Shout Out / Spoony's Campaign

  • Sometimes Viktor seems to channel Heavy Weapons Guy.
  • RolloT constantly brings up Lost, having a field day when they fought The Smoke Monsters/Clones.
  • Rollo has also compared the party to Dethklok, since they do epic stuff in battle but get flummoxed by mundane things like doors and rivers. Taken a step further with the campaign being nicknamed "Dethklok" (the actual name is simply "The Morgana Campaign").
  • The Vane family has a badger companion named Trogdor.
  • And Juliet has Pidgeotto.
  • The basic plot of the game is effectively identical to The Dresden Files novel Dead Beat: The Big Bad is an evil magic-user who wants to become a god, and in order to achieve this goal is seeking out a powerful grimore written by a legendary necromancer. The Tome of Eldritch Lore in both stories even share a name, the only difference being the author's name ("The Word of Morgana/Kemmler"). Other than that, though, Spoony's story really has nothing in common with Jim Butcher's.
  • Juliet's bear companion is called Pascoe after current New York Giants fullback Bear Pascoe.
  • When stopped dead by yet another door, the guys declare it "God-Door", which Nik sings in the manner of "Trodgor"