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  • Acceptable Targets: Survivalist militias, as seen in "Fire in the Hole" where not only are they conspiracy theorists who are Wrong Genre Savvy, but also creepily misogynist and get curb stomped every time a Deadite shows up.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Deconstructed twice over.
    • Like in the movies, Ash doesn't think back about his experiences fondly, but he tries to block them out with snarky one-liners just so he can get the job done. However, over the course of the first season, he actively dreads the thought of anything happening to his new friends. This is why he abandons them to go to the cabin alone (and is ultimately proven right, when tracking him down gets Amanda killed) and later accepts Ruby's Deal with the Devil. "Ashes To Ashes" also shows he's still carrying around a lot of regret for what happened to Linda.
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    • It's been observed that Kelly took what happened to her family in tremendous stride. Following episodes, though, show that she really takes to killing Deadites. Pablo suggests she's focused on revenge.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Heather. Most see her as a Nice Girl and Innocent Bystander who is genuinely endearing due to some cute interactions with Pablo and the sheer Trauma Conga Line she has to go through. Others find her constant screaming in the face of deadites to be annoying and feel she contributes nothing to the plot though.
  • Broken Base:
    • The season two finale. The entirety of the season two finale. People are mostly fine that Pablo is alive, the group are celebrated as heroes and Ash is given the praise he deserves, but others feel that Pablo shouldn't have been the only one to come back — Lacey, Chet, Brock and especially Amanda all should've been brought back as well, and they were ticked that Ash didn't even think to mention them when making his deal with Baal. Others don't really care because they feel Ash has a one-track mind and of course would only want Pablo back. Also, Ash getting together with Linda B. One camp is made up of Ash/Amanda shippers who are pulling Die for Our Ship, another is made of people who just think Linda B. shouldn't throw herself all over her ex-boyfriend so soon after losing her daughter and her husband. Others are fine because it means that for the time being, Ash can be happy with a woman he loves.
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    • The final moments of the series finale. Kick ass homage to Army of Darkness's originally intended ending and a perfect way to end the franchise, or an extremely frustrating cliffhanger that will probably never be followed up on?
  • Complete Monster: Baal, Big Bad of season 2 and the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire franchise as a whole, was the demon responsible for the Deadites as their creator and father. Intending to allow evil to dominate earth and enslave or slaughter humanity, Baal has his children turn on their mother and sends them to attack and slaughter humans. Baal then infiltrates the town of Elk Grove by skinning and impersonating multiple people before capturing Ash and subjecting him to mental torture where he traps him in a fantasy, making Ash believe that the entirety of the past 30 years have been an elaborate delusion, intending to use Ash to murder his own friends to destroy a threat to Baal. Upon being sent to the past, Baal has his ex-wife Ruby murdered by her still-evil 1982 incarnation and attempts to kill Ash in a duel, mocking Ash for ever thinking he would have intentions of honoring the deal should Ash win. Responsible for the loss of countless lives thanks to the Necronomicon and the actions of the Deadites, Baal stands apart from the other Deadites for his ambition and cruelty.
  • Creepy Awesome: The series is able to expand the franchise's rogues gallery from just the Deadites.
    • Eligos manages to be a truly scary new addition to the mythos, bringing the heroes face to face with something far above a Deadite. A creepy design complimented by unsettling abilities and camerawork, made for a fun villain.
    • Baal: progenitor of the Deadites, skin-flaying Soft-Spoken Sadist, and a marked escalation of the threat level in the show.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Much like the movies that spawned it, this show is not short of brilliantly disgusting humor and violence. Probably the best example has to be Ash's brutal battle with a giant zombified, fanged, rectum in Season 2.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Joanie the prostitute racked up quite a few fans, especially since she is one of series first LGBT character and the first to be a T; being a transgender woman. Veers into Too Cool to Live and We Hardly Knew Ye as she's killed off in her first episode.
  • Genius Bonus: In the final episode, Ash states that he's just a bumpkin from Elk Grove, Michigan, while pointing to his palm. He's showing the location of Elk Grove within the state by using his hand as a map, which is something Michiganders actually do.
  • He Really Can Act: Ash is still the same snarky Idiot Hero we know and love, but a few episodes (like "Ashes To Ashes") give Bruce Campbell a chance to flex his dramatic muscles, as Ash thinks back on his life and the tragedies he's experienced.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Les Yay: Ruby frequently seems to be hitting on Amanda when the two of them are alone together; it gets much more blatant as the series goes on. Deadite!Amanda later laments to Ruby that "they could still be together", though just who is projecting that thought is anybody's guess considering the revelations of the last couple of episodes. Also she almost seems to hit on Kelly in the third episode of season two in order to persuade her to join her in getting the book.
    • Ruby is seduced by a female cop and kisses her with no qualms, though it turns out to be Baal in disguise and its unknown if he was using some form of compulsion as he is known to do.
  • Magnificent Bitch: The 1980s Ruby is one who never had the present day's Heel–Face Turn. Doing away with her demon husband Baal to be free of him when he loses his duel with Ash, Ruby births a demon spawn of her and Ash so she can subvert Ash's chosen one prophecy. Becoming a guidance counselor to turn Ash's long lost daughter Brandy against her, Ruby uses her child to kill others to frame Ash so she can make him the savior of humanity and keep her fellow Dark Ones sealed so she may rule the world and keep a tight lidded control on the forces of evil, while also using her friend Kaya as a mole in Ash's team. Even when defeated and left to the mercy of the Dark Ones, Ruby goes out Defiant to the End, vowing that Ash will destroy them in turn.
  • Nausea Fuel: In "The Morgue", Ash fights the possessed intestines of a cadaver that shits on him and falls on his head, and his head is slowly forced up the cadaver's anus. To make matters worse, he shoots the intestines, splattering excrement all over his shirt.
  • Pandering to the Base: Sam Raimi has admitted that the show's very existence is this, being made for the small, yet dedicated group of fans of the franchise, and even having Bruce Campbell back in the role of Ash. The fans seem to love it, so it's not like it was a bad thing.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • In the first episode, when Ash is slapping the rear end of his bathroom conquest, it's pretty easy to spot Ash's wooden fingers moving, revealing that he's wearing a brown glove.
    • There are quite a few painfully obvious CGI blood splatters.
    • A few CGI animals show up in "Fire in the Hole" for a few seconds.
    • The eyeball that appears on Ash's severed hand in "Ashes To Ashes" is a pretty obvious composite shot.
    • The CGI animated skeleton from "The Killer of Killers" looked like an enemy from a PS2 or original Xbox game.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Heather. People feel she could've been a good Foil to the more brave and serious Kelly, and that the amount of suffering she went through was disproportionate and didn't add much to the plot.
    • Heather's two friends can also inspire a little bit of this, as they could have provided a bit of Action Survivor humor and naiveté (considering they had attempted to brandish a flare gun and bear spray when first accosted). The fact that they were given little to do despite both being played by experienced, somewhat prominent Australia and New Zealand performers adds to this.
    • The survivalist militia could have been used to provide a bit of serious muscle against the Deadites (maybe even with Ash rallying a bunch of fighters like in Army of Darkness) but mostly just get used as canon fodder and take a while to even figure out what's going on.
    • In season 2, Chet and Lacey get anti-climatically killed barely half way through the season, and with a lot left to potentially contribute.
    • Professor Knowby's student Tanya feels like just a Sacrificial Lamb when she could have been saved and provided a Fish out of Temporal Water subplot.
    • Zoe and her fellow Knights of Summeria had the potential to be The Cavalry instead of just Red Shirt's and expand the series mythos further than they did.
    • While their running, hiding and watching wasn't completely uninteresting, Amy and the other people hiding for the Larked Ones in Purgatory being rallied by Ash to help break out of there could have been interesting.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Former show runner Craig DiGregorio stated in an interview that there was an alternate version of the Finale for Season 2 that had been considered that sounded pretty interesting.
  • The Woobie:
    • Brandi's life has gone down the utter tubes. Not only has she had to see her best friend possessed and killed, she then witnesses her beloved mother Candi killed in front of her and is stuck with Ash, who has no idea how to be a father and whose well-meaning, but clumsy attempts to bond with Brandi only terrify and upset her more. Then Ash has to destroy a Deadite version of her mother at Candi's own funeral which traumatizes her even more, and then Ash has to destroy an undead version of Brandi's hitherto unknown grandfather. Making it worse is that Brandi has no true understanding or context of any of this, making her an ordinary teenager hit by one trauma after another with a father who's best known for being a local serial killer.
    • Heather sees her friends (one of whom might have been her sister, based on dialogue) horribly killed, suffers a succession of painful injuries while before becoming isolated and alone in a very frightening situation, And then turned into a deadite.


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