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Shout Out: Guilty Gear
Guilty Gear not only has awesome music, it also has lots and lots of Heavy Metal and Rock references (and even influences) to count. Almost anything worth a name in this game is a reference to a rock band. And when it's not, it's very likely to be a reference to something from both Western and Eastern pop cultures alike. Take a look:
  • Sol Badguy: His real name, (Frederick) last name, (a reference to "Mr. Bad Guy") and even his theme song ("Keep Yourself Alive") are some of all the references to Freddie Mercury and Queen in general (to hammer the point home, his head-plate has the words "ROCK YOU" engraved on it). It helps that his VA (Daisuke Ishiwatari, also the man behind the game) is a huge fan of Queen, something you'll see in this entire page.
  • Ky Kiske: His name is composed by Kai Hansen + Michael Kiske.
  • Axl Low: His name comes first.
  • Justice: One of her Overdrives is called "Gamma Ray".
  • Testament's name is a reference to the band of the same name...
  • Venom's name is a reference to the band of the same name.
  • Slayer's name is a reference to the band of the same name.
  • May may be a reference to Queen's Brian May, which, as mentioned in Sol's examples, wouldn't be strange.
  • You'd have to be blind not to get the musical reference in Zappa's name.
  • Jam's full name (Jam Kuradoberi) is a subtle Cloudberry Jam reference, due to her surname being a Japan-romanized writing of "cloudberry".
    • One of her GGX battle quotes is "Omae wa mou shindeiru aru!", AKA "You're already dead!"
      • To really nail the reference in, she gains a new full-tension Overdrive in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core where she punches the opponent in a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs fashion exactly 100 times.
  • Potemkin borrows some moves from anime: his Gigantic Pressure move resembles Hell and Heaven, and he refers to his Kinniku... erm, Potemkin Buster as his 48th Certain-Kill Technique.
    • Also, several of his stuff is inspired by Led Zeppelin, such as his theme song ("Burly Heart") sounding very "Kashmir"-like the name of his nation being Zepp.
    • His fist attack is called "HammerFall", both a reference to the Queen's song "Hammer To Fall" and the Power Metal band of the same name.
    • He also shares his own name with that of the eponymous battleship that underwent a mutiny. (Or at least, the movie of it) Ironically, his GG 1 ending shows him and Gabriel as preparing to instigate a rebellion against Zepp's corrupt leaders.
    • His Xrd redesign bears a striking resemblance to both Alphonse and Panzerfaust. He even has the letter "Z" emblazoned on his shirt, possibly referring to Mike Zaimont (Skullgirls' creator and former professional Potemkin player).
  • Millia Rage was named after the metal band Meliah Rage.
    • Very deep inside, her surname may be a reference to the metal band Rage as well.
    • Her Instant Kill is called Iron Maiden.
    • One of her attacks is also called Iron Savior.
    • Another one is called "Winger", a reference to a Hard Rock band from The Eighties.
    • And her theme song "Writhe In Pain" may be a reference to Impel's song of the same name.
    • The magic technique that lets her control her hair is named "Angra", for a Brazilian metal band.
  • Bridget's "Shoot The Moon" attack is a reference to the Mr Big song of the same name. Cleverly enough, it's also an actual yo-yo trick.
    • And his "Kickstart My Heart" attack is a reference to a Mötley Crüe song of the same name.
    • His bear is named Roger.
  • Zato-ONE, has an attack called "Break The Law".
    • Also, an attack called "Black In Mind", another reference to Rage.
    • There's also "Shadow Gallery", another of his attacks, named for the Progressive Rock band of the same name.
    • And his name is a reference to Zatoichi, (ichi = one) the blind samurai.
    • After the death of his VA, he was Killed Off for Real, and his shadow Eddie took his body. Guess what's the reason of his name.
    • Eddie itself is a lot like the Venom symbiote which bonded with Eddie Brock in the Marvel Comics.
    • One of his victory pose looks like Dio's "WRYYYYYY" pose. Made even funnier that Eddie's VA later voiced Dio for the TV anime and the All Star Battle fighting game.
  • Kliff Undersn's attack "Soul Survivor" can also be called "Sole Survivor". It might also reference the album by the Dutch Death Metal band Gorefest.
  • Chipp Zanuff's name comes from the band Enuff Znuff.
    • His teleportation move also appears to be a direct reference to Dragon Ball Z, specifically Goku's Instant Transmission technique.
  • Dizzy and Johnny are shared references to The Goo Goo Dolls.
    • In Dizzy's case, one of her Overdrives, freshly taken from her mother Justice, is called "Gamma Ray".
      • Her name can be another allusion to Guns N' Roses, by way of Dizzy Reed, their keyboardist.
    • Johnny, according to That Other Wiki, not only by his name, but in his outfit and long hair, may be a reference to Johnny Winter.
    • There's also a chance that Johnny, in all of his black-clothed glory, is a reference to the original Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash.
    • And the narcissistic personality is also reminiscent of Johnny Cage.
    • Johnny also has some clear parallels with Zorro. The black clothes, the bandit style, the swordsmanship - it's all there. Heck, one of his Overdrives even inflicts a Zorro Mark on his opponent!
  • A.B.A., a Canon Immigrant from Isuka. Her name is clearly a reference to the swedish pop group ABBA, as well as to ternary form in music.
    • Kind of a long shot, but A.B.A.'s key companion, Paracelsus, could have some inspiration from the band Laibach's side-project album Paracelsus.
    • Also, she uses a key with blade-like properties.
  • Baiken is a female Kenshin Himura.
  • I-No's character design is based off of Japanese rock singer Shiina Ringo, complete with her trademark mole {which she had removed}, guitar, and her bobbed haircut from her early days.
    • Her name could be a reference to Brian Eno, and her guitaring win pose shouts out to Eddie Van Halen.
    • And the solo she plays in that win pose sounds exactly like the beginning of the guitar solo in Mr. Crowley.
  • Faust, a.k.a Dr. Baldhead, is named for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's famous play, although he shares the name with the drummer of Emperor and the German band Faust. "Going My Way?" could possibly be referencing "Are You Gonna Go My Way?".
  • Leopaldon is the name of an electronica/house band.
  • Fanny, from the portable Guilty Gear Petit titles, shares her name with the alias of Fraser Runciman, a proponent of the breakcore genre.
  • Zako-Dan of Isuka might have been inspired after Team Rocket.
    • Specifically, Zako-C is an Anime Chinese Girl who not only has clawed gloves, but also wears a Qipao that doesn't cover her back and has Odango Hair... Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? Well, one of her palettes you get to see during GG Boost even makes her look perfectly like an Alpha Chun-Li.
  • Overdrive, basically GG-ese for "super move", can be seen as a reference to the guitar amplifier effect of the same name. note 
  • Gig, the boss of Guilty Gear Dust Strikers is classified as a Megadeth-class Gear.
  • Some texts in Accent Core Plus uses Iron Maiden font.
  • Bedman, the new character for Xrd, is named after Bedemon, a side project of heavy metal band Pentagram.
  • Elphelt has a rose motif in her design and wields guns. Guns N' Roses
    • She has the words "You could be mine" on her dress somewhere, a possible reference to the Gun N' Roses song of the same name.
    • Annother possible Guns N' Roses connection, she shares her birthday with the character Axl and Dizzy who are named after Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses.
    • Design-wise, she resembles Hisui and Kohaku from Tsukihime. Her fighting style, however, is similar to Roberta from Black Lagoon.
  • In Accent Core Plus R, the Dust color of color set 1 is a reference to BlazBlue.
    • Sol is Ragna, which adds in another Shout-Out because both are similar to each other and Ragna's Guilty Gear skin is based on Sol.
    • Ky is Jin, which adds in another Shout-Out because both resemble one another and Jin's Guilty Gear skin is based on Ky.
    • I-No is Nine.
    • May is Platinum.
    • Eddie is Carl.
    • Millia is Noel.
    • Axl is Hazama.
    • Potemkin is Tager, which adds in another Shout-Out because both both are similar to each other and Tager's Guilty Gear skin is based on Potemkin.
    • Chipp is Bang.
    • Baiken is Bullet.
    • Jam is Makoto.
    • Anji is Azrael.
    • Johnny is Hakumen, which adds in another Shout-Out because Hakumen is identical to Johnny in terms of weapons & fighting style and that both are McSamurai.
    • Venom is Relius, which adds in another Shout-Out because both share the same Japanese voice actor.
    • Dizzy is Mu-12, which adds in another Shout-Out because both are similar to each other and Mu-12's Guilty Gear skin is based on Dizzy.
    • Bridget and A.B.A. are Kokonoe.
    • Slayer is Rachel.
    • Zappa is Arakune.
    • Order Sol is Tsubaki.
    • Kliff is Valkenhayn.
    • Faust is Litchi.
    • Justice is Nu-13, which adds in another Shout-Out because both are similar to each other and Nu-13's Guilty Gear skin is based on Justice.

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