Heartwarming / Whateley Universe

  • "Straight from the Squirrel's Mouth": Aquerna saves a family from a mugger on the day before Christmas.
  • "No Beast So Fierce": the ending, when She-Beast thinks about what she has done and wants to share it with the woman she hopes is really her mother.
  • "Ayla and the Grinch":
    • Ayla gets an unexpected Christmas present from some members of her estranged family.
    • When Grace forces Ayla to hide from some mutant hunters by making her dress up like a girl and enter a local beauty pageant. Ayla, thinking it's another of Grace's schemes to force "her" to embrace "her" female side, bitches about it and threatens to sell Grace's new car, until this:
      Grace: Do you have a better plan? I am NOT going to lose you to the MCO! I don't care if you have to put on a party dress. I don't care if I have to give away that beautiful Bentley. I don't care if I have to stick my hand in a garbage disposal! I am going to do whatever the HELL it takes to protect you!
    • When the demon attacks at the pageant and Ayla is trying to fight it off, Christie and Rachael, the fundamentalist and shy girl respectively, help ward it off with their cross and Star of David. At the end of the story, Ayla pulls some strings to get them good college scholarships and free appointments with psychologists who'd believe them. "They both deserved the Miss Teen Santa Monica title a lot more than the stupid, talentless bimbos who got the top three places."
  • The end of Jadis' first solo story, "No Beast So Fierce". She has a shrine in her wardrobe to the superhero she thinks is her mother. She sticks up a newspaper clipping of her saving a bunch of people, and asks whether her mother might one day tell her that she's proud of her.
  • The end of Silent Nacht: Nacht has discovered that the Bell Witch was not her mother, and actually abducted her from another woman. Nacht has no idea who the woman is (she only has a photo), but she comments that at last she has a mother she can love with all her heart, even without knowing her.
  • At the end of Whilst Any Speaks a tearful Marty Penn reveals her hidden transgender nature to Steve Nalley and Steve takes it better than she could have possibly imagined. He's actually angry that she would think so little of him.
  • All of the girls with Siren powers band together over the winter term to try to find a cure for Screech's power incontinence to thank her for her key role in thwarting the Halloween attack.
  • Ribbon's origin. Originally as Al, he was dying of cancer, when his estranged daughter came into his hospital room and gave him a injection specifically made for him and him alone to cure his cancer, even after Years of not speaking to each other and parting on bad terms.