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In general

Guilty Gear 2:Overture

  • The RTS/hack n' slash hybrid Guilty Gear 2 Overture has Mission 13, where you get to play as the then-unavailable-to-players fan favorite Ky Kiske, with Dr. Paradigm as your AI partner. You must defend your castle's gate while freeing Paradigm's servants from Valentine's control. All to the tune of a rearranged version of "Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)," Ky's Leitmotif. HELL. YES. And it still plays if you do it in Free Mission mode, where you get to play as any character.
  • Overture mission 19: Sol charges towards Valentine's fortress while the awesome boss theme "Diva" plays at the background. It gets more intense as Valentine is going through a Villainous Breakdown and is screaming psychotically while Sol is fighting her.
    Valentine: "I don't care about mother anymore! Disappear! OBLITERATE!"

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

  • The Reveal of this new game is truly an epic moment in Guilty Gear history. After almost five years of nothing but Updated Re-release and ASW's attention to BlazBlue, the surprise trailer at the Arc Festival made grown men cry.
    • There's so much hype that the trailer had 600,000+ views in four days, never had any ASW video generated such traffic
  • The visual effects in the game are in a league all their own! The reveal trailer shows what appears to be top-notch sprite animations as Sol and Ky chat before going at it. The moments their blades clash, though, the action pauses, and the camera pans around, revealing that they weren't sprites at all, but 3D models animated in a style that mirrored sprite animation! As a result, the gameplay retains its frenetic 2D fighting style while allowing for seamless, dynamic camera transitions for intro animations, super attacks, instant-kills, and victory poses. Just putting it into words does little justice to how amazing it looks: one must really see it in motion to truly appreciate it!
    • Junya Motomura explained how the team approached and developed their look at the 2015 GDC here, and it really exemplifies just how much work and control they needed to use to create the effects and make them look flawless. More importantly, it emphasizes that the tools and concepts they worked with were old. Xrd could have been made years ago, if anyone had tried. It's just that ASW and Team RED in specific were lucky enough to have the 2D experience needed to look at the 3D engine from a new angle plus a ready reference in their old games to see what look they were aiming for. The result is something that looks more distinctive than many games made with current-gen technology, and was previously thought near-impossible.
  • The character entrances are crowning moments and graphics of awesome
    • Sol lights a bullet he is biting like cigarette and tosses it to the air. He loads it to his sword then taunts his opponent.
    • Ky walks in like a king, removes his blue cape, charges his electric sword and prepares for battle.
    • Never had a pool cue more badass than movie stars until Venom shows up with his buckled up case, takes the stick out and does a fabulous hair flip!
    • Potemkin gets dropped from altitude in a metal box that opens with retro-rockets to slow its fall. Suddenly, he ejects and slams onto the ground, skidding to a stop before rearing to his full height, ready for battle.
    • May enters the stage riding a dolphin.
    • From a pool of dark mass arises a strange black creature, and from that black creature emerges its master, Zato=ONE!
    • Ramlethal comes speeding to the battlefield at high speeds before slowly touching down on the ground. She is accompanied by her two BFSs shortly thereafter.
    • Leo enters a battle with two rows of guardsmen by his sides, brandishing his weapons and reciting a Badass Boast with the guardsmen joining in. The intro ends with a closeup of his face as he gives his opponent a daring look.
  • When Sol wins when he's in Dragon Install he roars and engulf himself in flames.
    • Dragon Install also gives Sol a new outro, Instant Kill animation, and theme song.
  • If you manage to undo Ky's hair, Holy Orders III from Overture will play through the round.
  • Can we just give it up for the new Instant Kills in Xrd in general? Thanks to the new graphics engine and dynamic camera angles, they've managed to reach a mind-blowing new level of bad-ass.
  • The story mode, while lacking any fights similar to BlazBlue or Persona, also deserve mention due to the dynamic animations. As well as conveying more of what happens in 3D!
  • Johnny going toe-to-toe with Bedman in story mode. It almost makes up for his playable absence, seeing such a beloved fan favorite take on one of the most powerful villains of the current arc.
    • Same goes for Gabriel, the scene definitely proving his fighting ability. No wonder he was a rival of Slayer's in the past!
    • Same goes for Zato-1, who immediately understands Bedman's abilities and how to counter them. That brief No Sell moment was one of the few times in which Bedman looks scared.
  • Sol riding an ICBM. 'Nuff Said.
  • Sol pulling an Enemy Mine with That Man, of all people, to channel enough raw power from The Backyard to shatter The Cradle's otherwise unbreakable shield.
  • Ky standing up and killing Axus after the latter riddled him with bullets. It also reveals that one of Ky's eyes can turn red, the mark of a Gear.
  • Hey guys, remember Fausts's kancho? It's back, and now it's a cinematic move. It's both awesome and really damn funny.
  • During story mode while Chipp is getting curbstomped by Bedman, not only does Zato intervene for his own reasons, but in the very short amount of time they fight Zato announces that he's figured out how Bedman fights and how it's hardly a threat to him. He actually intimidates Bedman a bit, who begrudgingly asks if Zato could just go back to being dead.
    • Leo eventually figures it out too: The further Bedman is going to teleport, the longer it takes for him to charge it up, meaning if he's warping rapidly it's likely to stay in his opponent's face.
  • The return of Dizzy? So meltingly heartwarming. Then there's the moment she unleashes her Gamma Ray to help destroy the clone Justice. The look of her eyes pretty much tells that Dizzy has her powers more under control, and she's not quite the scaredy cat like she was in the past.