Video Game / cat planet
everybody cat planet!

hey there everyone, it's cat planet! hell yeah we're a lil angel girl there's a caaat! oh well hello there mr. cat! thank you for welcoming me!
raocow on this game!

cat planet is a freeware game available for download on the internet!

Word of ceiling cat says that you are a human girl with wings, and the last of your kind, and you must collect all the cats on the cat planet cat planet cat planet! The controls are somewhat bizarre in that any key on the keyboard will allow you to take flight! Holding 'up' will increase your altitude, and holding 'down' will decrease it!

While you can die, there are no game overs! However, you can't save, so the game must be beaten in one go!

The game can be downloaded here!

There is also a lets play done by raocow! Click here for part one! And here for part two!

not to be confused with cat planet cuties!

Troping is fun!

this planet contains cats of:

cat planet cat planet cat cat planet cat planet planet cat planet cat planet cat pluh-net!