Funny: Guilty Gear

    Guilty Gear to Guilty Gear XX:AC 

  • Bridget's third ending in Guilty Gear XX. Johnny gets an Unsettling Gender Reveal:
    Johnny: "I can't believe I tried to seduce another man..."
    Zappa: "Dear Mother, I saved a hurt girl in the woods. She's cute and surely wife material, but she's really a guy..."
  • Everytime Faust performs his GGX/EX Install Kill where his victims clothes are ripped and their hairs turn to Afro style. Can also be counted as Crowning Momentof Awesome.
  • Similarly, May's IK has her whole crew(except Johnny) on a stampede. You get knocked down eventually by their big, fat cook.
  • Robo-Ky. In battle, in artworks, in story.
    • In Night of Knives, Slayer narrates how two Robo-Ky's met each other. The two of them argues which one is the original and had a mallet smacking contest. The two of them hid in a cave to avoid rust and agreed to become allies. After another argument, RK 1 ran off to the rain and RK 2 chases it and calls it an idiot for making it worry. However, RK 2 encountered the "dame-original" (Ky Kiske) who attacks it with Ride the Lighting. When RK 2 thought that it died it realized that RK 1 took the hit for him.
      The scene turns into a sad one in which RK 2 grieves over the loss of RK 1 (although it’s more about the loss of RK 1’s data) while Ky looks on such a pitiful scene. RK 2 calls him a murderer, Ky apologizes and tries to put his friend back together, but it appears sad (funny) and just plain pointless. RK 1 says that “that’s enough idiot”…to RK 2…making this even more pitiful. The last things on it’s “breath” are an insult before entering final sleep mode.(Blade's Summary)
    • In Accent Core. He hits on every female character he encounters(except May because she's "too young") and rejects the repairs offered to him by Crow.
    (To Crow): YOU FAIL AS HUMAN!
    • His reply to Crow when he was told that Ky escaped (after bragging his win over the original.)
    Robo Ky: SHIT HAPPENS.
  • Zappa's 2nd ending in Accent Core where his illness was "cured" by Faust. The doctor found out that Zappa's handsome face was that one that attracted the ghost S-Ko, so to exorcise him, Faust gave him a nasty plastic surgery that made his face look like Picasso's painting.
  • Dizzy's 1st ending in Accent Core where she is telling Johnny to finish his meal fast so she could go to Ky's place for their investigative sessions. Johnny, having noticed her fondness of him asks her if everything's going well with him(romantically.) Dizzy, as innocent as ever, doesn't understand what Johnny meant and left happily. Johnny, as a worried guardian, mentally told himself that someone like Ky Kiske wouldn't take advantage of Dizzy.
    Johnny: (I doubt that chump would do anything anyway...)
    • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you know that Ky and Dizzy will eventually live together and have an illegitimate child in the future.
  • Jam's story modes. She spends almost her entire story in Accent Core Plus trying to get people to eat at her restaurant and beating them senseless when they refuse. In one ending, it culminates in her knocking Crow unconscious and dragging him back to her restaurant. There's also Millia and Venom getting into a drunken argument and destroying her restaurant in GGX 2.
  • Venom's horrified reaction to Jam calling the Assassin's Guild a ball-poking club.
  • Faust's Scalpel Enema attack is prone forcing hilarious reactions from its recipients, but Eddie has most likely taken the crown for the most entertaining and controller-dropping reaction in AC+. His response?
  • Chipp's story mode in AC+ where he campaigns for his presidency and ends up being "allies" with... assassins! Take note that he has no evil intentions, it's just that he doesn't understand the implications.
  • Some of Slayer's Quotes shows how loose he is with Sharon...
    (Against Self): "Do you really think Sharon would mistake you for me? Ah! Why are you so nervous, Sharon?"
    (Against Bridget) "If you master those skills, I'd happily be your patron....Sharon? It's just a figure of speech!"
    (Against Axl) " Your looks are deceiving. Is that your secret? Hm? Don't look at Sharon like that!"
    • Again from Slayer:
    (Against Zappa) "Obsession is also a form of love. Of course, you should choose a spouse carefully. Right, Sharon?"
    (Against Faust) " I find humans fascinating because someone like you comes along once in a while."
  • Getting a little meta here but this is rather funny regardless. As of right now, there is this little YouTube series called Guilty Bits... A set of basic character tutorials on the characters of Guilty Gear XX AC+ and some of the changes coming in AC+R. For the most part it fairly straight forward, and then we get to Potemkin... which is given a guess narrator, The Russ...Zeppian (aka Mike Zaimont, Yes, that "Mike Z") espousing the wonders of Zepp Science, the superiority of Communism and Real Sov...Zeppian Damage!

    Guilty Gear 2 

  • In Overture Mission 15, Izuna showcases his wisdom on friendship:
    Izuna: A person who won’t fight when a friend is in need is not a coward. There's a different word for that...A Chicken Breast!
    Sol: Chicken breast!?
    Izuna: And I am no chicken breast, sir!
  • Sol repeatedly kicks Sin in the head in Overture, even after deprogramming the latter's brainwashing.
  • The ending of Overture, where we hear Ky laughing the first time because he sees his younger self at his son.
    • Don't forget that right after, Ky adressed his son informally and said "the hell." It's the first time Ky mentioned something really out of his character.
    • This is even funnier in Japanese because Sin is telling Ky to address him with the pronoun omae or temee which are more informal than anata. And out of the two choices, Ky picked temee which is roughly equivalent to him calling his own son "bastard."

    Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- 

  • The fact that Sol's Dragon Install is able to be struck by Instant Kills, giving him new lines.
  • Chipp's look of horror as he gets a Potemkin Buster . Also comes off as Fridge Brilliance as Chipp has the most miserable health bar among the characters.
    • Actually, almost ALL characters get hilariously terrified by that attack. Except for Leo; he just remains totally calm and states that Potemkin, of all people, can't really hurt him. This gets better if Potemkin finishes the round with the attack.
  • Faust's kancho returns! Much to I-No's joy, Millia's pleasure, and Sol and Potemkin's horror.
  • Speaking of Faust, his Instant Kill, "This", has him performing surgery on his opponent's face, ending with the victim looking either obscenely cute (with either a Pie-Eyed or Black Bead Eyes variant), completely blunt, or exaggeratedly beautiful, all while Ode to Joy is blaring in the background with Faust as the conductor/surgeon. And then cue the victim's reaction...
    Elphelt: (Blunt) "This is what stress does to you!"
    Sol: (Pie Eyed) "This can't be happening..."
    Chipp: (Pie Eyed and Blunt respectively) "KAWAII!" / "MANLY!"
    Ky: (Blunt) "My new life begins..."
    Bedman: (Beautiful) "Your definition of beauty is troublesome, it seems to derive from consensus, and I can say with certainty that the majority of subjects would reject this look."
    Leo: (Beautiful) "Put it Back! Ky already fills this niche!"
    Ramlethal: (Bead Eyes) " cute."
    May: (Bead Eyes) "Uh, I guess it's cute?"
    Leo: (Pie Eyed) "H-Have I become an...anime?"
    I-No: (Blunt) "This does NOT match my top."
    Bedman' (Pie Eyed) " kawaii! I must savor this; document it. Yes! From the right side, adjust to a 66.6 degree angle of inclination and snap!"
    • And when Faust performs this Instant Kill on Sol Badguy, what does our resident Bad Ass main character, the "Flame of Corruption" do as Faust preps the surgery? Tremble in fear. Do note, he's one of the only characters to have this kind of reaction, aside from Sin, Elphelt and Leo.
    • Another worthy mention goes to Zato-1 and mirror Faust, as Faust somehow manages to plant eyes right on top of their blindfold/paper bag.
  • Venom's instant kill has always been to turn his opponent into a pool ball and take a shot at them. Xrd ramps this up by turning it into a cinematic attack, allowing the player to see exactly what their opponent looks like as a pool ball and their looks of horror (Except Zato is obliviously smiling the entire time since he can't see what's coming).
  • The end of Potemkin's Instant Kill in Xrd has him smashing his opponent through the ground, causing them to end up on the other side of the earth. (complete with a palmtree!)
  • In general, the new style of graphics allows the game show a lot of hilarious expressions from the victim of certain overdrives and instant kills. May's new Instant Kill, in which she and April stuff the enemy into the Mayship's cannon and turn them into a Human Cannonball, is another good example.
    Ky: "D-Don't tell me this— / Perhaps we should think this over?"
    May: "Wh-What's going on...? / Oh man, I got a really bad feeling about this..."
    Sol: "H-Hey! What the hell are you—!? / You're kidding me with this shit, right? RIGHT!?"
    Leo: "I this cannon made for royalty? / Stand back, children. I am a gentleman of such high caliber that this cannon may explode when it attempts to fire me! I would hate for you to be hit by the debris!"
  • Chipp's arcade ending, where he defeats Valentine, laments that nobody's actually seen him beat her and gets no credit, can't make heads or tails of Valentine's Magi Babble, then tells Valentine not to underestimate PRESIDENT CHIPP ZANUFF when she insists the Senate's schemes cannot be stopped.
  • Bedman's Instant Kill has his victim live through their greatest fears, which can be hilarious in some cases. Like Slayer's fear of his lover Sharon finding him with another woman. Or Chipp's fear of losing the election by one lousy vote.
    • Bedman, when he isn't being creepy is hilarious. Whether it is due to his bed's bizarre animations (which include turning into a cradle or dream catcher) or his Motor Mouth that leads to long tangents. Made funnier that he dislikes talkative people.
  • Elphelt's winpose. She takes out a marriage certificate (from between her breasts no less), asks the opponent to sign it, and then starts rambling on and on for 15 seconds about the wedding before getting a nosebleed from over-excitement and falling over.
    • Elphelt's win quotes against the male characters too. They're all amusingly funny, but it reaches the peak of absurdity when she tries to persuade Ky to divorce his own wife.
    • Elphelt's Instant Kill: The Magnum Wedding deserves mention too. She fires a bullet "For my First Love!" at the foe's heart. Upon sulking, the poor sap goes gaga over her and falls head over heels for her. Most of them, save for Ky, Venom, Zato-1, and Bedman. As with Faust, the sucker's last words before fainting are funny.
    Ky: "I have a wife and child, not make me do this!
    Chipp: "Answer! Go get a marriage certificate! NOW!"
    Milla: "Have I chosen the Yuri route?"
    Zato-1: "I have to Decline!"
    Leo: "My subjects...I give you...OUR QUEEN!"
    Ramlethal: "Is this my true self?"
    • How about Elphelt's Respect pose, where she shows her true power and goes all Super Mode but it turns out to be one huge Imagine bubble where she's merely dreaming about going Super Mode.
  • When Sin loses to a light attack, his crumple animation involves him giving his opponent a thumbs up.
  • Slayer's Instant Kill generates a haiku based on a collection of randomized quotes. This leads to some amusing...and unfortunate...combinations.
    "I remove my clothes / Devoid of reason and thought / With my alien"
    • And no matter how random his haikus may be, his opponent is invariably impressed with how good they are.
  • Many members of the cast seem to mistake Potemkin for a robot, but Axl actually manages to validate those claims.
    Axl: (in his win-quote against Potemkin) I started wondering if you had some gorilla in the old family tree so I checked it out. No gorilla but there is a robot, as it turns out. Bit surprising.
  • Justifying fan reaction, Millia straight up admits she mistook Ky for a woman in one of her winquotes.
  • The tutorial mode. Sin insists that Sol call him "Professor" for this mode, something Sol, obviously, isn't keen on. But he gets payback when they get to the 'Throws' segment of the tutorial.
    Sin: Sweet. Next is...a 'throw'. Hey! This one can't be blocked either! Huh? Hm, guess you don't have anything to throw...Lemme find a practice dummy.
    Sol: Don't waste your time. I've got a dummy right here.
    Sin: Huh? Where? ...Aw no, don't tell me...
    Sol: (clearly happy about this) ...Hope you're ready.
    (once the player is done, they move on to the 'Air Throws' segment)
    Sin: G-Gah...! That hurt! You're gonna crack my head open!
    Sol: Hmph...What's next?
    Sin: Um, it says 'Air Throw' but—N-No, not again!
    Sol: Excellent.
  • Crossing over with Crowning Moment of Awesome, we have Faust placing the beacon in Chapter 7-B. Must be seen to be believed.
  • Sol is as half-assed as ever when it comes to explanations.
    Sin: So what were they talking about? That St. Elmo thing or whatever it was.
    Sol: It's a big-ass lightning bolt.
    Sin: What?! Why are we supposed to care about that?!
    Ky: Ugh... Can't you ever actually EXPLAIN anything?
    Sol: I thought we agreed you didn't get to tell me how to raise this kid.
    • Ky, unsatisfied with Sol's explanation, goes into a short talk about the history of St. Elmo's Fire, an event that happens every 13 years that once saved a group of Knights from overwhelming odds during the Crusades. Sin finally comes to a conclusion.
    Sin: Y-yeah, I guess so. So's a big-ass lightning bolt.
    Sol: Exactly.
    Ky: (with an utterly worried expression) ("I fear for his future...")
  • Elphelt's and Sin's attempts to make Ramlethal smile. Sin tries telling jokes. It fails. Ram, annoyed, tries to oblige, but can only make an evil, sharp-toothed grin (which might bring Taokaka to mind). Then Sin brings her a burger from 'Danny Missiles', and Ram's mind is blown while commenting it is salty.
  • Leo's and president Vernon's reactions to Dr. Paradigm's casual reveal that the Opus, artificial super soldiers created to combat Valentine threat and fielded all over the world are basically Gears is utterly hilarious.
  • Leo in general.
  • The reason why Dr. Paradigm no longer has to be in a bubble to breath, which basically amounts as a response to Sin asking "If you're so smart, why don't you create a spell that allows you to breath air?".
  • The fact that the emotionless Omnicidal Maniac Ramlethal dislikes arthropods.
  • In the Christmas colors DLC, most characters gets colours that consist mainly of red and white, with the occasional green on them. What does Chipp get? A reindeer themed coloration (with a red nose to boot)!
  • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Sol's apology to Ky because of how Sin turned out.
    Sol: ... I'm sorry Ky. There's a small chance I may have failed as a mentor and guardian
    Ky: (...small...?)
  • Behold, the Sol Badguy system voice pack, which is 100% in-character.
    *selects Faust* "The crazy doctor."
    *selects Sin* "Sin the dumbass."
    *selects Slayer* "The old bastard who won't retire."
    *Ky vs. Millia match coming up* "Delinquent king... and, uh... Hair."
    *Axl vs. I-no match coming up* "Worthless... and, uh... Damn guitarist."
    *Bedman vs. Zato-1 match coming up* "Sleepy-head... and, uh... Emo."