Web Original / Fandomstuck

Good fandoms never die, they just go god tier.

Fandomstuck (also called Fandombound) is a a rather chaotic Shared Universe hosted (mostly) on tumblr, which is based around personifications of various shows, books, and other fandoms.

Fandomstuck began with one-off character designs and art pieces, askblogs, and short comics and Homestuck-style 'Fanadventures'; there is also a large rp community based around it on tumblr, and an RPG.

By its very nature, incredibly meta.

There are a great many resource blogs and archives for Fandomstuck, the 'main' one, and a directory of links to others, being here, and the wiki can be found here. Also has a YMMV and characters page currently under construction.

Tropes that apply to Fandomstuck as a whole