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Characters: Guilty Gear XX
Here we're going to list the characters introduced in Guilty Gear XX and its Updated Rereleases.

The Captain Ersatz, Expy, "No Celebrities Were Harmed", Mythology Gags, Continuity Nods and Shout-Out references go here.
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Voiced by: Hiroko Konishi (XX), Yukiko Kato (AC)

Bridget is a (crossdressing) boy. In his hometown there is a superstition that if twins of the same gender are born, disaster will come. And because of that, baby Bridget was taken into the custody of the local convent's nun, then raised as a girl (well, it was that or having him killed off). He works as a bounty hunter to prove his manliness and that he isn't bad luck. Why he continues to dress like a girl when he wants to prove his manliness is unclear.

  • All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game": Bridget's gender is perhaps the reason some people stumbled upon the Guilty Gear series.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: For all his protests to the contrary, he definitely looks like a girl who was raised in a convent. Actually having a figure reminiscent of a petite woman doesn't help his case.
  • Badass Adorable: He's one of the cutest characters on the roster, and will fight people with what amounts to toys.
    • Badass Normal: Probably the most normal cast member of them all, yet can easily stand his ground with every other character.
  • Bishōnen: In training.
  • Chained by Fashion: Bridget wears what looks like a giant handcuff for a belt, to the mystery of anyone who sees him.
  • Crash into Hello: One of Bridget's Intro Animations has him accidentally tripping up and then stepping on his opponent, and then the fight begins.
  • Cross Dressing Voice: Speaks very softly without a trace of normal male tenor/bass.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: of course.
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Improbable Weapon User: A yo-yo. And for backup, a teddy bear named Roger that can spew flame and has a buzz-saw in his waist.
  • Modesty Shorts: Modest, up until the point he accidentally yanks his own dress up with his yo-yo.
  • Nun Too Holy: He wears a nun's habit.
  • Plucky Boy: Nothing keeps this kiddo down for long.
  • Raised as the Opposite Gender: See his description above.
  • Ship Tease: For a crossdressing young teen with a girl's name, Bridget is pretty popular with the girls in the series. XX Reload has him become friends with Dizzy in his Path 2 ending (as well as getting a Jellyfish Pirate hat from a girl that looks vaguely like Dizzy), as well as showing him and May acting friendly towards each other in her Path 2 ending. And Jam flirts with Bridget on at least one occasion, as well as having him become her waiter in her first Story Mode ending for Accent Core Plus.
  • Token Mini-Moe
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal: The infamous former Trope Namer.
  • Unwitting Pawn: I-No once used Bridget to distract the other characters by giving him a fake bounty list, with exaggerated descriptions of their previous deeds. Despite what the tropes above say, Bridget is not very powerful in the scheme of things and only served as a distraction for his "targets".
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Meme's there for a reason, people.

Voiced by: Iemasa Kayumi

A powerful Nightwalker who seems to be the only one who knows exactly what the hell is going on. He visits many characters and gives them valuable hints. He was the original founder of the Assassins' Guild, and his main objective is to disband it because it became corrupted from his original intentions. He is married to an immortal Lady in Red named Sharon, who is completely immune to anything, even parasites like Eddie (In fact, it is shown in Eddie's 1st ending in XX that upon making contact with her, he melts away into nothingness).

Confirmed as a returning character for Xrd. One day, Slayer receives information from a confidante, who did not survive gathering their intel, regarding the Senate's involvement with Faust's past as Dr. Baldhead and the resurrection of Zato-1. His curiosity piqued, he once again makes his appearance in the human world to find out more.

  • Bad Ass: Slayer laughs at classic vampire weaknesses. Slayer scoffs at sunlight and shrugs off a stake in his heart like it's nothing. Slayer eats garlic for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. And if all this mockery wasn't enough, Slayer tops it all off by wearing a cross for a tie. The man is just a colossal badass. Period.
  • Casting Gag: Iemasa Kayumi is the regular Japanese dub voice of Christopher Lee, whose most famous role was playing Dracula.
  • Classical Movie Vampire
  • Creepy Cool Crosses
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While not super evil, he still dislikes what has happened to the Assassins Guild.
  • Happily Married: He and Sharon.
  • High-Class Glass
  • I Let You Win: Seeing as every fight against him is acknowledged as him not going all out, it's pretty obvious he does this.
    • You can definitely see this in his knockdown sprite. Rather than lying unconscious, when Slayer is "knocked out", he merely lies on the ground with a miffed expression on his face, propped up on his arm.
  • Immortality: Besides being The Undead, his wife Sharon may have Complete Immortality.
    • In one of Venom's endings, he finds that nothing he does can so much as hurt Slayer. He ends up settling for chaining Slayer into a coffin and chaining that to a wall.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen
  • Lightning Bruiser: Can teleport back and forth on the battlefield and his attacks pack quite a punch.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste
  • Nice Guy: Extremely civil to pretty much everyone, even hands out hints to people for seemingly no reason than wanting to be helpful (like when he informs Ky Kiske something is seriously wrong with the bounty on Dizzy even though he has little reason to care).
  • Official Couple: Happily Married with Sharon.
  • Older Is Better
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Sunlight doesn't affect him. In Isuka's credits, it is shown that other traditional vampire weaknesses (a cross, garlic and a wooden stake) are merely amusing to him.
  • Really 700 Years Old
  • Sharp-Dressed Man
  • Smoking Is Cool: Slayer can actually block attacks with smoke from his pipe.
  • Warrior Poet: His Instant Kill includes haiku, come on!
  • Willfully Weak: One of the strongest characters in the series, although we never see him go all-out on That Man so we cannot say if he is the strongest.

Voiced by: Yuji Ueda

A seemingly normal man who is actually possessed by several spirits. He seeks to find Faust so he can cure his ailment. In XX he finds Faust, who tells him that he doesn't know what to do about it and suggests that he train himself to control the blackouts. In Accent Core + , he encounters Faust again, who finally concludes that Zappa is possessed after seeing S-ko for the first time. Faust purges the ghosts from Zappa, and he thanks Faust for his help.

  • Awesome, but Impractical / Difficult but Awesome: Zappa is consistently a low ranked character. This is not because he is weak, but because when you play Zappa, you essentially play as five different characters at once and constantly (and randomly) change between them throughout the fight. That said, if you can get Raoh out, Zappa becomes a Game Breaker.
  • Bishounen: The reason why S-ko got attracted to him.
  • Blank White Eyes: When possessed by S-ko.
  • Blessed with Suck: Is a natural medium for spirits, attracts many of them and gets possessed.
  • Possessed And Crazy: Not that he's aware of this, mind you. All he knows is he passes out randomly, and wakes up in a new place with fresh wounds on him.
  • The Chew Toy: Poor, poor Zappa.
  • Confusion Fu: Seriously, he is able to randomly change his moveset while fighting.
  • I Am Legion: Has an evil dog, a cursed sword, the "Three Stooges", Raoh (No, not THAT Raoh), and S-ko living within him. And the centipedes that appear while the summoning attack and one of his Overdrives.
  • Lightning Bruiser: When Zappa has Raoh out.
  • Limp and Livid: His standard idle stance, except backwards.
  • Motor Mouth: Not when he's himself, but during battle he just never shuts up. Justified as he has about 7 ghosts trying to talk all at once.
  • Not Himself: Whenever possessed by S-ko. In Story Mode this is indicated by his skin turning dark blue and Blank White Eyes until Accent Core Plus (which showed him bent over backwards like his fight pose). His voice is also distorted.
  • Powers via Possession: A key part of fighting with Zappa is recognizing what powers are available to you at any given point.
  • Primal Fear: His profile notes that he dislikes scary things. Look at his other tropes and then come back.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl: S-ko. Take a look at her and you'll know what her inspiration is.
  • Unlucky Every Dude: Unlike almost everyone else on the roster, Zappa is just a normal human. He doesn't even willingly fight; he just passes out and then the supernatural stuff happens. The Three Stooges can also inflict this status on an opponent, causing random flower pots to fall from the sky and various other means of tripping them up.
  • Yandere: S-ko in temperament. She refuses to leave Zappa because she likes men with pretty faces. Most of the fights in his story mode is caused by the opponent saying something to set her off.

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

The mysterious servant of That Man. Putting it simply, she is all that is Bitch. And she loves it. As she serves That Man, she also knows Sol and she hates his guts, mostly beacuse he's one of the few people able to defeat her. In XX, she goes around causing heaps of trouble for the other characters. In Accent Core + , after an encounter with Sol she transports him back in time to fight his past self, Order-Sol.

Confirmed as a returning character for Xrd. Some things never change, and I-no's love of causing mischief throughout time certainly has not. Time-jumping has given her knowledge of Ramletherl Valentine's appearance, and now with "That Man" being involved, her interests have been piqued, and she once again decides to take the stage.

Voiced by: Kantaro (XX Battle Voice), Takeshi Kusao (XX Story Voice), Yutaka Terada (Robo-Ky MK. II), Takumi Inoue (AC)

The robot impersonator of Ky created by the PWAB. There are several of these things floating around. Also has a MK-II version which copies his opponents' moves.

  • Badass
    • Awesomeness by Analysis: In the original XX's Story Mode, Robo-Ky often analyzes your character's techniques, becoming immune to damage from anything but overdrives.
    • Submissive Badass: Designed as one, but rebels.
  • Butt Monkey
  • Dark Reprise: His alternate theme, "Holy Orders?", or "Vortex Infinitum" in the Korean soundtrack. Given that he is a robot version of Ky, it only makes sense that this theme be a robotic-toned version. The end result is that the song ends up sounding full of distortions and background sound effects and noise, randomly jumping up and down in pitch and volume at a moment's notice. You'd almost think that the band was drunk while performing it.
  • Do-Anything Robot: The only thing he doesn't do is emulate the person he impersonates properly. Also present in the MK-II version from Isuka.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Was Ky's EX mode in X.
  • Easy Impersonation: In the first rendition of XX, when he was just a palette swap in-game. It easily fools Jam and Bridget.
  • Evil Twin: Robo Ky, who literally was just an EX movelist Early-Bird Cameo for Ky in GGX and a palette swap of Ky in his first proper appearance (GGXX) with slightly different portraits. He came into his own with exclusive sprites and movesets starting with #RELOAD.
  • Hive Mind: Subverted because since all RKs have the same arrogant personality, each model is acting superior than the other.
  • Mars Needs Women: He likes human women in general, desiring Millia, Jam and Baiken.
  • Mecha-Mooks: There are many Robo-Kys and they are acting in separate missions that most of the time fail.
    • In XX, his win quote on winning a Mirror Match is to ask the other one why it diverted from their programming.
  • Slouch of Villainy: Has a fold-in throne.
  • SNK Boss: In the original GGXX, this guy, not I-No, was banned from competitive gameplay. Consider that in most characters' story modes, you must fight him while he doesn't take damage from anything but Overdrives...
    • However, it's important to note that he was banned from competitive gameplay for the same reason Kliff and Justice were. It wasn't necessarily because he was overpowered, but rather because he was a console-only character that wasn't created with balance in regards to other characters in mind. Notably, he is unbanned in Reload onwards.

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