Funny / Third Rate Gamer

  • In his Little Nemo... sorry, FINDING Nemo review:
  • His "dancing" to the Battletoads pause theme.
  • In his review of Ninja Gaiden:
    • Him complaining about people not buying his DVDs:
      (closeup to a DVD with "Third Rate Gamer Vol. 1" very crudely drawn on in Microsoft Paint)
      Third Rate Gamer: Come on! Why watch it for free on YouTube when you can spend money on it?
    • He compares the game's flashing colors in a death sequence to the episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" from Pokémon, where he claims that the episode killed hundreds of people.
  • In his review of Kirby's Adventure:
    • He tries playing the "Crane Fever" minigame. At one point, we're treated to a close-up of him making wonderfully goofy faces, while fervently button-mashing the controllernote .
    • "We now return to The Third Rate Gamer Show, only on Nick, Jr.!"
    • Upon him going to the Kirby's Dreamland-based level, he is convinced that the lack of color of the level is a glitch.
    Third Rate Gamer: After making it to the last level, you notice something wrong. Like, something is missing. I guess nobody was able to make it this far in the game to notice this glitch before releasing the game. They should've had me on the team; they could've used my mastery of video games to find this glitch.
  • In his The Lion King review:
    • After the Third Rate Gamer chooses to start the game:
    Timon: It starts...
    Third Rate Gamer: What the fuck?
    Timon: It starts...
    Third Rate Gamer: What did he say?
    Timon: (obviously dubbed over by Microsoft Sam) Make me a sandwich...bitch.
    Third Rate Gamer: Well, get your own sandwich! I'm in the middle of a bad joke here! (turns to camera and shakes his head back and forth unconvincingly)
  • In his Rocket Knight Adventures review:
    • At the beginning:
    Computerized voice-over: This review is rated "PG-17" for foul language, because video game reviews on the internet need to have ratings.
    • Later on, when the Evil Rate Gamer is complaining about the game's princess, he says she could be "the Princess of Shitland for all I care", which is accompanied by a stock picture of the Magic Kingdom, has the "Disney" in Disneyland replaced with the word "Shit" and a stock picture of excrement covering Mickey Mouse's face.
  • His dual review of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2:
    Third Rate Gamer: After many hours of research, I found some rare footage you won't find anywhere else. So don't steal anything! (slaps a watermark on the bottom right, accompanied by a fart sound)
    • When he switches back to the original, he makes this joke again:
    Third Rate Gamer: Jumping gigabytes! Did you know they made a sequel that only came out in Japan? (watermark, accompanied by another fart)
    • The ridiculous faces he makes while trying to decide which one to play.
    • "Super Mario Bros. 2 is a video game created by Nintendo for the Nintendo NES System System made by Nintendo."
    • Just the whole running gag of the bomb being lit. Not only is the set-up absurd (Why would the Third Rate Gamer have a bomb lying around his house to begin with? Why does he suddenly have fire powers? Why doesn't he realize that setting fire to something and then randomly throwing it is a terrible idea?! Why doesn't his house catch fire?), we see the same close-up shot of the bomb accompanied by the same scare chordnote  a total of nine times throughout the review, and it eventually ends with the bomb exploding in a rather predictable manner in spite of all the build-up for it. We then see a newspaper with a headline saying "Third Rate Gamer Killed by Lame Special Effect".
    • At the start, he tries reading some comments, only to find out that they're negative. He says, "Mommy! People on the Internet don't like my videos!". Immediately afterwards, it's shown that his mother has posted mean, poorly spelled responses to the criticism.
    • Before the review part, TRG sends the Irate Gamer a private message, which is almost identical to one sent to James Rolfe by IG. Keep in mind that the entire TRG show is a Take That to IG at an earlier point. At the end of the video, it's revealed that IG apparently didn't figure this out, and responded to TRG's PM with "awesome".
    • TRG noticing that something is off. It's the bomb, but he doesn't figure it out.
    TRG: [sniffs two or three times] What's that sound?
  • From his Cool Spot review:
    Third Rate Gamer: You think that's bad? Remember the time I tried to go to space and use a credit card?
    (cuts to a crudely animated clip featuring the Third Rate Gamer and an alien)
    Third Rate Gamer: Do you take Discover?
    Alien: (makes some incomprehensible noises)
    (Beat, followed by a single person coughing)
    • Earlier on, we have the player character being circled, with no less than six arrows pointing at it, all while the Gamer talks about how the game reminds him of Diablo because in both games, you control a character.
  • The Nintendo DS review:
    • He mixes up the screens and gets angry when the top screen isn't responsive to the stylus.
    • Also, he attempts to put a Game Boy Advance game in its proper slot, set to epic music... only the game in question is really Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Game Gear.
    • The part where he states "WRONG!" and spends several seconds making stupid faces.
  • In The Legend of Zelda review, he complains about Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games, with the camera quickly zooming in on the "&" symbol.
    • What a cussword load of another cussword.
  • The Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers review:
    • The title card depicting him as Alvin and writing the title out as "Shit & Fail: Risky's Revenge".
    • After saying that he was a huge fan of "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers"note  a minute earlier, he then expresses his annoyance about the game's title, specifically the "Rangers" in it, which he complains that the Power Rangers aren't even in the game...while displaying a picture of the VR Troopers instead.
      Third Rate Gamer: "Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers"? The Power Rangers aren't even in this game! Didn't they test this game before they released it?
    • And a moment later, he expresses confusion at the characters actually on the screen:
      Third Rate Gamer: "Chip" and "Dale"? I don't remember them from the cartoon! Why couldn't they include more popular Konami characters? Like Mario (shows picture of Fortran), or Luigi (shows an actual picture of Luigi), or Jaffar? (shows a picture of The Angry Video Game Nerd).
    • His complaint that the game doesn't support Wi-Fi or the Kinetic accessory (accompanied by a picture of the PlayStation Move controller). He reasons that the latter is probably because he doesn't "live in Connecticut".
    • Upon attempting to scale a ledge normally too tall to jump over, he tries stacking blocks up then standing on top of them to give him more height...then says, "Ah, I give up" after succeeding in doing so.
    • After claiming that the game can't be a children's game because of a "masturbation hand", he uses Chris-Chan's infamous "JULAYYY" scream.
  • In Daze Before Christmas, he says unless you don't suck at the game like he does, you're going to die a lot. This leads to a "montage" of one clip of him dying played over and over, with him exclaiming "Shit!" each time.
  • At the beginning of his Home Improvement review, he asks Tony, er, Billy to say "his" Catchphrase of "Bang-a-lang", after which he does, it is immediately followed by the sounds of a crowd of people loudly booing him and a pop-up of his user profile and information shows the actual number of subscribers to his channel plummeting in droves. After Billy refuses to review the game with TRG, leaves off-screen in a car and we hear him then crashing said car, this is followed by sounds of the aforementioned crowd now begin loudly cheering over it.
  • In his Street Fighter II review, the title card (which is spelled as Street Fiter 2), has the drawing of M. Bison's infamous "Yes! Yes!" scene has TRG's head on M. Bison and Mr. T's head on Balrog.
  • From his Paperboy review:
    • His contention that his "sleeveless yellow bike" should be red, and he colors it as so.
    • The end of the review has him getting struck in the face with a CGI newspaper, as a Shout-Out to this happening to The Nerd in his Atari 5200 review.
    • "What a shitload with a side of fuck!"
  • His Running Gag of "it [a game or console] just has 'ass' written all over it", accompanied with an ass over the "bad" game or console and a fart sound. The first time, there's a picture of an ass hand-drawn on the Nintendo DS, the second time, the word itself is being displayed on the Yoshi's Island title screen (misspelled 'as') and lastly, a picture of the Pissed Off Angry Gamer falling on his ass during the Super Mario Bros. 2 character select scteen.