Quotes / Two Best Friends Play

"What a mysterious game"

“This is a character action game where you play as a black dude who used to be a fireman and you get ancient fuckin' Mayan shit attached to you and you're fighting a Chinese guy in an industrial wasteland, and you get a scythe in South America. And your mask talks to you.”
Fuck you, Dog Eyes!
Liam 2013

“Marlow Briggs confuses his way into your heart for Smash.”
— Matt 2013

Games that should not exist but I’m happy they do...
Woolie 2013

“Let the rage of Africa drive your blade ”
— Woolie 2013

"You'll never kill me, Son of Nigeria!"
- Matt 2013

You can hurt anything as long as you’re angry enough
Matt 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever truly gone balls to the wall.
Matt 2013

"Oh, I'm gonna suck that dick!"
-Pat Boivin, 2015

"See ya later, Fuckers!"

“That bat has Rules of Nature written on it.”
— Woolie 2017

“Are you here? It's me,
Mae. I don't believe in you.”
- Matt and Woolie 2017

"Make sure that my gravestone has the words “OK” on it."
- Woolie 2017

— Woolie 2017

If you’re so important and smart, how come you’re DEAD?
— Matt 2017

I lost my hand in an argument over what color the Gamecube was.”
— Pat 2017

The world can’t forget you if you don’t get up.
— Woolie 2017

See kids, if you didn’t know, if you drink more you’ll get cooler each time. It’s like a level.
— Matt 2017

"Yeah, they do a lot of wrestling. I accidentally went in there and got DDT’d once."
- Pat 2017

“He'll shake everybody down. He'll shake everyone you love.”
— Matt on Mr. Shakedown

“There's two things that bond two friends to life as brothers, and that's beating other men up and watching porn together.”
— Matt 2017

Matt 2017

If Pat were a toy he'd be a rubiks cube, a square that wants colors to stay on their own side."
Woolie 2017

"The pedophilia stuff has always just been a bonus."
-Woolie, 2017