Heartwarming: Two Best Friends Play

  • Reading Atomic Toxic Cake's message to them during the Soul Calibur V episode: even if ATC doesn't get to play with them, they thank Matt and Pat for the show and says it cheers them up when they're not feeling well.
    Matt: You are the best, Atomic Toxic Cake America Man.
  • In the Scribblenauts Unlimited video Matt's adorable reaction to summoning a Puggle (Pug in-game). And their horror when a zombie zombifies it.
  • Although Matt and Pat hate kids, in The Walking Dead Let's Plays, Matt genuinely cares about the choices he makes for Clementine's sake.
    • One specific example is when Lee needs to hurry and stop Clementine from eating human meat, Pat is yelling at Matt to hurry and Matt is distraught that the game is lagging. When they succeed, both sigh and sound genuinely relieved. Awwwww.
    • An odd example, they trashtalk each other with accusations of who is the worse caretaker:
    Matt: You know what is monstrous?
    Pat: Stealing from your dad's pharmacy?
    Matt: I was going to say: Scarring Clementine's for life by murdering a man in front of her.
    • When they find out Clementine has been talking to someone over the walkie-talkie, Matt freaks out.
    Matt: Who was that, some creepy pedo?!
    Pat: Maybe.
    • There are points in the Let's Play where Matt and Pat stop talking or arguing with each other and just "Awww" at Clementine because she's just that cute. Remember, Matt and Pat don't like kids.
  • During the third round of Worms 2: Armageddon, Woolie and Matt have Pat on the ropes with only a few worms left. This exchange happens:
    Pat: I can... I can still do this, because Zangief [one of his worms] can defend the Russian skies.
    Woolie: ...but can he, though?
    Pat: (sounding near tears) Y-yeah... I can— I can hold it together...
    Matt: Okay, now I'm actually feeling sorry for you 'cause you sound really upset.
  • A very slight example from their Revengeance playthrough, but toward the end, the two of them bring up the rather astounding delays to the EU release of Persona Arena, and despite the fact that they frequently mock their UK audience - especially the accents - it's clear that they are genuinely sympathetic for people who haven't had the chance to play the game yet.
  • Not from any of the videos, but on the official facebook page, the two warned people on the east coast NOT to go to the Assassin's Creed midnight launches if Hurricane Sandy would possibly interfere, noting that NO game is worth losing your life over. To paraphrase one comment, we really do have Two Best Friends.
  • Matt's response to this message on their Facebook page shows how much they care about their fans.
  • A light example from their video on Blood Dragon: when the game tasks the two of them to save a nerd they almost immediately dub the nerd James Rolfe. After that they state how much they would love to save James Rolfe from a life-threatening situation, such as pushing him out of the way of a speeding car.
  • From first meeting Ellie in their Let's Play of The Last of Us, the best friends had nothing but snark and derision for her; yelling at her when she got in their way, making fun of her whenever she said something aggressive or rude, and other more specific scenarios over the episodes. The heartwarming bit is watching the two of them slowly warming up to her. As the series progresses, they begin to say nicer things (for example, they compliment her on her moxie after she makes several fat jokes at Bill's expense) and although the snark still flows on occasion, they've become much more open in praising her.
    • One of the best examples so far is in Episode 14, where Pat is healing and is caught off guard by a bat-wielding hunter. Pat panics and scrambles to put away the medkit and pull out a weapon in time, but to no avail. Just as the hunter lifts his bat, though, two shots from an off-screen Ellie stumble the hunter, allowing Pat a crucial second to beat down the stunned enemy.
    • Even though Pat had been ripping on Ellie the whole play though; in a futile attempt to not get attached to her like he did with Clem. You could still hear the blood lust in his voice when was trying to get to her, and when he walked into the operating room reloads the shorty and blows the surgeons face clean off and without a seconds thought goes after the nurse and Matt actually has to be like "Wait what are you doing?" and then at the end Matt was talking about the needs of the many out weighing the needs of the few Pat seemed insulted that Matt would be okay with Ellie dying.
  • Pat and Mat's love for dogs and their delight when they show up in videogames as seen in The Last of Us and Deadly Premonition.
    • They even seem to get oddly attached to Togo, the bizarro-teleporting dire-wolf dog, during their Cabela episode.
    • In their playthrough of Rule of Rose for Shitstorm 2, they express genuine concern on whether or not if the dog noises they hear early in the game are coming from a dog that is injured. Later when they come across Brown, both mention how cruel it looks that he's been tied up and wish they could cut him down. Both Matt and Pat have mentioned before that they are dog lovers.
    • The animated intro to Sleeping Dogs features a couple of sleeping dogs. Their reaction to them really sells it.
    • Their reaction when Clementine meets an abandoned dog in the forest is this, then it becomes funny when they realize the dog is kind of aggressive after they have her pet it.
  • At the end of the fourth Super Best Friends Cast they give shout outs to their fans for all the content dedicated to them, specifically fan blogs on Tumblr, their wiki and this Tvtropes page. They are especially surprised by the amount of dedication seen in their wiki and their Tvtropes page in particular.
  • In their Indigo Prophecy playthrough, Pat expresses legitimate frustration and concern with the way the mentally ill are often poorly portrayed in media. Woolie mentions that in their 8th podcast, Pat's concern really touched a number of viewers.
    • Wonderfully followed up on and proven to be something both Woolie and Pat take an interest in during a later podcast, as they discuss a study that has proven that playing Mario for about thirty minutes a day improves one's ability to think and even brain size; As Pat cutely points out, it's not damaging and, at the very least, it improves someone's ability to play Mario. At best? It could potentially - theoretically - improve the condition of people suffering from degenerative diseases like Alzheimers.
  • And now we can add "cat lover," at least for Matt. In the video where Matt introduces his cat, it opens on a shot of the cat sleeping in its little bed while the opening music from Yoshis Island plays. Then the cat proceeds to do more adorable things like crawl under the couch to hide, and get belly rubs from Matt.
    • The kitty is now named Zach and further proves himself an adorable fluff-ball. He's also a rescue cat, and it's clear in the video how much Matt adores him.
    • Even better is that during a podcast Matt talks about how he's moving out of his apartment instead of getting rid of Zach like his landlord wants.
  • The Christmas special podcast included some ridiculously sweet Christmas stories, including Pat's parents spending the night making a stop motion animation of the presents appearing under the tree when he had set up a camera to try and catch Santa and Woolie's mom taking him and his brother "fishing," where she had them cast their lines over the living room saloon door and attached their presents to them.
  • While playing I Have No Mouth, Pat makes a poor decision during episode 8. He accidentally throws a switch labeled MOTIVATOR, which electrocuted a group of dogs. You could see and hear them being shocked and killed. He immediately regrets it, and almost goes back to the previous save state, rather than continue. When he shoots the ship down by accident, prompting AM to make him restart.
    • Part 12 of the "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" LP as well. As mentioned on the awesome page, for most of the game, Pat had been going by the strategy of carefully examining everything in the environment before making his decision or taking any action. Then he comes up against a Nazi scientist about to remove the spinal chord of a child. He looks around the room a little and upon finding a scapel, immediately goes to stab the scientist with it. Even Woolie wasn't expecting that. After a guard kills Pat for it and the sequence starts over again, he just does the same thing again and finds a way to get away with it.
  • Arguably invoked bizarrely during their Barbie Dreamhouse Party episode when Matt demands that Barbie 'eat a burger' and then insists he wants a Barbie with 'Gianna Michaels' proportions; While it partly steps into Unfortunate Implications territory given Michaels is a porn-star, it arguably demonstrates that Matt has better ideas of body image than the makers of Barbie, and the Best Friends actively rail on the fact that the makers of Barbie have been petitioned to change Barbie's figure in the past and denied the possibility.
  • Episode 17 of their Disaster Day of Crisis LP starts with Pat needing Matt to pause the game so he can answer a phone call from home, because Pat says he can't miss calls from home, because he's worried that the call might be something like "Your dad has died." It's just his mom calling in to say hi, and it ends with Pat telling his mom he loves her. Turns into Moment of Funny when he tells Matt to cut that part out of the video so no one knows he loves his mom.
  • Episode 6 of Beyond: Two Souls: they go for the worst choices possible, and end up whoring Jodie out, assuming the game will stop them from doing so. Jodie ALMOST does it, everyone starts panicking; but fortunately, Jodie refuses at the last second. When Jodie is nearly forced to, they try to kill the man doing so, and proceed to continue their problems with David Cage.
    • Okay, to put this in less flowery language: Matt, Pat, and Woolie hate Beyond Two Souls, and every character in it: ESPECIALLY Jodie. But when they realize that Jodie's actually about to blow a guy for ten dollars, everyone starts panicking: even Pat, the most caustic to the game feels even more guilty because he was the one who actually made Jodie do it. When Jodie says no, everyone in the group's incredibly relieved. Then the guy attempts to rape Jodie and Woolie is granted control of Aiden; Pat encourages Woolie to stop him, and Woolie gladly complies. And then in another act of compassion for Jodie, Pat and Woolie insist on killing the guy before Jodie begs Aiden to stop. As much rep Pat gets for being the angry and volatile one, he's always very compassionate to younger female characters: even the ones he claims to despise. He's a complete Papa Wolf, and no one notices; not even him.
    Pat: Okay, okay, you know what? Wow, that was weird. We're all gonna make fun of David Cage some more. That is true. That being said...I have to say, that is THE most uncomfortable a game has EVER made me. If the point of art is to make you feel emotions, BOY did I feel a bunch of emotions there.
  • Oddly heartwarming, but in Episode 4 of the Best Friends Mailbag, Pat fakes being cut by Woolie's utterly notorious box-opening, and Woolie actively starts freaking out. Like, as much as these guys mock and ridicule one another, Woolie absolutely wouldn't want that to happen.
  • On episode 28 of the podcast, Liam discusses what he did for Valentine's Day. His girlfriend had flown away to France in Early January, and he had told her that he wouldn't be able to see her on Valentine's Day, because he only had the money for either that trip, or a trip with her to Japan later in the year. But he made plans to do fun things with her on Skype that day, and told her that something would be flown in via courier that Friday. When Friday came around, and his girlfriend went to answer the door, LIAM was waiting for her, and they spent the whole day going around Paris and seeing the sights. Crowning Moment of Funny Matt was disappointed that Liam didn't wear a bow.
    • Liam's girlfriend has returned the favor. She insisted that she wouldn't be able to come in early, and Liam decided to watch X-men instead and invited the guys over. All of the guys told him no, and told him to go home where his girlfriend was waiting for him.
  • In Podcast #26, they get a fan question from a fan fearing he's falling away from gaming because he can't enjoy it anymore. What follows is a long and very comforting, nigh-jokeless conversation affirming that, yes, everybody gets that way sometimes, and it feels awful. They go on to explain in detail everything the fan needs to do to get his hobby back on track, and how to avoid the pitfalls from happening. Pat closes by saying that, if that doesn't work, he may be suffering clinical depression and should seek help. Its somber, and heartfelt and amazing to listen to.
  • In mailbag 5, one of Woolie's items is the Gameboy Color that was stolen from him as a kid. His sheer happiness and gratefulness nearly drives him to tears.
  • Podcast episode 28's Letter Time includes a letter of someone asking that if the Zaibatsu had the power to destroy one website, which one would they pick. Matt and Woolie immediately think the Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Podcast episode 30's Letter Time, they receive a letter from a gay couple in a long distance relationship looking for advice on good games to play once they finally meet up in person. They all stop to congratulate them before giving advice on nice romantic fighter games.
  • With mailbag 6-B, when they find a second Gurren Lagann box set, valued at over $500, Matt, Pat, and Woolie all immediately agree that Liam should get it, since he hadn't gotten his chance at a big flashy item from any of the other mail they had gotten.
    • Going along with the above, the Zaibatsu thank the audience profusely for sending such expensive gifts, saying that, while they're honored, they would feel a lot better knowing that fans weren't sending themselves into debt over "a bunch of guys playing video games." For all the love the fans have sent them, the Zaibatsu send it right back.
    Pat: "Feed your kids. And if you don't have kids, feed yourself."
  • Wyclef's send off in episode 9 of Nuzlocke. Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and setting the standard for what is likely to be many poke-deaths in the future.
  • A minor one, but there was something about Woolie getting into Dark Souls II as a virgin to the series, and his joy playing it, overcoming some stupidly sticky situations, and even thanking Pat for helping him along.
    • The sequel video with Liam and Pat counts, as it's one of the few times we see Pat relaxed. There are few jokes, and no anger, just two friends exploring the game together.
  • Their fans have been sending them so many big things that they actually can't continue the mailbag. There's generosity, and then there's this.
  • You can't watch Super Best Friends Watch Nintendo E3 Press Conference 2014 without smiling. Matt, Pat and Woolie become kids again as information pours in, the three getting excited more and more as the video goes on.
    • Right out of the gate, they adore the Iwata/Reggie "fight".
    • Yoshi's WOOLLY World.
    • They're thoroughly amazed when Nintendo actually shows footage of the open-world Legend of Zelda Wii U game, and they are very impressed by what they see.
    • Toward the end of the Fox/Little Mac Robot Chicken sketch (by the way, they love the Robot Chicken sketches), they're about to make a joke, but they immediately stop everything because the Platinum Games logo comes up. Pat and Woolie freak out. All three of them subsequently go coconuts when they find out that Bayonetta will be bundled in with Bayonetta 2 free of charge.
  • If you want to see more childlike joy from the boys, just watch The Wonderful 101 video. From Woolie and Pat talking about how all [you] wanted to do as a child was become a hero to Liam and Matt telling each other they love one another after that finale, it's one big hug of a video. With dick jokes.
  • At Con Bravo, Liam "breaks Kayfabe" to say that Fighterpedia was actually really good. Woolie gets up and gives him a hug.
  • Liam continues to be Best Boy for the Nuzlocke Live Stream, staying off camera for great lengths of time so that he could go full mother hen mode and cook a full course meal for Woolie so he could keep playing. And judging from Woolie and Pat's reactions, it's pretty good food too.
    • What? No mention of them beating the game? Pat, Woolie, and Liam completely lose their shit, bringing back that childhood spirit of Pokemon.
  • Despite their thoughts on Chico, Matt and Pat are horrified that metal spikes were driven through his legs.
  • The sheer joy in their voices while fighting Baz, the character they added by backing Shovel Knight.
  • Episode 53 of the podcast reveals that while in Cuba, Matt proposed to his girlfriend. There will soon be a Mr and Mrs Mc Muscles!
  • Plauge of Gripes, while playing Dark Souls 2, has to run away from an Enemy player to talk to Pat really quick. What did he say? "Sir, I'm trying to have a conversation with my friend." Thought it was sweet.
  • In the Part 6 of the Walking Dead Season 2 playthrough, all that Matt and Pat can say about Nick is that he's essentially a blend of Kenny and Ben in terms of being The Load. They also repeatedly mention how much that they hope he dies, especially after Nick senselessly kills Matthew. Despite that, they go out of their way to inadvertently save Nick's life by telling Walter that Nick's a good guy at heart and feels sorrow for his mistakes. Matt even lampshades this, noting that, while they don't like Nick, they aren't going to LIE about his intentions.
    • This is actually a habit with the Friends, as they repeatedly choose the moral option to save someone that they otherwise hate, as seen in the first season, with Matt saving Ben from falling to his death in Episode 4 and him trying to save Larry in Episode 2.
  • Despite hating pretty much every child character other than Clementine, in the Walking Dead Season 2, Pat and Matt go out of their way to befriend Sarah, treating her kindly and make no disparaging remarks regarding her. It might be because Pat recognizes that she could have anxiety or some other form of disability that causes her to be sheltered, but it is still nice to see them treat her in a respectable and kind way.
    • Pat becomes audibly emotional when Clementine gives Sarah the same advice on guns that Lee gave her.
    • Pat's absolute refusal to leave behind Sarah, saying he'd stay as long as he had to in order to convince her to leave. He's very sympathetic and kind to her, while others like Jane, and even the Best Friends fans, try to push him to let her die. It's heartening to see his refusal to leave behind a child of disability when many other Lets Players went down that route.
      • As related, when Sarah is trapped underneath the rubble of the deck, Pat takes all attempts to save her with no hesitation. As a Tear Jerker, he and Matt cry in protest when she is eaten by walkers. Pat himself even says that he was wanting Sarah to make it out alive.
  • The friends seem to genuinely like Luke. As stated above, they are upset when they unintentionally upset him, defend him from Kenny at dinner, are alarmed when he is not present, defend him from Kenny AGAIN in the truck, instantly cry out in surprise and joy when he reappears at the comic book store, and instantly hug him. Pat is also very alarmed and fearful at the idea of Luke being bitten (he wasn't, he just seemed so) and he mentions that if Luke betrayed the group, he'd be really upset.
  • Although they joke about it at first, they both joyously cheer when Rebecca's baby starts breathing.
    • Likewise, in Episode 5, their horror at the insinuation that AJ had died, and their elation when he was revealed to be safely hidden in the car.
  • Their treatment of Arvo and their willingness to defend him from an increasingly assholish Kenny in Episode 5, even after the gunfight in the opening. It did come back to bite them in the ass, just like every other player who extends him even a little kindness, but even so.
  • Matt and Pat being audibly moved when Patricia hugs Jane, and thanks her and Clementine for letting them inside Howe's.
  • During the third Shitstorm of Scariness and their playthrough of Escape From Bug Island, Pat actively encourages Matt during the game's kinda-sorta difficult balance beam sections - not helped by the unruly Wiimote Matt's using - by telling him "Aw yeah man, you can do it, you can do it, everyone's proud of you, no-one's saying bad things about you," which is entirely void of Pat's typical sarcasm.
    • In a similar sense, when Pat accidentally insults Luke in their The Walking Dead Season 2 playthrough and begins cursing angrily, Matt actually doesn't tease him for making the wrong choice. He actually comforts Pat, assuring him that it was just an accident and not to feel bad about it.
  • While it is funny that they play games like DP and D4, but it's also worth noting they don't actively hate the game. To explain, they aren't openly hostile towards it. Like say, Indigo Prophecy or Beyond 2 Souls. With those games, while acknowledging that it's still pretty bad, they at least enjoy how batshit crazy it gets sometimes.
    • Relating to that, it's evident from looking through the comments on DP and D4 videos that The Best Friends going through these games has caused a whole bunch of people to buy the games and give them a try. Considering the Swery has been openly begging for people to pick up D4, it's nice to see at least a little headway.
    • Emphasized during Pat's part of the Top 10 Games Of 2013 videos, which he goes on about the game's shortcomings, but he says that despite them, or maybe because of them, the game has a charm which cannot be explained and must be played to fully understand.
  • During their Rule of Rose leftover playthrough, Pat quickly catches onto the implications that the Headmaster is molesting Clara. He and Matt express disgust, especially when they see the Headmaster advising Clara to dust a room (on her hands and knees), and Pat questions is he can just break into the room and kill the Headmaster.
  • Toward the end of their playthrough of the main Silent Hill 2 story, Angela's upsetting backstory is revealed in full as having been sexually and physically abused by her father and brother, and mentally abused by her mother - who supposedly told her she deserved it. Right after Angela exits the game, Pat immediately declares her family to be the pieces of shit that they are.
  • Pat and his girlfriend Paige spend about a minute of the "Pat Stares at Japan" video calling each other assholes and insulting each other. It's shocking how adorable it is.
    • The second part of "Pat Stares at Japan" has Paige return at the end as Pat has changed rooms at his hotel to one with two single beds; Cut to Paige laughing after apparently pushing Pat into the gap between the beds and then watching him struggle. It's utterly adorable.