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Web Animation: Girlchan in Paradise!!
From left to right: Kotomaru, Green Guy, Girl-Chan, Kenstar, Yusuke, Kotobaru-san-sama.
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A bizarre series created by Egoraptor that parodies and massively deconstructs poorly animated and dubbed Shōnen. It currently has three episodes and a fourth episode was planned, however, Egoraptor stated here that the show is on permanent hiatus.

It follows the adventures of Kenstar and his True Companions on a vaguely defined quest to kill the Big Bad Galacticamaru.

Episode 1 can be seen here, episode 2 here and episode 3 here.

Has a wiki. Seriously.

Compare to: Kawaii Battle Stars and Large Bagel.

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alternative title(s): Girlchan In Paradise
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