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Pentagram is a Doom Metal band formed by Bobby Liebling and Geof O’Keefe in 1971. They have been active on and off since then, with Liebling being the sole constant member. While Pentagram has been extremely influential to the genre, often being viewed as an American Black Sabbath, success has eluded them until only very recently, when their numerous 1970s demos were finally given an official release. Liebling had written hundreds of songs in the 70s that to this day he still re-records (or records in the first place), yet claims to have not written since then. Pentagram's music, in retrospect, is often seen as ahead of its time, as their debut self-titled album came out in the middle of the 80s (15 years after their first formation), during the days of Speed Metal and Thrash Metal.

While much of the signature sound and vision is credited to Bobby Liebling, Pentagram's numerous failures are also due to his constant screw-ups, notably being very difficult to work with (costing several major record deals and an inability to keep a stable line-up) and crippling addictions to crack cocaine and heroin. His struggles to keep sober, as well as Pentagram's first real taste of success, are documented in a 2012 documentary called Last Days Here.


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