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Heartwarming: Spoony's Campaign
  • Juliet asking Father Emmitt if there was anyway to revive Lord Vane I on behalf of his son. There's little to no chance of it happening, but Spoony was impressed enough to reward Rollo T extra experience points for surprising him.
  • Also Lord Ka T's remorse over starting an elf holocaust
  • Garret and Viktor giving Juliet a pep talk after she showed concern that the party never seemed to make any progress and they're only losing more allies as time goes on. It ended with group shouting and saying they'll take down anyone that gets in their way.
  • There were moments of hilarity, but during the the 2/20 session everyone trying to go after the baddies in revenge for Juliet's bear (formerly Captain Bearbossa, now named Pascoe) was adorable, even if Pascoe was brought back immediately after the fight was over.
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