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Funny: Third Rate Gamer
  • In his Little Nemo... sorry, FINDING Nemo review, the police knock on his door, and he escapes by riding on his bike. How does he show this? By showing obvious clip art of a kid on a bike (with his face plastered over it) that still has a white background moving in an obviously-fake manner over another picture of a house.
  • His "dancing" to the Battletoads pause theme.
  • In his The Lion King review, after the Third Rate Gamer chooses to start the game:
    Timon: It starts...
    Third Rate Gamer: What the fuck?
    Timon: It starts...
    Third Rate Gamer: What did he say?
    Timon: (obviously dubbed over by Microsoft Sam) Make me a sandwich... Bitch.
    Third Rate Gamer: Well, get your own fucking sandwich! I'm in the middle of a bad joke here! *Turns to camera and shakes his head back and forth unconvincingly*
  • In his Rocket Knight Adventures review, something similar happens at the beginning.
    Computerized voice-over: This review is rated "PG-17" for foul language, because video game reviews on the internet need to have ratings.
  • When he does his dual review of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2, he goes over how the second game is a Dolled-Up Installment of Doki Doki Panic, and mentions this:
    Third Rate Gamer: After many hours of research, I found some rare footage you won't find anywhere else. So don't steal anything! (Slaps a watermark on the bottom right)
    • When he switches back to the original, he makes this joke again:
    Third Rate Gamer: Jumping gigabytes! Did you know they made a sequel that only came out in Japan? (Watermark)
    • The ridiculous faces he makes while trying to decide which one to play.
  • From his Cool Spot review, there's the So Unfunny It's Funny Family Guy-style joke:
    Third Rate Gamer: You think that's bad? Remember the time I tried to go to space and use a credit card?
    (cuts to a crudely animated clip featuring the Third Rate Gamer and an alien)
    Third Rate Gamer: Do you take Discover?
    Alien: (makes some incomprehensible noises)
    (Beat, followed by a single person coughing)
    • Earlier on, we have the player character being circled, with no less than six arrows pointing at it, all while the Gamer talks about how the game reminds him of Diablo because in both games, you control a character.
  • The Nintendo DS review, where he mixes up the screens and gets angry when the top screen isn't responsive to the stylus.
  • In The Legend of Zelda review, he complains about Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games, with the camera quickly zooming in on the "&" symbol.
  • The title card for the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers review, depicting him as Alvin and writing the title out as "Shit & Fail: Risky's Revenge".
  • In Daze Before Christmas, he says unless you don't suck at the game like he does, you're going to die a lot. This leads to a "montage" of one clip of him dying played over and over, with him exclaiming "Shit!" each time.
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