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YMMV: Two Best Friends Play
  • Author's Saving Throw: Pat and Woolie's apology for mistaking how the DLC from the Jojo game works.
  • Broken Base: The fanbase from the Jojo game got really upset for how Pat and Woolie mishandled the DLC but due to their negative impressions on the game's simplistic combos, unbalanced cast, long loading times and poor framerate. Some people say they did wrong by comparing Jojo with a competitive fighting game as it is supposed to be "fanservice" while others say a patch fixed it. Nevertheless, Pat and Woolie have made it clear they are not searching for any fanservice in their apology video which is why they are not recommending the game.
    • Woolie also got early criticism when he first appeared, as some fans considered him unfunny and that the more friends, the more difficult it was to interact.
    • To an extent, Pat himself. Some fans think his temper tantrums are hilarious and the best part of the show. Some see him as too highly opinionated and that he comes across as a jerk to people that enjoy games he doesn't. And some just don't like the fact that he 'fakes' surprise to events in games he's already beaten and knows what's going to happen (biggest example being Yakuza 4, which he's beaten around 8 times according to him).
    • For the Pokémon LeafGreen Nuzlocke, Liam's various criticisms of Pokémon X and Y. Such as it being too easy compared to the older games, having a bad plot/characters, etc. Some of his criticisms are fair, while others are solely his own opinion. This leads to many comments accusing him of being a Genwunner, though he has made it clear that he really likes Generation 5, with Pokémon Black and White being one of his favorite Pokemon games.
      • The Nuzlocke itself is becoming this between fans who are starting to complain over an apparent lack of hype from the best friends, and people who try to defend it by citing the game's pace or think it just needs to have new episodes released faster. This may change once the Live Stream has been released onto Youtube and their website, however.
    • In one of the mailbags, upon receiving yet another sword in the mail, there was a point in the video that was later cut out where they complained about the sword they received. While they later apologized, quite a few fans were quick to call them ungrateful, while others defended them by stating that they had said not to send dangerous items like weapons in the first place.
    • The Shaolin Monks playthrough not having Pat despite his interest in the franchise. As a result, some find it boring. Other points of contention include their general cluelessness on how to progress, the poor audio quality on some of the videos, and the fact that they barely ever use Fatalities(though to be fair on that last one, performing Fatalities on the Xbox version, which they're playing, is very counter intuitive).
    • Some of the first and continued comments on the Super Best Friends Watch Samurai Cop video appear to have invoked this, with some fans declaring that 'they thought the Best Friends were only about video games' and some even declaring that they're going to unsubscribe. Granted, while it is the first time the Zaibatsu have watched a full movie that doesn't really have any association with games, Samurai Cop is perfectly in keeping with their kind of humour, and the Best Friends have a history of putting out videos that are just them shooting the shit or goofing off in videos separate from their longer LP's.
    • The playthrough for Season 2 of Walking Dead has earned more polarizing responses from viewers than those for Season 1's. A very vocal number of commenters have found Matt and Pat's frequent ribbing of Kenny to be over the top, especially given how the things that the Friends accuse him of (notably, getting people killed out of reckless self-preservation) are things that Pat himself is guilty of (in particular, getting Alvin killed at the end of Episode 2). It also doesn't help that the guys continue to needle him even in scenes where Kenny is nothing but sincere and caring toward Clementine. Another group agree with the Friends opinion but believe that the ribbing itself is unfunny and forced thus overshadowing the rest of the game. Those in defense of the Friends are quick to point out that, as over the top as the commentary is, Kenny is still pretty unhinged in Season 2, and somewhat deserving of the lampooning.
      • There was also quite a backlash to their reproach of Reggie, with quite a few fans ticked off that Matt and Pat would be so quick to display a Lack of Empathy for someone who had been psychologically broken into believing Carver's cult was a good idea, especially when Pat went out of his way to mess things up for Reggie when the latter had done little to antagonize the group. After Pat intentionally got Reggie killed, the base broke further. Some noted that Reggie dies no matter what Pat would have decided, and since we didn't know him for long, there wasn't much investment in his fate. Others, however, find that since Pat didn't know that it was an inevitable choice, it still shows a bit of spitefulness on his part, and that he might have actually become just as bad as Kenny.
    • They've also continued the disdain for Rebecca as the LP has gone on, despite the game's attempts to make her a little more even-handed, although this could be due to the oft-noted problem with Season 2 where the characters just haven't had enough time to develop - partly due to the massively different, slightly less casual situation the episodes throw the cast into. That said, the Best Friends have already taken a liking to Jane, despite the fact she does very little in Episode 3.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In the Season 2 playthrough of The Walking Dead, Pat jokes about having Clementine punching a pregnant woman so hard in the stomach that the baby flies out, which he will use to distract nearby zombies. Also, taking the joke further, he says the baby will actually be glad to be out of her womb, referring to her as a "bitch".
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Averted thanks to the Power of Friendship in the Disaster: Day of Crisis. During the chaos in the city when a building is seen collapsing Matt points "Does that remind you of anything? Not really uh." When Pat asks Matt what he thinks Matt quickly takes it back and refuses to comment. Pat then comments it reminds him of Bionic Commando.
    • An early recurring joke had Matt comparing dark skinned characters with Woolie. Apparently, this joke stopped being used due to its Unfortunate Implications.
    • Matt and Pat stopped using Detroit as a Butt Monkey since the city went bankrupt.
    • Pat has at times expressed his distaste for some games that utilize Rape as Drama, despite their use of Black Comedy Rape.
      • Compounding this problem, they'll joke if the victims are male. Never mind rape is traumatic for anybody as anyone can be a victim or an aggressor.
    • They originally planned a Bioshock Infinite episode but didn't do it because they felt that with the game's controversial content, they would have come off as insensitive.
    • At the end of the Beyond: Two Souls playthrough, Woolie hopes that the next David Cage game ends with his suicide note. Pat calls him out on it, saying that it's too much while Matt says the next game should end with a Kickstarter to stop David Cage.
    • Their Dragon's Crown video has Liam making a "trigger warning" joke. Woolie actually says that Liam likes to make statements like that where it would be impossible for them to edit out his audio.
    • Their treatment of Kenny in Season 2 of The Walking Dead has been like this for some. Some of their jokes can come off as incredibly insensitive, namely that Kenny should receive brain damage or hang themselves.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Liam became this in the Metroid: Fusion playthrough. When he left for four episodes, a good portion of the comments were asking "Where's Liam?", and there was much rejoicing when he returned.
    • Marlow Briggs And The Mask Of Death quickly won Pat, Woolie and Liam over (Matt had tried it the day before, he was already impressed). A God of War clone that runs on Rule of Cool. Almost every video afterwards has comments begging for a full play through.
    • It's hard to tell how much Matt and Pat actually enjoy from Walking Dead Season 2. However, there's no denying that the guys really took a liking to Luke, with Pat mentioning how "dreamy" he is. Jane, too, because of her carrying a pragmatism unique to most characters in the season.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Between them and the Game Grumps. Every so often, you'll find comments comparing the two, or outright accusing TBFP of ripping the Game Grumps off (despite TBFP predating Game Grumps by a year). Nevertheless, Jon of Game Grumps has admitted he was inspired by TBFP to make a two person show revolving video games. While Pat has expressed disappointment in Game Grumps, both Matt and Pat are fans of Egoraptor, referencing his Metal Gear Awesome and Girlchan in Paradise!! series on occasion. Regardless, the two groups seem to be on good terms, as evidenced in their 2013 E3 videos.
    • There's a much more hostile one between them and PewDiePie. Which could be said to be instigated by Matt, as whenever he addresses the fandom, he likes to think of them as "better than PewDiePie fans".
    • There is also a certain rivalry with The Spoony Experiment with Matt commenting on an early LP there was not much interesting material on his website.
    • Friendly Fandoms: On the other hand, some fans overlap with Maximillian Christensen's fanbase. If you hear anybody mention a Max on the channel, it's him.
  • Faux Symbolism: During the Earth Defense Force 2017 video, while discussing the symbology of the game.
    Pat: So what do the giant alien space ships shitting bugs out represent?
    Matt: Freemasons.
  • Franchise Original Sin: Discussed, regarding the Metroid series. When Matt, Pat, and Woolie watched the cutscenes from Metroid: Other M, they took the plot to task for its shortcomings. Then Matt, Woolie, and Liam played Metroid: Fusion, which they were much more positive about. As they played, they were surprised at how many of Other M's plot elements (such as Samus' backstory with Adam) were already present in Fusion, just better executed.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why does Matt have a habit (albeit not pronounced) of getting trapped on things or running into glitches? He used to work in QA, it was his job to find glitches.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: During the Deadly Preminition play through, Pat comments that what Forrest just said is "rape culture! Does Kasen support rape culture?!" in a very offended tone. At the end of the game, the actions of Forrest Kasen make that statement and the offence taken seem rather prophetic. Similarly, Pat notes during The Last of Us play through that Joel's insistence that they are "survivors", rather than "shitty people", is typically said in movies by REALLY shitty people. Later on in the game, we find out Joel has "been on both sides".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Resident Evil 4 video has a moment where Leon is attacked by a snake, prompting Pat to comment "That's a Bad Ass snake, gonna bite your dick." Fast forward to the Man vs. Wild: The Game video, where that is exactly what every snake in the game does.
    • When playing Soul Calibur V, they comment how Cervantes looks a lot like Leon. One of Leon's alternate costumes in Resident Evil 6 is a pirate costume.
    • In The Walking Dead Part 2 Pat says "And maybe you killed a Senator!" Matt adds "It was the one-armed man! Now moving to the 14th part from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance...
    • In the first part of their Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Let's Play, they joke that they'll be going to space in the game. It does actually happen, albeit simply using a shuttle to get halfway around the world in a very short time period.
    • In their playthrough of F.E.A.R. 2 during the Shitstorm of Scariness, they make a comment about how the characters in the game's intro resemble the cast of the movie Alien and Matt makes a joke saying something along the lines of "wait until Aliens: Colonial Marines turns out to be not so great." Fast forward months later and said game is subject to multiple poor review scores and and considered one of the biggest gaming disappointments of early 2013.
    • Or Harsher in Hindsight? While playing Prison Break Matt was afraid of going to jail and said he needed to learn about prison from the game. Few years later, the Two Best Friends Play Facebook implied Matt, Pat and Woolie were almost arrested with the Aliens: Colonial Marines showing really suspicious footage of the best friends.
      • Pat later confirmed in his AMA on Reddit that they were nearly arrested because of using the prop guns for the "Colonial Marines" footage.
    • Matt saying that Raiden was "the true face of the Playstation" in the PSABR episode becomes a lot more ironic after Raiden has been confirmed to be playable in the Xbox One version of Ground Zeroes.
    • In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Matt jokes that Captain America should not need a parachute to sky-dive. Guess what Cap does within the first five minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier...
    • In the Silent Hill 3 video, Matt and Pat discuss what would happen if Hideo Kojima made Silent Hill. A new Silent Hill game has been announced, and it's being made by Hideo Kojima.
  • Growing the Beard: Debatable of course, but it seems that for their main episodes, they really started to pick up their stride starting with season 3 or 4.
    • They also seemed to grow the beard even thicker when Woolie and Liam became permanent members of the group.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: To say that a lot of Jo Jo fans changed their opinion on Pat after his opinions in the All Star Battle review understatement.
  • Ho Yay: Apparently Woolie and Liam call each other Big Papa and Saucy Liam respectively. Matt and Pat even joke that if Liam and Woolie were ever both asleep on the couch together, Pat could take a picture of the two and call it legally binding. Matt makes some Ho Yay comments, but it's generally played for laughs.
    • Has increased significantly in more recent times. Still played for laughs and done so rather effectively.
    • Pat's called Luke "dreamy" and "very attractive" in their Walking Dead: Season 2 playthrough.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some fans much prefer to watch their other videos (such as their full length LPs) on their secondary channel, rather than the main episodes on the Machinima channel.
    • Also, Pat. Some fans find him more entertaining than Woolie and Liam due to his angry tanctrums and expected to see him in a lot of bad games.
  • Loudness War: Deadly Premonition Part 2 was this as the game's audio started getting really loud in the breakfast scene and nobody could understand what Matt and Pat were saying.
  • Memetic Mutation: Reptile is in this page. You can't see him though. You know why? 'CAUSE HE'S FUCKIN' INVISIBLE!
    • AMERICA! note .
    • "See ya later, fuckers!"
    • "Hey guys, remember when Matt threw that axe?" note 
    • "[subject] is the Origami Killer!"note 
    • "Kenpachi Ramasama" as the name of the protagonist from their Persona 4 playthrough.
    • "Nobody fucks with us!" Matt's catchphrase from The Walking Dead.
    • "Cut your shit!" Pat's catchphrase from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
    • Any insult towards Woolie like "Woolie sucks" or "Woolie is a horrible person!" It became very popular thanks to the E3 videos.
    • WHEN'S MAHVEL?! with the spin off WHEN'S MARLOW?
    • With Deadly Premonition we have "DP" used in multiple sentences like "Time for some DP action" due to its unintentional sexual implications.
    • "X is a failure of game design," which follows on from David Cage's recent statement during promotional work for Beyond: Two Souls that 'game overs are a failure of the game design'. This has since spread from the gang's Indigo Prophecy playthrough into their other videos.
    • ALL of Pat's verbal tics/catchphrases from there Dark Souls 2 LP.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Pat accidentally knocks a dog over in Assassin's Creed III.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Pat's laughter. Case in point.
    • Or Matt's songs.
    • Pat's Tour Guide Nixon voice, and the Robo Speak Matt slips into while mocking characters with bad voice acting or writing.
    • Pat's scared laughter is just as great. Also are his high pitched screams when he's scared.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • One time Woolie turned down a potential threesome so he could go pick up Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Matt and Pat never let it go. They went as far as to make their own video to mock Woolie.
    • Additionally, Woolie losing in the first round at EVO to Daigo gets brought up fairly frequently as well.
    • Pat (and the rest of the fandom) enjoys bringing up the time Matt accidentally threw the best weapon in Silent Hill: Downpour away (i.e., into a bottomless pit).
      • Aside from the comments section on Youtube immediately turning this into a Running Gag, the first in-work mention of the incident is later in the playthrough, when Pat jokes that the fire axe is now going through its own version of Silent Hill.
      • Matt is shown wielding a fire axe in the sixth season opener.
      • In Eternal Darkness, one character uses a fire axe throughout the chapter. Matt constantly urges Pat to throw it away.
      • Now that they are playing Silent Hill: Homecoming, Pat jokes the Fire Ax finally completed its adventure and arrived right next to Matt for him to use again.
      • In Rustlemania, Matt's intro line is "one time I accidentally threw an axe into a pit. This event haunted me for the rest of my life."
    • Several of the Shitstorm of Scariness videos has Matt still berating Pat for his timidness during the Slender Man video. Pat fully admits this and seemingly takes it in stride.
      • In the Brawl episodes, the intros have started to lampshade how he never wins.
    • Pat worries this will be the case when he mentions in the second part of their Mortal Kombat 9 viewing that Liu Kang and Kitana will eventually have a "really hot, cool baby". Cue Matt and Woolie making pedophile jokes and Pat lamenting that "People will make pictures! You can't do this to me!"
    • A worry that is made Hilarious in Hindsight when one remembers that the Heavy Rain playthrough already featured Pat doing this, as he had earlier commented that Leonardo Di Caprio and Marion Cotillard would have "hot" kids, in contrast with Matt's thoughts that they would be "divine".
    • Ever since their blind playthrough of Last of Us, Pat has a hard time living down how this playthrough was less than ideal.
    • Pat having a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic desktop wallpaper in the Amnesia episode lead many fans to believe that Pat is a brony (the fact they hired 2 Snacks, who is a brony, to be one of their main animators after seeing his MLP themed "Two Best Sisters Play" parody only added fuel to the fire). Pat later clarified it was only a joke and he's not really a fan of the show, saying he just found it funny to imagine the "angry redhead" as a fan of something colorful and happy looking. Even so, fans and the rest of the zaibatsu still like to sometimes joke about this to Pat, with at least one mailbag video involving Pat opening a package containing MLP related items inside, and Pat saying "you make one joke in a video nearly three years ago and you never hear the end of it..."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Aside from the Slender and the Shitstorm of Scariness videos, Pat felt this in the Deadly Premonition LP when he accidently triggered to Other World to take over, and was soon attacked by a giant dog that was taller than York.
    • The intro to the second Shitstorm series can also count as this, where it ends with a thing that Pat thought was Matt rolling its eyes back, its neck twisting at an unnatural angle with bulges coming out of the flesh, eventually splitting its head apart in a spray of blood as toothy growths sprout from its body.
    • The opening to the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fisticuffs begins with Liam arriving to Woolie's apartment, with most of the lights turned off. When he enters the game room, he finds Woolie sitting there with what looks like a makeshift ceremonial altar with a quilt over his head to mimic a cultist robe. When Liam elects to wait for Matt and Pat, he calmly urges him to stay. As Liam begins backing away, all pretense of sanity fades for a brief moment.
    Woolie: COME. AND SIT. DOWN
    • The two get a bit of a Jump Scare in episode 52 of Dark Souls II when they are invaded by Plague Of Gripes, and after a little while trying to search for him the duo decides to continue on and readies a crossbow to snipe an enemy. Only to find the invader on the other side of the bridge and thanks to lag, it looks like he Flash Step across the bridge towards them.
    Pat: That's the scariest thing I've seen in this game!
  • Nightmare Retardant: Pat's reaction to seeing Slender Man clipping into a wall.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Woolie's comment that a character from Sailor Moon had sexual intercourse with an unicorn bothered a fan as noted by Matt in "Two Best Friends Play Heavy Rain Part 17." Although Matt stated it was actually just a kiss, Pat defended Woolie's statement as it happened offscreen.
    • Matt mentions several silly and/or ridiculous Spider-Man comic book stories with Pat. The episode then provides a caption referring to the issues the crazy story appeared in.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever happened between the pair to provoke their rather huge argument on their Facebook page during June 9th. It seems to have evolved out of the two mocking each other over Animal Crossing, but with Matt and Pat, who can tell? It hasn't been referred to since, either.
    • Luckily, the two resolved their differences after and joked about it later.
    • Woolie's Operation. Nothing else is known about other than it heads into Nausea Fuel territory.
      • It's come to light that he apparently suffered a fire ant attack and was most likely hospitalized to treat the venom in his legs, but the where, how and why are still unknown
    • They've made multiple references to an incident which almost got them arrested. The incident in question possibly had something to do with them carrying prop guns around in public at night, but they've been intentionally ambiguous with the exact details.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Pat is a lot more sedate in his work with Did You Know Gaming and his list of Top 10 Games for 2012. Common reactions in the comments section include bafflement, fear, and occasional arousal.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Whether Ellie of The Last of Us was The Scrappy to begin with is debatable, given the Best Friends tend to run with a joke once it's gotten going, but Sunny, so loathed in MGS4 by the Friends was suddenly rescued and made awesome by a scene less than five minutes long in Revengeance.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games:
    • The entire SNES video demonstrates this.
    • Inverted: In both the Pacific Rim-related videos, Matt says the Real Steel licensed game was a surprisingly good boxing game, and the Best Friends seemed to enjoy the Pacific Rim licensed game as well.
  • The Scrappy: Matt expresses his hate towards multiple video game characters such as Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain, Ben and Duck from The Walking Dead, Sunny from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and George from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Pat is not so expressive about his opinions but in one occasion during the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale he joined Matt in making fun of Kratos from God of War.
    • Pat has also expressed his dislike towards Ashley from Mass Effect.
    • Speaking of Walking Dead, the guys weren't the biggest fans of Kenny, either.
      • And as of 400 Days they expressed their dislike towards a white-collared prisoner they named "Wall Street", who fortunately for them, they were given the chance to shoot his foot off with a shotgun and the credits for the game shows him about to be eaten by zombies. They also don't like Becca for being a Shadow Archetype of Clementine.
      • Quite a few characters pop up like this in Walking Dead's second season (not too surprising, given how Telltale was criticized for making it Darker and Edgier than the previous season and for not giving players enough time to develop relationships with the group). Nick seemed to get the most hate from them, as they saw him as an amalgamation of Ben's uselessness and Kenny's reckless endangerment issues. Rebecca earned a lot of ire for her initial, antagonistic attitude, though unlike most players, Pat and Matt still seemed to dislike her in future episodes (despite her mellowing out). Reggie may have gotten this, too, due to the Zaibatsu's interpretation that he had become Brainwashed and Crazy while held in Carver's captivity.
      • Averted with Sarah, who, despite being seen as The Scrappy by a number of The Walking Dead fans, is one of the few characters besides Luke and Walter that Pat actually likes.
    • While playing The Last of Us, Matt and Pat constantly flip-flop between calling Ellie garbage (as in, they actually nickname her Garbage) and admitting that they're being too hard on her.
      • With the final upload, it leans towards her not being the scrappy with Pat agreeing with Joel with saving Ellie over getting a cure, while getting pissed that they have to scoop out her brain and mentions breaking the game if the final boss was a giant Bloater Ellie. Also, he considers her better than Elizabeth.
    • Woolie wished that Sylvia was the final boss of No More Heroes 2.
    Woolie: I was holding a chalice of empathy; and watch me pour it into the toilet! I stand angrily and flushing, for Sylvia is GARBAGE!
    • Pat's hatred towards Ryan from Beyond: Two Souls is worth noting to say the least considering how he spends most of the game trying to make the protagonist not be attracted to him. Even Matt was suprised in the final part when Pat still could not tolerate Ryan. Pat chose the "Beyond Ending" in order to "troll" Ryan.
    • Pat's "discussion" over Ken being in Ultimax is literally "fuck Ken". Liam tries to defend him, but to no avail. To put it into perspective, he's perfectly willing to hurt Koromaru, one of his favorite characters, just to get at Ken, and sincerely hopes that Ken dies during the course of the game.
    • Chico from the Metal Gear Solid series, is this for both Matt and Pat. Though, they acknowledge that people see him as Rescued from the Scrappy Heap via the hidden tapes.
    • Whenever X-Men or Marvel in general is brought up, expect many jokes to be made at Cyclops' expense.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Pat confessed in the animated shorts he dislikes escort missions.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some fans apparently couldn't tell whether Matt and Pat liked Deadly Premonition or not. So Pat addressed the point in a video: the game is full of "stupid bullshit", but it's enormously entertaining bullshit. He compares playing the game to being on the receiving end of a borderline-abusive relationship.
    • Pat still doesn't know whether he enjoys playing Deadly Premontion or The Last of Us (which is So Cool It's Awesome) more.
    • Pat mentions whenever they discuss recording material for the Last of Us, they both agree they'd rather be playing Deadly Premonition.
  • Spoiled by the Format: Lampshaded near the end of the Def Jam: Fight for NY Super Best Friends Brawl.
  • Tear Jerker: Pat, the Jerk Ass Red Oni Hot-Blooded Pat, can be heard openly crying in the background during the The Walking Dead ending. He's only able to stop when Matt tells him about his personal Tear Jerker moment with the film Ratatouille.
    • Additionally, in 400 Days, they let out pretty audible wails when Russell comes across Carley's corpse, which was the very thing they had been hoping not to see on the road. Pat, in particular, is rather dismayed and heartbroken.
      Pat: Noo-hooo-oooo! Oh!
      Matt: The feels.
      Pat: That's not what I wanted!
      Matt: The feels.
    • Another Tear Jerker moment comes in the second season of The Walking Dead, when Pat desperately tries to save Sarah, and the best friends cry out in protest as she's devoured. Pat explicitly says he wanted her to survive and blames Jane and Luke for being irresponsible in regards to the safety of the group, becoming more noticeably bummed out as the episode ends.
      • The moment is so bad for them that it actually leads Pat (as Clementine) to have a bit of a Broken Pedestal regarding Luke and Jane. Though he initially had seen them as two of the best characters of the season, Sarah's death forces him to side with Kenny in noting that "they fucked up".
      • Curiously, they seem to have forgiven Jane upon her return in Episode 5, but seem a little less willing to do the same for Luke. Whether this is because of - as they point out - Jane proving her competency in a very quick manner during the climax of Episode 3 and across Episode 4, or because they simply expected more of Luke having known him for longer is unclear.
      • Although both statements are true, they do warm up to him leading to and after Luke's death. Pat and Matt are frustrated as they try to save him, yelling for Bonnie to stop moving to him, surely sinking them both. They also remark that he was a really great guy and that they liked him. They also partially forgive his mistake in Episode 4, stating that yes, he made a mistake, but it was a stupid mistake and not a malicious one, which happens very frequently in the game.
    • Episode 27 of the Friendscast is actually pretty somber. From EA's giant middle finger to the Dungeon Keeper series with their abysmal smartphone cash in, the Broken Pedestal in regards to Mamoru Samurogochi, and the realization that the video game industry is slowly but surely imploding, it's clear that the Zaibatsu were not exactly in high spirits this time.
    • Pretty much every death of one of their party members in Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke.
      • Episode 9 had the first death. Wyclef the Spearow.
      • Episode 11 had the shortest lived. Jigga the Diglett's brief life will be forever remembered in our hearts.
      • Episode 12 had the fall of a Pokemon we have had since the start. We shall miss you forever, Fandango the Rattata.
      • Episode 16 brought the long life that Chyna the Mankey lived to an end.
      • Episode 19 gave us the demise of Poppa Pump Machoke.
      • With Episode 26, we lost The Warrior Gastly.
      • During the Live Stream Chingy the Meowth was lost, and Woolie was forced to sacrifice LL Cool J the Hitmonchan and Ludacris the Victreebel to Ja Rule's Alakazam and Rhydon to heal up Kamina. Alakazam also took Shockmaster the Zapdos, who had been a vital part of the team despite his short run. Made extra sad by the fact Ludacris had been tanking hits from several of Ja Rule's team to help the others get healed, most notably taking a Solarbeam from Venusaur.
  • That Damn Ken: Seen in the Street Fighter III video:
    Pat: What is with the Ken brigade?
    Matt: What do you mean "what is with it"? It's always BEEN THERE!
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both Pat and Matt are weirded out by how much the homeless lady they run into is a Sassy Black Woman cliche.
      • However, the character Letitica (who portrayed as uneducated and speaks in a southern accents, despite being in, well...Michigan), herself is a point of contention for many as she raises Unfortunate Implications on the game's part, which has been called out by many critics. It's more or less that the two reacting how badly Leticia was portrayed as a stereotype, than her actual character.
    • There are a few in Pat's insistence that Poison "isn't a woman", based on the reasoning "There's a penis in there!". While it's probably not intentional, it DOES come across as transphobic.
      • At the same time, Poison's character is a case of She's a Man in Japan, a crossdressing man specifically; and considering the amount of video game knowledge the Best Friends have, Pat may be aware of this. It doesn't help that the official developers have no official answer either.
      • It's also partially diffused by the fact that Matt's response to "there's a penis in there" was "yeah, mine!" and the fact that Matt is a huge Final Fight fanboy, so he knows.
    • It could be argued that their treatment of James Small borders on cyber-bullying. Particularly when Pat explicitly says that James has asked Pat to stop and he continues to mock him in the same breath.
      • On an interesting note, James Small has often appeared in the Two Best Friends' Facebook account and he seemed quite happy with his popularity.
      • Pat has actually since confirmed via the newly set up Reddit account that they've basically stopped doing jokes about James Small because the fans were tracking down his Facebook page and being genuinely abusive to him, rather than the ridiculous ribbing Matt and Pat give him over games.
    • As much as the Best Friends typically try and avert anything overtly sexist or racist - or they're typically lampshading those kinds of attitudes on purpose - there is certainly something rather uncomfortable about Pat insistently declaring Zatanna is a stripper, and the Best Friends seemingly agreeing that gypsies are the same thing as circus workers, during the Superfriends month.
  • Vocal Dissonance: A lot of viewers were surprised by what Matt looks like when they saw his face for the first time. Matt even addresses this in the video "Matt's Bombass Apartment Tour".
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Matt thinks Earth Defense Force 2017 is Japan's commentary on the Iraq War.
    • During their Slender video, Pat muses on whether Slender Man could be an allegory for the I.R.S.

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