Running Gag / Spoony's Campaign

    • This one actually has two variants. One is the standard version, while the other is the chat saying "We were fighting like X!" whenever Joe attacks something (like "We were fighting like amulets!" when Vane smashes Morgana's phylactery).
  • "Are we on fire?"
  • The party's inability to handle natural obstacles, particularly doors.
  • The first running gag of the campaign has to do with onion rings and botches. It's a little oddExplanation .
  • Grae setting bedrolls on fire.
  • The Ring of Ram is one gleefully perpetuated by the live chatroom; whenever a situation comes up, no matter what it is, there will invariably be a dozen-odd cries of "RAM IT!" Of course, now the group is trying to crack down on this one considering it gets spammed
  • Bayban the (Insert title here)
  • "He's not happy."