Web Video: Third Rate Gamer


The Third Rate Gamer is a YouTube-based Stylistic Suck satire of the infamous Irate Gamer, by FFL2and3rocks.

     Games "Reviewed" 

This series contains examples of:

  • Accentuate the Negative: Parodied. He will very often nitpick minor details that have little to do with the game.
  • Acting for Two:invokedLampshaded in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers review:
    *opens door* "Oh hey, it's that guy who's never going to appear on screen at the same time as me."
    • Also his Cousin Timmy (a parody of Irate Gamer's Cousin Joey character), who is obviously just TRG in a hat while slightly bending over.
  • Adaptation Displacement: invoked Enforced, exaggerated and parodied, due to the Irate Gamer frequently getting the facts about a game's source material wrong. For example: In the Super Mario review, the Third Rate Gamer thinks that the Super Mario Bros. film is the original and the game is just a cheap licensed cash-in.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: "Syphilis, Hepatitis and Bores."
  • Bad Bad Acting: Played for Laughs. His idea of "looking irate" equals "puffing your cheeks full of air"
    Well fine! I don't need you, I'll just do this review by my... *looks at script* self!
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:invoked Quite intentional, to parody the Irate Gamer's tendency to shoehorn random characters in his reviews.
    "Why do I keep putting these interruptions into my show?!"
  • Blatant Lies: In the middle of his Kirby's Adventure review, he does a slight commercial break advertising a card game. We then cut to an actor who is not very enthusiastic about his opinion, and the bottom of the screen has a caption saying "NOT A PAID ACTOR".
  • Bleep Dammit: Parodied in the Yoshi's Island "review". Certain words like "shit" and "fuck" are partially bleeped out, usually in a way that makes it really obvious what the swear was. However, words like "dickwaffles" and "crap" are kept.
  • Buffy Speak: "In the old commercials, he (Cool Spot) would walk around and stuff."
  • The Cameo: On No Date Gamers episode "Cruise".
  • Captain Ersatz: Billy is an obvious parody of Irate Gamer's side character Tony, complete with a dumb nonsensical catchphrase and being represented by a sprite taken from a browser-based MMORPG (Runescape rather than MapleStory here).
  • Captain Obvious: Played for Laughs. He circles very easy to see things, and points out things the viewer can plainly see, like mentioning that each stage is harder than the last.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Didn't they test this game before they released it?", and many variations.
    • "But after doing some research..." as well.
    • "..which is only available for the (Insert System Here)"
    • "Some game designer who's laughing his ass off. ."
    • "Bang-a-lang!" is Billy's catch phrase, which is Tony's catchphrase from Irate Gamer.
    • "(Insert character from game/show)?! What are YOU doing here?!"
  • Caustic Critic: Being a parody of the Irate Gamer, it's pretty obvious he is going to be one of these.
  • Comically Missing the Point: All the time. He always points out things completely irrelevant.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: Parodied. At the end of his Chip & Dale review, all of the minor characters from previous episodes appear to watch the ending of the game, including Flashter, Offensive Stereotype, Ryu, Cool Spot, Wilkins, and others. This is a parody of the time Irate Gamer did the same thing.
  • Covers Always Lie: He points this out on the cover of Castlevania, in regards to the sword Simon Belmont doesn't have in the game.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computerinvoked: Throughout his entire Little Nemo The Dream Master review, he refers to the game as "Finding Nemo". Based on "Chris and Scottie Road Trip" where Bores is visiting Pixar and lists one of their movies as Little Nemo.
  • Critical Research Failure:invoked Played for laughs.
  • Department of Redundancy Department:
    "As you start playing you'll notice this horrendously horrendous music. It's driving me insane! Listen to it too much and it'll drive you to brink of insanity! This music is so bad that I'm about to go insane!
    "Super Mario Bros 2 is a video game created by Nintendo for the Nintendo NES System System made by Nintendo.''
    "More 'emenies?!' More dinosaurs?! More redundancy?! More redundancy?!"
  • Designated Villain: Invoked and parodied. If the Evil Rate Gamer didn't point out that he's evil at every opportunity we wouldn't know.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: Even lampshaded at one point
    *talking about Ring King* "Holy shit! It looks like they're getting blowjobs! What do you mean explaining the joke ruins it? Fuck you!"
  • Dull Surprise: Comes with the Stylistic Suck territory.
  • Episode Title Card: Following along with the Stylistic Suck, all the title cards are hand-drawn in Microsoft Paint, with several bad photo edit-ins, as well as misspelled words.
  • Evil Twin: The Evil Rate Gamer. You can tell he's evil because he's wearing a hat.
  • The Faceless: The Third Rate Gamer's face is off-screen throughout the first episode.
  • GIS Syndrome: Lampshaded in the Battletoads review, where an image of a castle is labeled "Castle of Google Images".
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Played for Laughs. In the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers review, he starts awkwardly shoehorning in G-rated curse words alongside the typical fare, in response to how the Irate Gamer suddenly started to inconsistently tone down the cursing in his videos.
    "What a bunch of bullshi- uhm... BS."
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Conversed in his Ninja Gaiden review.
    "And what the hell kind of ninja wears bright blue? I thought ninjas wore black so they can hide in the shadows!"
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Done in the Rocket Knight Adventures review, complete with a Special Edition Title (which just consists of his old intro played in reverse with a negative filter and "Evil" sloppily edited over "Third").
    Evil Rate Gamer: "Now I'm going to review a game just like he does but with a few corny evil-jokes thrown in!"
  • Hypocritical Humor: Most egregious in his Home Improvement review:
    Why the fuck would something start with an intro? This intro is just horrible! (cut to his intro)
    TRG: Anyway, Mufasa (actually a grown-up Simba) has three forms of attack. He can claw at the enemies, jump on the enemies, and shit on the enemies. *Feces land on in-game enemies*
    TRG: And what's up with that fake mustache? It looks ridiculous!
  • Impossible Item Drop: Conversed in his Battletoads review:
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: "I said Goros, not Gurus, dumbass!", in a reversal of a lame pun the Irate Gamer made.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: His general character. He'll happily launch into tirades about a game's history while getting every single fact wrong, and whenever he shows footage of himself playing a game, he's doing horribly.
  • Manipulative Editing:
    • At the beginning of his Chip n' Dale review, he complains there is no two-player mode, but he really just hid the option and said they buried it too deep into the menu. This was to parody IG's Tekken 6 review.
    • He draws a cross over the Koopas in Super Mario Bros. 1 while complaining there was more than one enemy in Yoshi's Island, which had not happened in a Mario game before.
  • Negative Continuity: Played for laughs and lampshaded in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers review:
    Third Rate Gamer: "Cool Spot!? What are you doing here?"
    Billy: "Hey, I thought you killed him in your Cool Spot review."
    Third Rate Gamer: "Who's gonna notice?"
    • Played for Laughs again in the same review with Wilson, parodying a name change the Irate Gamer did to an already existing character (that he had appear on his show, no less).
    Third Rate Gamer: Wilson?! What are you doing here?!
    "Wilkins": It's "Wilkins", dipshit. Haven't you ever seen my show?
  • No, Except Yes: In his Daze Before Christmas review:
    "Ooh, I know what you're thinking: "How dare you make fun of Santa Claus!?" But I'm not! This game is awesome, but it's a piece of shit."
    • This was a parody of what the Irate Gamer said about Super Mario Bros. 2:
      "I know what you're thinking — that I'm going to sit here and bash Super Mario 2. But before you start sending your hate mail, just hear me out. Now, I don't hate Mario 2, but when compared to the other Mario games, this one just has "ass" written all over it!"
  • Off with His Head!: This happened to him at the end of his Ninja Gaiden review, where the Ryu sprite comes across the screen, "chops" TRG's head off—really poorly, BTW—and the screen displays technicolor strobe lights with the Ninja Gaiden failure music and its "Game Over" screen.
  • Only Sane Man: Billy is quick to point out the Third Rate Gamer's idiocy.
  • Orphaned Series: Likely as the Irate Gamer's popularity and infamy fell, making new episodes rather pointless.
  • Pac Man Fever: Parodied. In every reaction shot, he's constantly button-mashing, regardless if this makes any kind of sense for the game sequence in question. He's almost always using a controller from a completely different system, and sometimes not even a controller at all, like a pair of headphones and the DS case for Final Fantasy III.
  • Plagiarism: He'll sometimes use footage from The Angry Video Game Nerd and even leave sound from the original video playing in the background.
  • Plot Hole: Poked fun at in his Chip n' Dale review; Cool Spot shows up the way he usually did in TRG's review of said game, but Billy quickly calls him out on this since Cool Spot was supposed to be dead. TRG responds with "Who's going to notice?" This is a stab at the same plot hole with Kool-Aid Man in IG's review of Cool Spot.
  • Poe's Law: There is a worrying amount of people who fail to realize he's a parody, if the YouTube comments are anything to go by.
  • Recognition Failure: All the time. In the review of Little Nemo The Dream Master, he comments about the title character wearing pajamas and ponders if he's "sleeping over at Michael Jackson's house", he shows a picture of Jesse Jackson instead. Similar jokes include in the Battletoads review where his character crashes into a wall and asks, "who do they think I am, Sonny Bono?" and shows a picture of Cheech Marin and the Street Fighter II review where he comments on the design of the level and asks if Ray Charles did it and shows a picture of Bill Cosby...just because he was wearing sunglasses in the picture. Under normal circumstances, this would be considered both Unfortunate Implications and Dude, Not Funny! territory, but given the Stylistic Suck approach of the show, it's, of course, all Played for Laughs.
  • Running Gag:
    • Usually when showing just a small part of a game, he'll die at the end of the clip before cutting to something else.
    • The footage sometimes shows him picking the lowest difficulty setting before starting.
    • In almost every episode, he'll get attacked by a character from the game he's reviewing.
    • In quite a few reviews, it's obvious he's using a cheating device as he will get hit, but receive no damage. Played for Laughs, of course.
    • When words or an image appear on the screen, they are usually followed by a fart sound.
  • Sequel Displacement: Invoked, exaggerated, and parodied in his Street Fighter II review, where he claims that there is no Street Fighter I.
  • Serious Business: He'll criticize the smallest of details, no matter how trivial.
    "And I'm serious. Dead. Fucking. Serious."
  • Shaped Like Itself: All the time.
    "When you think of one of the most bestest Pixar films of the 1970s, chances are The Lion King is probably on your top 5 list."
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Played for Laughs. He parodies how little credit IG gives to other people in his work, and often writes very self-centered things about himself in the credits.
    • He also thinks the "Coolness Meter" in Cool Spot should start at 100% for him, because he's "The fucking Third Rate Gamer!" Played for Laughs, of course.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The show's theme song for the first season is the Dog Ending Theme from Silent Hill 2.
    • Then there is the beginning of the Cool Spot review, which features the first couple of chords from the Family Matters theme song!
  • So Unfunny It's Funny: Constantly invoked.
  • Special Effect Failure: Invoked. The creator didn't even try to make the special effects look real.
    • When TRG dies in an explosion that leaves his house unharmed, the newspaper says, "Third Rate Gamer killed by lame special effect".
    • In the Little Nemo review, he shows obvious clip art of a kid on a bike (with his face plastered over it) that still has a white background moving in an obviously-fake manner over another picture of a house.
  • Special Guest: The Irritated Gamer makes a vocal cameo in the Rocket Knight Adventures review, voicing Flashter.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • The special effects, video editing and acting. Occasionally lampshaded.
    • If there is ever anything written on-screen, it is guaranteed to be misspelled: "GO SHOV A CAKTAS UP UR ASS", "Double Dragons Princible" etc.
  • Take That:
    • The entire series is one big Take That to the Irate Gamer. Also occasional jabs at Leisuresuitgaming and Game Dude.
    • This even goes as far to have a Take That to one of The Irate Gamer's Take Thats, when he says, "Well, yeah, but these haters are...dumb." (Photoshopped graphic saying "PWNED!")
    • And occasionally, he goes for targets other than video game reviewers.
    "This ninja is the worst ninja in the history of ninjas! I'd rather watch an episode of fuckin' Naruto than play a level of this shitty fake ninja game!"
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Parodied in-universe in the Yoshi's Island "review", where TRG complains a lot about everything in the game that's different from other Mario games, even minor things like the fact that you can jump on Shy Guys to kill them, but you can't pick them up.
  • They Just Didn't Care: Invoked:
    "There's also another predecessor called Castlemania 3: Dracula's Curse. All I'm going to do is barely mention it here, so that I can say I reviewed it."
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: Comes along with the Stylistic Suck territory, Played for Laughs.
  • Toilet Humour: Parodied. These jokes (as well as his other jokes) usually fall under So Unfunny It's Funny. Example from the Yoshi's Island "review":
    TRG: Shy Guy? More like Crap Guy! (Fart noise) (A picture of a turd appears on the Shy Guy)
  • Too Dumb to Live: He has a bomb just lying around in his house for no reason.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Invoked with the side character "Offensive Stereotype", basically a walking collection of every Asian stereotype in existence. A parody of Irate Gamer's Ronnie the Skeleton.
  • Unreadably Fast Text: Done at times. For instance, in "Cool Spot", he does an Aside Glance and the text "this is the part where you're supposed to laugh" flashes very briefly.
  • Viewers Are Morons: Played for Laughs, and almost always lampshaded.
    "Hopefully if I circle these words as I read them, it will enhance the video because my fans don't know how to read."
  • Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma: Parodied. He mispronounces words that the Irate Gamer frequently mispronounces, such as "fustrating" and "emenies", fails at grammar, or uses the wrong word ("predecessor" for "successor").