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Projects: Long Term/Perpetual
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new postpinnedDirectory (Ongoing threads you might be looking for)40Fri, 25th Apr '14 10:30:56 PM
new postSubpages cleanup: Complete Monster 29,452 Wed, 20th Aug '14 7:35:20 PM
new postGeneral Page Quote Discussion: 2,755 Wed, 20th Aug '14 12:56:16 PM
new postReal Life section maintenance (NEW CROWNER 8/17/14)
20th Jan '13 11:59 PM
3,081 Wed, 20th Aug '14 12:32:42 PM
new postPages that need the YMMV banner1,474 Wed, 20th Aug '14 10:06:03 AM
new postYKTTW Crash Rescue - Fixing prematurely launched YKTTWs and pages2,189 Wed, 20th Aug '14 8:26:03 AM
new postFixing zero context examples549 Wed, 20th Aug '14 8:20:46 AM
new postPages that Need Crosswicking84 Wed, 20th Aug '14 5:58:43 AM
new postFive-Man Band cleanup759 Wed, 20th Aug '14 12:42:25 AM
new postBadass tropes - currently on (titles crowner 7/21/14): Big Badass Bird Of Prey 706Tue, 19th Aug '14 8:54:11 AM
new postNamespace Migration Project Statistics165Sun, 17th Aug '14 11:55:22 AM
new postWick Migration1,229Sun, 17th Aug '14 8:49:41 AM
new postFan Work Recommendations?2Fri, 15th Aug '14 1:37:06 AM
new postFixing SelfDemonstratingArticles27Wed, 13th Aug '14 10:57:34 PM
new postremoving 'this troper' from sugar wiki and nightmare fuel. 79Tue, 12th Aug '14 2:21:50 AM
new postThe Analysis Namespace.130Mon, 11th Aug '14 9:11:43 AM
new postThe Works Pot Hole Liberation Movement44Mon, 11th Aug '14 4:06:04 AM
new postImproving work and creator page descriptions125Sun, 10th Aug '14 1:26:00 AM
new postTrope Description Improvement Drive1,297Fri, 8th Aug '14 4:54:08 PM
new postReal Life People Cleanup Project215Fri, 8th Aug '14 2:25:25 PM
new postTrope Misuse Cleanup In General29Wed, 6th Aug '14 4:30:00 PM
new postPlaying With Wiki: General Cleanup and Writing Help60Wed, 6th Aug '14 9:23:34 AM
new postThe Grand and Unified Appearance Trope Clean Up (now on ThighHighBoots)823Tue, 5th Aug '14 6:44:26 PM
new postExpy Cleanup Thread45Tue, 5th Aug '14 6:29:13 PM
new postLaconic Description Improvement150Tue, 5th Aug '14 2:57:57 PM
new postCleaning up Headscratchers?2Tue, 5th Aug '14 12:04:27 PM
new postA few more Missing Supertropes which are needed70Tue, 5th Aug '14 9:12:30 AM
new postGetting Crap Past the Radar cleanup85Mon, 28th Jul '14 11:37:38 PM
new postFixing Creator/ pages to remove personal tropes.38Sun, 27th Jul '14 1:16:31 PM
new postViolations of the Spoiler Policy23Fri, 25th Jul '14 3:32:07 PM
new postMoving Trivia onto the Trivia/ pages8Fri, 25th Jul '14 4:53:21 AM
new postInbound Watch71Fri, 25th Jul '14 1:20:00 AM
new posttoo-long page repair.1,271Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:28:37 AM
new postRemoving complaining, bashing and other negativity from the wiki438Mon, 21st Jul '14 1:19:48 AM
new postRegarding the Trivia namespace (crowner restarted Aug 17)1,081Sun, 20th Jul '14 12:11:55 PM
new postHyphen Migration62Sun, 20th Jul '14 12:03:01 PM
new postSinfest has restructred its linking system14Sat, 19th Jul '14 1:39:07 AM
new postNATTER ALERT!1,384Wed, 16th Jul '14 3:24:41 PM
new postCreating Franchise Pages Wherever Appropriate117Tue, 15th Jul '14 2:23:36 PM
new postUseful Notes with media examples14Thu, 10th Jul '14 9:58:36 PM
new postFix Up Example Indentation Wherever It Is58Thu, 10th Jul '14 8:56:28 AM
new postCleanup help needed 374Sun, 6th Jul '14 2:58:41 PM
new postBroken External Links40Thu, 3rd Jul '14 8:10:43 AM
new postOver-Inclusive Trope Examples4Tue, 10th Jun '14 7:32:51 PM
new postP5 Cleanup pile and lewdness issues257Mon, 9th Jun '14 4:00:12 AM
new postFirst Installment and Franchise separation84Wed, 4th Jun '14 12:41:02 PM
new postPokemon Episode Recaps9Tue, 3rd Jun '14 10:03:36 PM
new postRemoving Gushing from the Wiki157Mon, 2nd Jun '14 1:52:06 PM
new postToo many tropes being labeled "Medium-specific"?191Thu, 22nd May '14 7:06:03 PM
new postPutting examples in alphabetical order42Thu, 15th May '14 7:21:17 PM
new postGrand WMG Reorganisation39Tue, 13th May '14 3:40:43 AM
new postExample Sorting - Video Games19Sat, 3rd May '14 1:39:03 AM
new postPage Type Corrections5Fri, 4th Apr '14 5:07:08 PM
new postCrowning Moment of X cleanup project3Thu, 3rd Apr '14 9:38:12 AM
new postComplete Monster Clean Up Compendium 1Tue, 11th Mar '14 4:56:05 PM
new post"TropeName: Type X" Cleanup90Tue, 25th Feb '14 4:52:31 AM
new postMusic/Travis keeps redirecting to the Troper9Thu, 13th Feb '14 12:46:56 AM
new postAdding context to ZCE's12Tue, 24th Dec '13 9:54:48 AM
new postCalling all Grammar police!40Mon, 16th Dec '13 9:14:58 AM
new postThe Great Wrestling Cleanup Thread1Thu, 5th Dec '13 4:11:26 AM
new postRemoving Fan Myopia from Descriptions96Fri, 29th Nov '13 6:30:06 PM
new postWeblinks Are Not Examples 40Wed, 23rd Oct '13 9:30:10 AM
new postEvil search words.26Sun, 6th Oct '13 7:04:33 PM
new postMaintaining cleanups29Sat, 17th Aug '13 6:07:51 AM
new postCreator pages - which ones should be made?9Wed, 14th Aug '13 10:38:25 AM
new postKeep Our Indexes Alphabetical14Wed, 17th Jul '13 3:39:58 AM
new postMoving character tropes into Character pages.2Mon, 15th Jul '13 4:59:53 PM
new postSo Bad It's Horrible Cleanup42Tue, 9th Jul '13 11:55:16 AM
new postMaking sure animated movie entries go in film.28Wed, 3rd Jul '13 12:28:54 AM
new postEnsemble Darkhorse Cleanup12Fri, 28th Jun '13 6:26:50 AM
new postWeapon Of Choice clean up10Wed, 5th Jun '13 12:13:22 AM
new postOur Monsters Are Different Snowclones42Wed, 29th May '13 6:41:31 AM
new postUpdating the Image Source pages27Sat, 18th May '13 11:52:26 AM
new postSubpage Cleanup: A Majority of tropes.3Fri, 10th May '13 2:56:01 PM
new postSplitting trope pages into subpages by medium2Fri, 10th May '13 1:04:51 PM
new postCleanup: Artistic License tropes36Tue, 30th Apr '13 9:20:13 AM
new postSetting Up Trope Relationships14Fri, 19th Apr '13 11:00:12 AM
new postPages That Really Ought To Be Split6Mon, 1st Apr '13 12:59:32 PM
new postListing Articles In The Index Pages1Mon, 25th Mar '13 3:39:27 PM
new postShoehorning in the ensembles104Tue, 5th Mar '13 11:54:05 PM
new postSupertrope/subtrope example sorting22Sun, 24th Feb '13 10:24:17 AM
new postConsistent Example style Reboot6Sun, 17th Feb '13 9:19:27 PM
new postThe Self-Dating "Recently" Problem18Wed, 30th Jan '13 12:17:46 PM
new postCleanup: Fridge pages4Sun, 27th Jan '13 5:02:26 PM
new postWorks with other medium originals13Mon, 7th Jan '13 2:53:50 PM
new postTropes with too few examples4Sun, 6th Jan '13 2:39:32 AM
new postOrphaned pages4Wed, 12th Dec '12 7:53:25 PM
new postAdding 'Playing With Wiki' standarized template4Thu, 6th Dec '12 1:09:53 PM
new postDecade indexes15Thu, 6th Dec '12 1:59:13 AM
new postFinding indexed redirects21Fri, 16th Nov '12 3:05:16 PM
new postProperly matching Sub Tropes and Super Tropes.4Sat, 25th Aug '12 2:11:44 PM
new postFixing Hollywood Style tropes10Fri, 6th Jul '12 3:11:14 PM
new postSo You Want To Namespace: Needs a lot of help.1Sat, 12th May '12 12:14:16 PM
1 pages in this list

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