Music: Dimmu Borgir

When I have seen your church go up in flames
and you are weeping I will laugh
When I have seen you mourn over loved ones
I will feel bliss when your mortal souls is in ruins
I will grin in the shadows
For that gives me pleasure
Tormenting a Christian soul
—Tormentor of Christian Souls

Dimmu Borgir are a Norwegian symphonic black metal band that, along with bands like Keep of Kalessin and Cradle of Filth, represents the more commercial and accessible end of black (or proto-black) metal. Instantly recognizable for their clean, keyboard-laden sound, and their staunchly anti-Christian lyrics, Dimmu Borgir have carved out a unique niche for themselves both inside and outside of the Black Metal world, particularly in recent times. Still, they are quite divisive in the anti-commercial black metal scene; many black metal fans/brainless meanie elitists/heroes ov the underworld/whatever lament their steady move towards a more commercial, less raw sound.

In 1993, the year of their formation, Dimmu Borgir played pretty standard Black Metal, very similar to what their fellow Norwegians were doing at the time. While you'll find the occasional fan of their early work, most of the black metal community agrees that it was nothing particularly special or innovative. Only with their third release, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, did Dimmu Borgir begin to do anything particularly original. While still quite similar to the work of a band like Emperor, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant was where Dimmu Borgir began to set themselves apart from the stock standard Black Metal tropes and techniques.

Since then, Dimmu Borgir have kept up a steady schedule of releases and tours, with no signs of stopping.

Dimmu Borgir are very divisive, so remember the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement
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