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Music: The Dillinger Escape Plan
Flying guitarists are a lot more common in this line of work than you might think.

Related Acts:
  • Arcane (former band of Ben Weinman, Chris Pennie and Dmitri Minakakis)
  • Coheed and Cambria (former drummer Chris Pennie currently plays in them)
  • Jesuit (former guitarist Brian Benoit played in them, alongside future Converge bassist Nate Newton)
  • Mike Patton (collaborated for one EP)
  • Starkweather (Liam Wilson)

The Dillinger Escape Plan (currently stylized as The Dillinger ESC Plan) is a Metalcore band from New Jersey. They formed in 1997 after the split-up of Arcane, a fairly run-of-the-mill hardcore band that guitarist Ben Weinman, drummer Chris Pennie and singer Dmitri Minakakis played in. Building on the proto-mathcore sound of bands like Converge, Cave In and Botch, they developed an extremely technically demanding mathcore style based on speedy tempos, furious time-signature changes, shouted/screamed vocals and purposefully jarring shifts in rhythm and tone. Following the release of their first album, their music started to become even more experimental, incorporating sung vocals, industrial & electronic textures and a greater interest in melody.

Despite what the above description might suggest and their being arguably one of the most extreme bands in the world, they maintain a decidedly light-hearted approach to their music (especially in a genre known for po-faced-ness) and their songs are much more quirky and eccentric than might be expected. The band has had numerous lineup changes, to the point that lead guitarist Ben Weinman is the sole remaining founding member.

The current line-up consists of:

  • Greg Puciato (vocals)
  • Ben Weinman (guitar, backing vocals, piano, electronics, management)
  • James Love (rhythm guitar - live only)
  • Liam Wilson (bass)
  • Billy Rymer (drums)

Studio albums and other releases:

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan (1997) - EP
  • Under The Running Board (1998) - EP
  • Calculating Infinity (1999)
  • Irony is a Dead Scene (2002) - an EP-length collaboration with Mike Patton
  • Miss Machine (2004)
  • Plagiarism (2006) - EP
  • Ire Works (2007)
  • Option Paralysis (2010)
  • One of Us is the Killer (2013)

The band provides examples of:

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ConvergeMetalcoreThe Agonist
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