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Converge is a crossover Heavy Metal-Hardcore Punk band formed in 1990 in Salem, Massachusetts, which has released seven studio albums to date. Considered to be a founding father of the Metalcore and Mathcore genres, the band helped define many facets of metallic hardcore for many bands to come.

They are well-known for their early and distinctive blend of extreme metal, hardcore punk and noise rock, coupled with the various vocal stylings of vocalist Jacob Bannon. As such they have a very distinctive musical style, albeit one which is very abrasive and possibly unpleasant to first-time listeners. Despite this, over the years Converge has won a large fanbase and critical acclaim, with Sputnikmusic declaring that their 2001 release Jane Doe was the best album of the decade.

The band currently consists of:
  • Jacob Bannon (vocals, lyrics, visual art)
  • Kurt Ballou (guitar, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, theremin, saxophone, percussion, recording/production)
  • Nate Newton (bass guitar, vocals)
  • Ben Koller (drums, vocals)

Studio albums:
  • Halo in a Haystack, 1994
  • Petitioning The Empty Sky, 1996 (1997 as a remastered release)
  • When Forever Comes Crashing, 1998
  • Jane Doe, 2001
  • You Fail Me, 2004
  • No Heroes, 2006
  • Axe to Fall, 2009
  • All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012

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