Funny / Whateley Universe

  • The Chessmaster calling Deathlist Precious. (Yes really. Go read Insanity Prerequisite.)
    • For some context, Deathlist is a 6 ft cyborg who's also an internationally wanted super villain.
  • This is probably Black Comedy, but this conversation from Ayla and the Mad Scientist:
    Nikki: Oh, Goddess! I'm the worst supervillain in the past two years!
    Hank: Man. What do you say to that?
    Toni: We're number one?
  • When Nacht gets psychically whammed by Bliss, who induces happiness, her reaction is to scream 'I'm happy! The bitch must DIE!'
  • In "Quote the Ninja, Nevermore", Daikon attempts a paralyzing nerve strike against Toni, complete with Hand Seals and shouting "COILING VIPER FANG STRIKE!" She blocks it and then uses it on him, shouting "Something something STRIKE!"
  • A new kid introduces himself to his fellow new kids as 'Buck Swift, Boy of Tomorrow!' They then proceed to mercilessly mock him until they've deemed him 'Buck Swift, Boy of Next Wednesday Afternoon, Weather Permitting'.
  • Nikki and Jade end up talking about sexy underwear while shopping. Jade trolls Nikki by deliberately missing the point.
    Nikki: Well, some girls buy what they think their boyfriends would be most interested in seeing Ė whether or not they actually show him. So if they know they look good, then they feel good about themselves.
    Jade: Stuff heíd like to see, gotcha. I found these Tenchi Muyo ones, and Iím gonna get them anyway, even though I donít know if Stephen likes that show. Iíll have to work on that with him. But I didnít see anything with planes or samurai swords or anything. He likes money, but I didnít see any prints like that, either.
    Nikki: [stares]
    Jade: Maybe they have lizard prints or something. Iíll go look.
    • Nikki falls for it, too, even though she knows Jinn (not to mention Jet) are rarely confused about that kind of thing.
  • The end of Silent Nacht, Part 4 has a four way fight between the toughest sheriff's deputies in the county, a group of transformed teenagers who now resemble monsters and are winging their way through every fight, a new team of 'supervillains' who style themselves 'The Radical Squad' and who've all named themselves after outdated or plain ridiculous pieces of slang, and one of the local superhero teams, who are all (except for one) attention whores who are more focused on looking good for the cameras than on actual fighting. It's hilarious.
    • How hilarious? The competant superhero team just sits down with popcorn to watch the video.
  • In Yet Another Day As An Outcast, the Outcasts take on the Goobers in an arena match. They start off by summoning the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  • At the Halloween dance, Miyet has Hello Kitty gear glued onto her. Jimmy T asks Circe (yes, that Circe) to get it off, and Circe does so with the spell 'Bippity boppity boo, no glue for you!' It works.
  • In the first Boston Brawl story, people keep identifying Heartbreaker by her ass.
  • In "Toni and the Tiger", Nikki keeps touching Toni's new mithril bracelet while they're in class, until Toni snatches her wrist away, causing the teacher to ask if there's a problem. Toni replies, "Yeah! Nikki keeps fondling my bling-bling!Ē
  • Ayla's reactions to Jade's antics.
    • Ayla once muses while Jade is showing off her new purse, that any pursesnatcher who takes Jade's bag could probably look forward to getting facehuggered.
    • The Radioactive Condor Girl.
    • Shoulder Angels.
    • They even lampshade this dynamic by casting themselves as Giggle Girl and her nemisis, No Fun Guy!
  • Let's sum it up. If Babs Yarbunkle, Diane Castle, or Bek D. Corbin are writing? Hilarity will ensue.