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Running Gag: Two Best Friends Play
With three years and over six hundred videos under their belt, to say the gang has gone through a few gags is an understatement. These also go in and out of fashion at the drop of a hat, depending on their moods or whether or not the fandom has beaten them to death.

  • During their SNES playthrough, they repeatedly call back to the game they played at the beginning of the video, Time Cop.
  • Pat continuously brings up Reptile's invisibility while playing Mortal Kombat 9, whether he's actually onscreen or not. This has shown up in their Earth Defense Force, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid HD, and Resident Evil 6 videos as well.
  • More often than not, the episode will end with one of them screaming something.
  • They love mocking bad jump animations.
  • THERE ARE NO BED SHEETS! Matt and Pat constantly bringing up how hard it is to animate a person under the covers. Referenced mostly when video game character lie on top of the covers or (very rarely) the designers actually manage to accomplish it to Matt and Pat's shock.
  • "See you later, fuckers!" as characters run away from the action.
  • "Remember that time when..." as Matt brings up an anecdote, true or not.
    • A variant when playing liscensed games to either mock the source content (e.g. mocking various Spider-Man storylines) or to mock the games themselves for letting the player do strange things. Subverted in Prison Break:
    Matt: Hey, remember that time in Prison Break where—
    Pat: No, I don't.
  • "... for no raisin!"
  • Pat claiming "It's FINE", sometimes over and over again despite Matt's complaints that "It really isn't, (though)" whenever things in the game start to go horribly wrong.
  • Playing "Snake Eater" every time a character goes up a ladder.
  • Repeated references to Pat's uncle being an absolutely horrible human being, or Pat's mom being a lady of the night.
  • Referring to black characters as Woolie, and claiming he lives in the most run-down unhealthy living conditions known to man.
  • Although this isn't intentional, it still sort of counts: Matt's consistently awful navigational skills and his tendency to throw the fireaxe in the Silent Hill: Downpour Let's Play.
    • To the point now that nearly every time they get a fire ax as a weapon they make a Call Back to it. Also to a lesser extent the "Tour Guide Richard Nixon" voice.
    • On that same token we have Pat getting pissed off at Matt in the Final Fight Streetwise Let's Play because of Matt not remembering what the dodge move is.
  • "Tour Guide Nixon" makes regular reappearances in subsequent playthroughs.
    • "Can't go that way, gotta go this way."
      • "—through this scary (X). Where the devil lives!"
  • Stating on multiple occasions that they will never play Minecraft.
  • If given the option, Matt will dress a male character in female clothes or as close to naked as possible.
    • He strips his character down to completely nude in Saints Row The Third. Matt and Pat don't seem the least bit bothered during the sequence.
  • When Matt & Woolie are in a playthrough, especially one involving old school Nintendo games, they'll often claim that Pat "had no childhood", as he had a Sega Genesis rather than an NES or SNES.
    • Part of the intro sequence to Matt and Woolie's Old School Playthroughs is text saying "Pat had no childhood; we did!"
  • The two arguing over the quality of a game's controls, especially so when they are demonstrably horrible, usually leading to a riposte of "It's FINE" and "It really isn't, though" (see above).
  • Making fun of James Small and his love of the Dreamcast.
  • Whenever a scenerio involving a box or similar container appears, Matt will normally shout "What's in the [object], man?! What's in the [object]?!", a nod to the quote from the ending of Se7en.
  • "X is the Origami Killer!"
  • Claims that antagonists are after the Philosopher's Legacy.
  • "I never asked for this."
  • The very first Fighterpedia episode mentioned Zubaz, a dropped concept character from the original Street Fighter. Every subsequent Fighterpedia episode referenced Zubaz again, and he still shows up in episodes of Super Best Friends Brawl and Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures. He's since gone on to appear as a playable character in a few independent games the Best Friends have supported via crowdfunding, such as Kaiju Combat and Divekick, with an appearance as a special boss in Shovel Knight possibly happening as well.
  • Pat, and sometimes Matt, often hopes that this isn't Chris' blood.
  • A few from their The Walking Dead Let's Play, including Matt's hatred of Duck, both of their hatred to Larry and later Kenny, mocking Lee being "urban", the Shame Car and Shame Hoodie, and reminding themselves the game is "unpatchable/can't be patched", whenever they notice a glitch.
  • Matt's "Solvin' a Problem" song and Pat's insistence that he stop singing.
  • Woolie's Hulk doll that was destroyed by everyone in his family, thus ruining him for life.
  • "If you're just joining us, we're talking about X" Whenever things goes way out of context. Happened quite frequently in the Revengeance playthrough.
  • Referring to enemies as "Most Refined <name>", a reference to Most Refined Ichisumi from Double Dragon Neon.
  • You'll be hard-pressed to find a video that doesn't have a Metal Gear reference.
  • Matt makes Simpsons references nearly every video as well.
  • During their Silent Hill: Homecoming Let's Play, as well as some others, when Pat compares the game to Silent Hill: Downpour he usually accidentally calls one of them Silent Hill: Downcoming.
  • Randomly yelling "Nanomachines" in reference to MGS4
  • Pronouncing "baby" "babby"
  • As of their Deadly Premonition and Homecoming playthroughs, there is constant mention of Woolie's operation and not much is known about it other than it heads into Nausea Fuel territory.
  • "Do you know how many [object] I have to [verb]? More than you'd think, and less than you'd hope." First said by Matt in their Soul Calibur V episode. In later playthroughs, he often makes some variant of it.
  • A can of pickles labeled "The Pickles" shows up as a recurring food item in Deadly Premonition and never fails to amuse the two. At one point they find a crate full of them and stock up, eating dozens of cans of nothing but pickles later on.
    • Also, they'll break down laughing every time they use the fast-travel radio and hear that "screeching brakes" sound.
  • Pat will often express frustration or disbelief over something while Matt will often feign obliviousness to what caused Pat to react in such a way.
  • THE HYPEST GAMEPLAY ON YOUTUBE! whenever something mundane and tedious occurs.
  • Pat's newly acquired disgust of ducks, thanks in part to Plague of Gripes.
  • Their hatred of Dog Eyes to the point that he is the standard that they judge despicable assholes by.
  • Referring to Ellie of The Last of Us as "garbage". Later on, she's upgraded to "trash".
    • Also stating 'Geez, Joel' whenever they kill an enemy, and later every few minutes.
    • References to Ellen Page, particularly her role in Juno and the Hamburger phone.
  • More recently, they've started takin' a liking to the term "goin' nuts", as inspired by one of team sp00ky's Zelda playthroughs. Made hilarious by the fact Matt and Pat have used it more than sp00ky ever did.
  • Their insistence of substituting "wrestle" for "rustle". Examples include "rustler", "rustling" and of course "Rustlemania".
    • According to their Podcast, it's gotten to the point that Matt does this subconsciously.
  • Matt loves to give kids good advice to deal with their everyday life.
    • Pat suggests they do coke.
  • Every single aspect of Indigo Prophecy or Beyond: Two Souls is a failure of the game designer (a reference to David Cage's comments about Game Overs).
  • H'yuking it up. Mostly seen in their The Last of Us.
    • Usually phrased in the form "Look at this guy, just yukking it up!"
  • Matt saying: "There's no time!" when Pat questions plot inconsistencies/bad writing.
  • "AW, MY BREADSTICKS!"Explanation 
  • Any colored fume will be called Fart Gas.
  • If you hide under a pile of coats, everything from the Police to your responsibilities to the end of the world will be unable to find you.
  • Any dirty, disgusting interior location will inevitably be compared to Woolie's apartment.
  • Whenever the best strategy is to wait out a time limit, it will be phrased as "Lame it out like it's Cross Tekken."
  • After playing "Insanidade", almost every game they play is "a mysterious jogo (pronounced joe-go)".
  • The Donkey Kong Country LP has this title card whenever Matt and Woolie get stuck.
  • Matt's inability/refusal to understand the Yen-to-Dollar conversion rate, and Pat's frustration with him each time it happens, in the Yakuza 4 LP.
    • Even Pat gives up after some time, saying only the Japanese Minister of Economics could figure that out.
  • They fairly often make references to 1990s-era professional wresters; in particular, they seem to mention the New World Order, Sting, Scott Hall, and Chyna fairly frequently.
    • Throughout the Rustlemania series, and any other time they're playing an old wrestling game, it's usually pointed how many of the wrestlers featured have died since the game was made and almost every game has a least one "ghost match" where all player characters are dead people.
    • Pat's insistence on using Chris Benoit in every game so that they could reference that fact he killed his family. It evolved into them making a sign saying "Bring Back Benoit" when they went to a live wrestling match.
    • Constantly finding reasons to bring up X-Pac "tearing his anus".
    • Ric Flair has been around since at least ancient Egypt, and his exploits there can be found on papyrus and hieroglyphs.
      • Any on-screen appearance by Ric Flair will be greeted with a "Woo!" from the group, even in the middle of other topics of conversation.
  • Whenever the Playstation Vita is brought up someone will usually sarcastically say "Vita means 'life'" to mock its poor sales performance. This also seems to stem from Pat legitimately liking the system, but not being factually able to argue Matt's venomous hate of it.
  • Referring to Kenny from The Walking Dead whenever a boat shows up in a game.
    • They also call Kenny "the Boat Master" and claim he'll return in the sequel as the final boss with sweet Boat combos. The fact that he does indeed return in Season 2 is looking promising...
  • Pretty much once per full LP Pat will latch on to one character in the game who he'll hate to an almost irrational level for the rest of the game, and occasionally even beyond then. He'll go out of his way to hurt or harass them whenever he's given the chance. This includes, but is not limited to, The Stiff from Final Fight: Streetwise, Kenny from The Walking Dead, Quint from Deadly Premonition, and Ryan from Beyond: Two Souls.
  • There's usually some comment made about Liam's attractiveness and desirability.
  • Nailed it!
    • Per-Fect!
  • They've made up so many lies about Woolie at this point (that he's a pie-stealing liar, that he's killed someone, etc.) that he's actually starting to get angry with them; Pat admitted Woolie almost smacked him during a podcast when he claimed that Woolie didn't know how to read.
  • Any mailbag package from that doesn't have any sender information is from "Jimmy Amazon".
    • In the Mailbag, whenever they're sent fake snakes, Woolie will pretend to fight them while epic music plays.
  • Baby Ashley.
  • The word "revelation" will always be pronounced "re-va-lay-uh-tons", thanks to Resident Evil: Revelations's Typo on the Cover.
    • In general, Matt particularly enjoys mispronouncing things on purpose (for instance, pronouncing Magneto as "MAG-neh-toe").
  • For a while, mostly in Yakuza 4, Matt kept pissing off Pat by bringing up Face/Off.
    • Pat attempts to get back at Matt in the Resident Evil 4 playthrough by obtusely stating "I just blew his FACE OFF" more than once. Matt is unfazed.
  • Insisting everything could be improved by the addition of Monstars.
  • England is "James Small land" and everything there is done for the Queen or the Dreamcast.
  • Moving the game characters in circles rapidly.
  • "WHO?!"
  • Pat's hatred of Ego the Living Planet.
  • Matt, upon having trouble recalling a certain piece of information or trivia, will ask the audience to leave a comment with the answer.
    Matt: People in the comments! Even though this isn't a stream, <question>
  • Throughout the earlier parts of the Dark Souls II Let's Play, Pat ended up using a few pieces of advise heavily, the most infamous being "DROP YOUR FUCKING SHIELD!!" Once someone made a compilation video of them, Pat consciously avoided them (and toned down the back-seat driving in general), but this just got the others to frequently use them in other videos to make fun of him.
  • Sarcastic claims that any game is "Just like Dark Souls". Often it's done when someone is repeatedly going through some segment because they keep failing, but it can just as well be at complete random.
  • Any time a game results in to players trying to outpredict the other, except Woolie to bring up "Yomi, the Japanese word for reading the mind of the opponents"
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