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Memes: Tumblr
Numerous memes have spread through the site, some original and others finding their way from... that one site. Important to note about Tumblr and memes though - because of the sites' self-awareness, memes become old quickly and anyone using them after they've gotten "old" will be trashed violently.

  • Rule #1 of Tumblr: always reblog the creator.
    • Alternatively, Rule #1: Do not speak of Tumblr outside of Tumblr.
  • Everything is x and nothing hurts
    • Everything hurts and nothing is x.
  • MY CREYS (in reference to pictures/gifs of Tear Jerker scenes)
    • not to be confused with the more intense "MY ETERNAL CREYS"
    • ~liek dis if u crai evrytiem~ (and various bastardizations of the sentence).
  • The so-called "memefaces".
  • One of the more popular posts is a gif from the show The Walking Dead, where one of the characters undergoes a brain scan as they became infected. Someone incorrectly stated that the gif was an MRI scan of a person's brain releasing endorphins as they die, calling it "tragically beautiful".
    • Actually that was a pizza.
      • You ignorant bastards, that says "never give up"
      • Say hello to mechanically-separated chicken.
    • There's similar games done with things like horse dildos, claiming that it's a photo of an African-American burn victim (it's hard to see and looks like a pale arm with splashes of pigment on it). ...Yeah.
  • MapCrunch. Users would use it to be "teleported" anywhere in the world and would then chronicle their adventures in finding the nearest airport.
  • "Bitch I might be"
  • Façade, an artificial-intelligence and type-based game, became popular with users after discovering its bad graphics, ridiculous dialogue/story, and absurd actions.
    • Upon discovering that typing the word "melons" resulted in a game over, melon jokes became very popular.
  • "Listen here, cum-slut", after a user posted an extremely angry reaction to a set of .gifs from the movie Jack and Jill, showing a CGI cockatoo getting drenched in a chocolate fountain. The user had no idea this was fake, and got hysterical about animal abuse and how the bird 'probably died, and was opening its mouth to scream', ect.
  • Once upon a time, someone coined the term YOLOnote . Not long afterwards, Tumblr grabbed the ball and never stopped running.
  • Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.
  • Saying the same thing over and over again, but one will be in bold or one will be in italics or bulleted Etc.
  • An extremely popular post will usually get the response "Bless this post, bless you, bless your cow" or something along those lines.
  • This song about Shia Labeouf.
  • The normal girl and other girl. The post was meant to be a parody but people mistook it for a shallow jab and started pairing the two girls together. It took off rather quickly - within 12 hours there was tons of fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, and an entire fandom, with a "main" blog here, and now it has its own page. It eventually fell out of popularity, however
  • LOKI'D
  • "MAGIC ANON!" In the site's roleplaying community, people will occasionally post anonymously in characters' ask boxes to declare that "Magic Anon" has caused some random effect to occur. Could be anything from a minor event to possibly even full-blown transformation. Roleplayers usually humor magic anons by playing along but have the power to deny them if they wish. The length of a magic anon's effect depends either on the anon or the roleplayer.
  • "Follow this blog! You will love it on your dash(board)!" Archetypal method of promoting the blog you just reblogged from. Posts like this usually receive a good amount of mockery for it.
  • A picture of "lettuce" written in a cipher or another language, with an inspirational caption about how it says "never give up".
  • "I give you a hamburger..."/Cuil Theory. From an infamous Mind Screw audio post that was a measurement of how bizarre and detached something was from reality.
  • "Go home _____, you are drunk".
  • A gold star with "you tried" written inside it in Comic Sans, and its many variations, to be used as reaction images.
  • "It was a social experiment." Originated when Cole Sprouse wrote this in his final post before deleting his Tumblr, though it was popular on LiveJournal as a troll justification, as well. Usually used to denote - you guessed it - trolling.
  • "There are two kinds of people on Tumblr." Usually the response to a particularly odd or otherwise abnormal reblog of a post.
    • Or if they just miss the point or joke entirely.
  • "Peasant/s." This has fallen out of usage mostly, but is still referenced on occasion, but mockingly.
    • This is also the most popular example used of the Deader Than Disco trope on the website. If one finds a post talking about Discredited Memes, expect this one to be mentioned at least once.
  • Night Bloggers. If you've ever seen gibberish or other surreal posts pop up on your Dashboard, it's either a night blogger, or someone emulating them.
    • "Night bloggers or just the Australians?"
    • "Night bloggers, or Night Vale bloggers?" (Due to the podcast's own surreal humour.)
  • talking with no punctuation and shit grammar

    with multiple lines separated by a line

    that cut off midsentence

    usually to snark at someone

    • Possibly a result of the tag system; commas are unusable, as typing one just denotes a new tag, and it kind of spiraled off from there.
  • "This post is not okay," "Who said this was okay" "Who gave you the right" and "Go sit in the corner and think about what you did." is the traditional response to intentionally Tear Jerker-y posts of things like the Reichenbach fall, Doctor Who, etc.
  • Fluffy chicken.
  • "Moisturize me," in response to uncomfortable faces. Originated from the Doctor Who fandom, although most of tumblr uses it now.
  • Hating memes has become a meme. Yes, you read that right.
  • "[Character I relate to] is my spirit animal."
  • SWIMMING ANIME. (Based off a commercial for KyoAni featuring some very fanservicey swimming Bishōnen.)
    • A popular response is to reblog with a picture from Boku No Pico (Particularly the box art, which features Pico in a speedo and goggles), accompanied by the line "Did someone say Swimming Anime?"
  • Gifs of certain scene, with text over their eyes to represent a fandom reaction.
  • A picture with text next to it that says "People who (insert what they dislike people doing/saying)." Followed by reblogs that slowly remove words while keeping the same picture and eventually ends up as just "People".
    • Then finally a reblog describing the action taking place in the picture, accompanied by the same picture as preceding.
  • Obsession with the word "Butt" and butts in general.
  • Gifs of people from infomercials utterly failing at doing simple tasks have become very popular.
  • "before you say i am stoling this art let me explain you a thing..."
  • "-arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks-"
  • Photoshoping an image of a shocked Patrick Star into numerous gifs.
  • The Mishapocalypse of 1st April, 2013.
    • Wait, what are you talking about? The Mishapocalypse never happened.
    • Later gained a spiritual successor in the form of the less widespread Thwompocalypse, wherein users started mass-posting audio and picture posts relating to Thwomps. Cue people waking up in the morning to find their dashboard clogged with angry blue cubes.
  • Ah, the scalene triangle.
  • The Tumblr Code: Calling out "I like your shoelaces!" in person as a covert way of identifying fellow Tumblr users. There's a response, of course.
    • Similarly, there was "Can you give me directions to an Olive Garden?", used in the same manner due to the example quotes in the Quotes page.
      • Alternatively now, "chrome-orb 2.jpg"
  • "Nobody's perf-", followed by an image of someone as an exception to the rule of nobody being perfect.
    • Also, "Perfect couples don't exi-"
    • "perf" as a shorthand for perfect
  • There's a Running Gag of Leonardo DiCaprio and his constant failures at winning an Oscar. These get extremely popular during award seasons.
  • Posts being accurate; meaning posts the user strongly agrees with. Often seen as "ACCURATE", "accurate post is accurate", "never before have I seen a post this accurate", etc.
  • The traditional expressions of admiration and/or love and/or lust for characters/celebrities:
    • CAN U NOT
    • FUCK OFF
    • GET OUT
  • The Axis Powers Hetalia fandom spawned "Doitsuism", a short-lived "religion" based on a parody of Rihanna's "Diamonds".
  • "Do you love the color of the sky?" *scroll for infinity, then something interesting at the very end*
    • This was a particularly interesting example of Deader Than Disco and Forced Meme. The original post itself was only popular for a short time before a majority of people thought it was annoying and clogged up their dashes. Many parodies were made, but the derivatives and complaints were more seen than anything else, many people hadn't even seen the original until it fell out of favor.
  • Posting pictures of meat in hopes of finding people who comments on it with disgust. If such an event occurs, you've "found the vegan."
    • You know, it's really not that funny to make fun of people because of what they choose to eat.
      • Found the vegan!
  • "get out" as a response to an Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • "Imagine how is touch the sky."
    • "Don't dead open inside."
    • "Boobs up my ass and out."
  • Any variant on "In [language] we don't say "I love you", we say [obscure arrangement of letters], which roughly translates to [cute phrase]."
    • Followed by someone "plugging" phrase into Google Translate & churning out a sexually-charged or disturbing phrase.
    • Originally used actual foreign languages and later warped into stereotypical words used in various English speaking countries, as well as fandoms and the like
    On TV Tropes they don't say "I love you". They say "Lampshade lampshade egregious xanatos in SPACE" which roughly translates to "You ruin my life in the best way possible." I think that's beautiful.
  • Fandomstuck.
    • Created by the Homestuck fandom during one of its many pauses, where they had moirail feels with the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom, which later expanded to encompass most of Tumblr.
  • "& in that moment..." or any other arrangement of picture on a space background.
  • "If you ever feel like/think you're [insert negative thing about you or something you're bad at] just remember that [insert someone being worse with said negative thing or being worse at the thing you're bad at]."
  • Calming Manatee.
  • Moon Moon the "Special" Wolf is starting to make its rounds.
  • She wears short skirts I wear tshirts she's cheer captain and I'm [insert contrasting thing here i.e. the dark lord satan]
  • Some...
  • "Thanks, Satan" (usually tacked onto a post suggesting something especially devious).
  • "Friendly reminder that [insert something sad and not very friendly at all]."
  • "Make John Green find the thing!" When John Green (url fishingboatproceeds) does find the thing, cue "Is that John Green?"
  • After this post, people started adding more and more pictures of a very annoyed Satan's constant "people-falling-into-Hell" problem.
  • "Recreate a movie poster/cd cover using only comic sans & clip art".
  • "On my way to steal yo' girl"
  • Turning Benedict Cumberbatch's into the silliest phrases possible while still being able to tell who they're talking about. For example:
    • Baldersnap Cummerbund
    • Snozzlebert Mugglewump
    • Rinkydink Curdlesnoot
    • Britishguy Sillyname
    • Bombadill Wafflesmack
    • Boodlydoop Floofernoodle
    • Blueberry Pumpkinpatch (doubly funny now that there's a candle with a scent of the same name)
    • Bindelboop Cucumber
    • Benedong Cumberhanger
    • Butawhiteboy Cantbekhan
    tumblr-user brolininthetardis: "sometimes this site makes me forget what bendywick candlebatch’s real name even is and then i remember that you don’t need to know butterburger custardsnack’s real name for people to know you’re talking about bennyjet crumplebunch"
  • Taking a cutesy romantic picture+phrase post and adding a humorous response from pop culture underneath. Example, "when boys give you a cute nickname", followed by a picture of Ron Burgandy and his phrase "Tits McGee".
  • "Bitch i might be" to answer basically any question.
  • Comic Sans in general; find a humorous image a Tumblr user created, preferably a spoof of something, and it's highly likely that any text added will be in Comic Sans.
  • Shock over the Yahoo! acquisition, including joking about other purchasers (such as Monobear and Doug Dimmadome), and calling Marissa Mayer their new "mommy"
    • Collages of nightblogger posts with the caption "this is what yahoo paid $1.1 billion for"
    • One user's outraged (and, admittedly, rather pathetic) reaction to Yahoo buying Tumblr was reprinted in a newspaper article, and unsurprisingly, users had a field day. The original user has since deleted their blog.
  • ''Swiggity-swag what's in the bag'' and other variations.
  • A fandom hijacks a generic post, then someone uploads a picture of a cake onto it saying "sorry we made that post about _____"
    • A fandom hijacks a post about another fandom, then someone adds a pseudo-rubber stamp image afterwards saying 'This post hijacked by the [X] fandom'
  • "Do [s]he have a booty...? [S]he dooooo."
  • (◕‿◕✿)
    • Taken to its logical conclusion:
    (ʘ‿ʘ✿) What you say about x?
    (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ Hold my flower.
    ✿\(。-_-。) Kick his ass, baby. I got yo flower.
  • Imagine your OTP/favorite character...
  • Captioning a picture with [the Rains of Castamere starts playing] to imply oncoming doom.
  • Using "thing" as a pronoun. (Ex. "Do you like the thing?" and "I need you to do a thing.")
  • [screams internally]
  • Photoshopping flower crowns onto characters
  • Adding a GIF from Les Miserables (2012) of Javert saying "And I'm Javert!" after a character introduces themselves.
  • Green is not a creative color.
  • when u mom com home and make hte spagheti
  • The Sink Fandom. "SNK" Is a common abbreviation that people use to tag Attack on Titan (with the Japanese name of the series being Shingeki No Kyojin), resulting in a post that basically said (paraphrased) "You people with your SNK fandom, I've got something better: the SINK fandom!". Thus, "Sink Fandom" is a tag full of pretty or interesting sinks.
    • A related meme is for people to reply to questions about one "SNK" by answering with things about the other, far older SNK (born mainly out of people growing disgruntled with Titan fans who simply can't abbreviate the series to AOT.)
  • People are sad because they can't go to San Diego Comic Con.
  • "What a time to be alive."
  • The game Cookie clicker became extremely popular on the website for no reason whatsoever.
  • Twisting life hacks, which used to be interesting methods of MacGyvering with common items in order to make daily tasks simpler, into either obvious, immoral, or surreal actions to make life "easier".
  • Tumblr users have a habit of creating couples, and sometimes entire fandoms, from inanimate objects or random concepts. The most popular is Creamsicle, listed above, and it in itself has spawned several Spinoffs. The second most popular was arguably "Jupitearth", a fandom originally spawned when news hit that Jupiter "saved" Earth from a collision in 2012. It originally started with humanizations of Earth and Jupiter but warped into using all the planets.
  • Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs quickly spread throughout the site.
  • Adding a swear word to a random noun to make a strange insult.
    Listen here, fucktruck...
  • How do spiders go to sleep? By having hot choclety milk.
  • hey r u the moreos guy Explanation 
    • Frequently paired with a related gif quaking/shaking/vibrating
  • Using Michael Scott's reaction to the fire drill as a reaction gifset, usually in response to exciting news. The [x] fandom right now: "Oh my God, okay, this is happening. Everybody stay calm, everybody stay calm. Stay fucking calm! Everyone just fucking calm down!"
  • Posting a suitably paranoid response to the notification that another user has started following you.
  • "Spoopy" and "creppy" (meaning simultaneously spooky and goofy/silly/funny) based on misspelled Halloween signs.
    • Everyone changing their URL to halloweened versions, so you can't remember who's who.
  • Skeletons as a whole are a meme on Tumblr. Which means that there is a meme inside of you at all times.
    • skeletons 2spooky4me
    • Skeletons using the word "fuckboy"
    • Female skeletons gotta have them bone tiddies
    • boy i die!!! shit boy note 
    • prepare for the skeleton war in skeleton hell
      • no war but skeleton class war
    • skeletons don't real.
  • Typing apologetic words in Paint on top of pictures of cake, i.e., "Sorry for all the [x] on your dash."
  • When you get to sit next to your friend in class
  • Jared Padalecki is a moose.
  • The joke that Dads make. (ie: "Dad I'm hungry." "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.")
  • Writing "And we'll never be royals (royals)" from Lorde's song Royals on a picture of characters who, well, will never be royals but want to be.
  • wow so doge/shibe
    much trope
    such meme
so format
  • It became so popular that, eventually, the government tried their hand at it, with disastrous results. Which also became memetic.
  • "You havin' a giggle at me mate? I'll bash ye fookin' head in I swear on me mum."
  • "God is dead and we killed him", often used in response to creations perceived as idiotic or otherwise bizarre.
  • Using porn gifs as reaction images.
    • This eventually lend to an example where an example where a perfectly SFW gif was used to describe a quite NSFW situation.
  • "The best part of waking up is incest in your cup!" Explanation 
  • Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Reached the apex of its hideousness when it merged with other almost dead (and not particularly missed) memes.
  • Coming up with increasingly long lists of things that took ages to happen or have yet to actually occur, and then suggesting that they still managed to occur before season 3 of Sherlock was transmitted.
  • Expand Dong: Taking various video game or anime or film cover arts or character images and putting sexual captions under them whilst making said captions out of bits of the cover's man title graphics newspape ransom note style.
  • Recreating image posts with infamous captions/replies (the "Listen here cum-slut" and the Walking Dead brain-scan post being among them) and changing the image to something completely different and nonsensical.
  • Posting lyrics from Bring Me To Life when there's a bizarre image post with someone with a traumatized look on their face or a Thousand-Yard Stare.
  • SHOTS FIRED (as a response to a burn)
  • The Supernatural fandom has GIFS for everything!
  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse's nudes.
  • For New Year's 2014: "new year, new me" I say as I [x].
  • [Muffled X Plays in the Distance]
  • The Selfie Olympics (people taking selfies in various strange, convoluted and dangerous manners.)
  • "Hello hiatus my old friend" as reference to the Sherlock hiatus starting up again.
    • Almost the same happens with the Homestuck fandom, too.
  • Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles.
  • Jokes about the color blood orange. "It's fucking red."
  • Posts that begin with "sext:" followed by some sort of deep, romantic, and completely non-sexual thought.
    • Or a completely mundane thought.
  • After kada-bura (formerly Aishaneko) posted her drawing of a humanized Notepad and Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, they were, like most other things on the website, quickly shipped.
    "I can't believe I ship a notebook and a clock!"
  • "The X is strong", a way commenting on a particular quality. Ex. "The nerd is strong with this post".
  • Bringing back old memes has become a meme.note 
  • The FBI virus is one of the most destructive viruses as of January 2014. Despite that, some people decided to make it a meme as well.
  • "None pizza with left beef" Explanation 
  • Taking the lyrics from a well-known song and replacing a couple words with something nonsensical, by way of screenshots of Google's suggestions for misspellings. Like so.
  • Making joke chip flavors for the Lays' "Do Us a Flavor" promotion, such as "Canadian genocide" and "Disappointment".
  • Since JK Rowling's interview about how "she regrets putting Ron with Hermione" numerous posts have sprung up about authors regretting who they put their main characters with, including but not limited to Shakespeare, Suzanne Collins, and Victor Hugo.
  • Flappy Bird.
  • "Anyway, here's Wonderwall"note 
  • "Oh X, if only there was someone out there who loved you."
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon has taken the internet by storm, and Tumblr is no exception. "PRAISE HELIX", RIP notices to "Jay Leno" and "Abby", tons of fanart, ask blogs, and a religion popped up overnight.
  • "Did you learn that at bird school, which is for birds?"
  • [Gavin Screaming] note 
  • IT'S BACK note 
  • "As a [made up scientific field], I can confirm this is true."
  • "talk dirty to me"note 
    • *saxophone riff*
  • "Someone who's never seen X explain what's happening in this screenshot" note 
  • This series of 2chan posts about an... overly-optimistic Stalker with a Crush ended up gaining a ridiculous amount of steam. (´・ω・`)
  • I've hated Daft Punk since they killed that old man.
  • 2014 April Fools' Day introduced "Tumblr Pro", which would give the user a hat on its icon. Even though it was around for only a day, it quickly became memetic.
    • Trigger warnings about this.
  • "It's a metaphor, you see..."note 
  • The Forest Nymph looking for his berries.
  • Meeting your twin on tumblr.
  • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway...
  • On May 7, 2014, Hoenn was confirmed. Tumblr — no, the entire Internet — exploded.
  • Asking "the science side of Tumblr" to explain things. Usually reblogged with some overly simplified or nonsensical response.
    • thank you science side of tumblr
  • "If tumblr is so accepting then why is it that I, [unpopular group/person]..."
  • kup teraz
  • Hi, I'm X and you're watching Disney Channel *character draws logo and then does something in-character, mostly comedic effect*
  • Referring to something that is nearly uncountable with a ridiculously small number. Normally worded as "like X whole [whatever the item is]"
  • Some version of the following where either a gif is added to the end or some other part is edited to an ironic or bizarre level:
Girl: Come over
Me: Not tonight bae
Girl: My parents are out
Me: I'll be right over
  • Referring to Macklemore ironically as the head of the LGBTQIA movement.
  • Giving credit for a quote to a famous, often historical, person for something they obviously did not say. Normally worded as "[famous person], probably"
  • "Spiders Georg" the apparent outlier in the statistic that every person eats an average of three spiders a year. He is said to eat over 10,000 each day.
  • "Tag your porn!", usually in response to an image of especially tasty-looking food or other very desirable items.
  • free him explanation 
  • Calling a bird a "birb", followed by grammatically-incorrect monologues reminiscent of doge.
  • Fuck her right in the pussy
  • u ok dennys?/dennys are u ok explanation 
  • A format once used to call out romanticizing of serious conditions is now used as:
    Repeat after me:
    X is not "quirky"
    X is not "lolrandom"
    X is [insert description of choice here]
  • John Green wondering if The Fault in Our Stars was the first time in teen literature that the girl kissed the boy immediately became a meme.
  • me nd my pirate (or robot, ninja, etc etc) gf
  • Using Danganronpa's name to make weirdly similar names for the series.
    • Dangit Grandpa
    • Dangle Rompers
    • Dingle Rompus
    • Dangit Ron Paul
    • Dongle Wrangle
    • Dingly Rumpus
    • Diddly Rompers
    • Dang Rope
    • Danger Rhombus
    • ETC.
  • OkCupid user papapaka, better know as Squart Guy. He really WANTS TO MAKE YOU SQUART ACROSS THE ROOM AND HAVE THE BEST OEGAMIOM EVERY DAY. Expect to see his face photoshopped on just about anything.
  • Some would find a meme based on passive-aggressive commentary of things using a screencap of Kermit the Frog drinking tea in a Lipton commercial to be rather annoying, but that's none of my business.
  • Using a comic of a dog sitting in a burning building (this Gunshow comic), saying "this is fine" as a reaction image for situations that are not fine.
  • "I'm gonna fuck the thing."
  • Skull Trumpet
  • Saying 'I came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now' in response to something negative being said to them.
    • Most definitely came from the movie 22 Jump Street.
      • The best part about this may be the fact that many people don't even know where this came from, with responses ranging from supposedly being said by Nick Jonas to drag queen Laganja Estranja of RuPaul's Drag Race.note 
    • Often inverted as "I came here to attack people and honestly I am having such a good time right now" and applied to antagonist characters
  • The 4chan/Tumblr back-and-forth raids (stretching all the way back from 2010) have spawned loads and loads of fanart and fanfic of the two sites.
    • Apathetic and/or confused reactions from the non-fandom/nerdy/SJW side of Tumblr (usually photography, car, or "I actually use this as a blog" tumblrs) towards the 2014 raids.
  • DashCon 2014. Explanation 
    • The Ball Pit.
      • "we are giving you guys an extra hour with the ball pit" Explanation 
      • Posting a picture of the half-deflated ball pit in the empty convention hall as a response to posts about suggested tumblr projects or fantasies such as Tumblr Island or Tumblr University.
  • Chat posts in which a baby begins stuttering a word, to which a parent asks if they're trying to say some simple word (such as "father" or "mother"), only for the baby to say some famous, often lengthy, quote that begins with the same letter.
  • The trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, specifically the line "I don't do romance, my interests are very... singular". In the trailer this leads up to Christian showing off his BDSM paraphernalia, in the meme that image gets switched out with ridiculous things such as brony gear, One Direction-merc and... an inflatable spermwhale.
  • Editing screenshots of popular, often relatable text posts over pictures from a TV series, movie, game, etc. that the text posts apply to.
  • Aoba cake
  • "Starting today we will be deleting all blogs without the following image in 24 hours."
  • "Broom broom" and "get out me car"
  • Personal aesthetics, ranging from the mundane ("grunge") to the offbeat ("vintage communist") to the bizarre ("surrealist jock").
  • "Slayer", which has audio clips of the Halo multiplayer announcer with a vaguely related picture of the RuneScape Gnome Kid next to it.
  • "Girls don't like boys. Girls like [x] and [y]."
  • The Madden Giferator.
    • This reached it's logical conclusion by thoroughly enraging fandom bloggers who insist Tumblr is a safe space from "stupid jock sports" without accounting for the existence of very active (albeit somewhat isolated) sports fandoms on the site. Nevermind the fact that the majority of people using said giferator are fandom bloggers doing it ironically because of how ridiculous it looks to them.
  • "Was this [x] even real" for particularly weird moments in movies/television shows.
    • And now also applied to old Tumblr memes.
  • You could stop at five or six stores...
    • "Honey, you've got a big storm coming"
  • no its beckynote 
  • tfw no gf guy
  • "bruh"
  • "Steal their look" posts featuring a memetic character and extortionately priced items.
  • "Problematic faves" originating from the blog yourfaveisproblematic
  • "justgirlythings" picture with a pretty decent activity happening in the background but with a caption that is usually concerning, sadistic, makes zero sense, or is just really strange.
  • THIS!!!
  • "I killed a man."
    • Presented in comic sans on close up picture of an orange
    • Commonly but mistakenly linked to "blood orange" meme
  • ……………….slime man
    • do you have a signature on your texts or something
    • no……………….slime man
  • who is she
  • Rise
  • gotta go fast
  • peach time, and variations thereupon
  • YEE
  • Screenshots of the tumblr app not loading images
  • Variations of the phrase "My anaconda don't", such as "My anaconda will consider it", "My anaconda doesn't", etc.
    • Also related to Anaconda are jokes about Drake's section of the video, such as using his pose as a reaction image or making a joke about him still being in the chair weeks/months/centuries later.
    • It's also become popular to compare a picture of Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion sitting in a similar pose.
  • pathetic egg stunt achieves nothing
  • Screenshots of two posts on the dashboard accidentally referring to each other
    • Separate posts that are designed to be reblogged simultaneously to create a single image or story, e.g. Cookie in a milk cup / milk in a cookie cup, "I see you shiver in antici..." "pation".
  • This very article is beginning to become a meme.
  • the bears are in
  • Screenshots of the message icon having a big number of messages with the caption "WHAT DID I DO"
  • Take a closer look at that snout!
  • "kill yourself" as a popular troll ask.
    • Pictures of reactions to being asked this.
  • Ohhh my god. Ohhh ,y god. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh THERE IT IS THERE IT IS.
  • "Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough."
  • what is [person] doing? usually replied with "their best"
  • Nigel Thornberry in every BLARGHARGHAGH
  • Using "Photograph" by Nickelback (or later, Gloria Estefan's "Conga") as a form of audio post Rickrolling.
  • Afro Circus.
  • Rotating gifs of faces set to Sweet Dreams.
  • my dash did a thing!!!!
  • Coming from {{4chan}}'s weird obsession with it comes a somewhat ironic fanatic following in Shrek, usually through sexual copypasta, video edits to insert Shrek in other films, or photoshops.
  • Creating a powerpoint (usually for a particular show/set of characters) with information which the user has gathered purely from tumblr. Usually titled with "what tumblr has taught me about X" or similar.
  • Unnecessarily making colour palettes out of any image
  • "I can't believe that (insert something blatantly untrue or which didn't happen)"
  • "(I want this) because of reasons" is usually a reply to something (a tool, a celebrity, food, etc.) that the user really wants.
  • okay cool
  • The Hawkeye Initiative is a response to the portrayal of female characters in comic books in absurd and impossible poses. Artists will post a photo of a female character and then draw the male hero Hawkeye in the same position, often with comedic intent.
  • Is this a pigeon? is a photo reply to any picture showing a butterfly. The photo in question shows a man from an anime pointing to a butterfly and asking if it is a pigeon.
    • [1] Pesky bee.
  • Pokefusions were created after a handful of artists were alerted to the presence of a site that can "fuse" two Pokemon sprites together. The result was very, very awesome.
  • Ah, TV Tropes. I love that site. The way they just [clenches fist] trope all those frickin TVs Explanation 
  • There is a post with over 13 million notes, but the content of said post keeps changing, so much so that no one knows which one was the original (but its typically the "Let's make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged picture on Tumblr" post.)
  • Tuesday again? No problem
  • Sad frog/ Feels Bad Man
  • "The circle of stupidity is complete" when an entire post makes no sense
  • "Confirmed" commented on any picture, at all
  • "__"... Hacked note 
    • "I'm in."
    • Sometimes confused with the "Confirmed" meme
  • "Tropes? In my TV?"
    • It's more likely than you think!
  • The pregnancy test meme: one character showing another character (the presumed father) a positive pregnancy test.
  • "little gray cat theme" and various derivatives
  • "When Mama Isn't Home" and the various snowclone images it's spawned.
  • After the dashboard update of October 2014, there are several creations of "bluespace" posts, ranging from characters to animals and everything in between.
  • *rhythmic snapping from the shadows*
  • he scream at own ass...w
    • :v
  • Bottoms up... and the Devil laughs.
  • "delete this"
  • The "Pear Wiggler", a gif of a simulation for damage to pears during transport. Apparently, "bad and naughty children get put in The Pear Wiggler to atone for their crimes".

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