO ranged weaponry. The fact that they're the bogeymen of the Mutant community, and are doing this to protect some mutant kids from the Knight Templar 'hero' makes it even more awesome. Heck, the entire story is one CMOA for the author.
  • "Ayla and the Birthday Brawl": side character Riptide fights The Lamplighter (the most powerful super in Boston) one-on-one and demonstrates that a power over water can be a seriously badass power.
    • Same story: speedster Scrambler shows that a Fragile Speedster can still take out power armor, even with as little as a steak knife. Or a chocolate cream pie.
    • And Lancer, who is weak to psi, fights Lady Darke (who has already clobbered him twice with her psychic powers) and kicks her ass by out-thinking her. And that's after he demolished the Arch-Fiend.
    • And Phobos, who demonstrates why using a hostage who has a fear aura and goatlegs could be a very, very bad idea.
    • And Mega-Girl, who shows she's strong enough to use a man in full power armor like a baseball bat.
  • Jericho and Razorback face down Imperious and Counterpoint. Jericho insults Imperious, tells him to get fucked and threatens to sic everyone who likes him on the New Olympians if Imperious persists in being an arrogant asshole... while being shit scared of them both.
  • Eldritch is surrounded by three new Olympians. She beats down Counterpoint, faces the ghosts of her past unleashed by Stygian and totally curbstomps Imperious, while lecturing him on why his lack of training caused his defeat.
  • Romeo. During the Christmas Bad Seeds story, he is feeling down due to having been dumped by his girlfriend. But when he discovers that everything the bad seeds have been suffering through the story is part of a plan from DeVille Academy, he flips out. And he basically defeats an entire superteam by himself, while ranting about everything that has been going wrong in his life.
  • Thrasher faced down the Dragonslayers to protect his father...when he was eight.
  • Team Kimba doing the Dark Phoenix sims. Highlights include:
    • Dark Generator turning parts of entire buildings into golems.
    • Fey casting a spell that drops Dark Tennyo into a pocket dimension.
    • The Grunts managing to bushwhack the Kimbas, who then get their own back in a repeat match… with interest.
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