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Shout Out / Ash vs. Evil Dead

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  • Ash's father is fittingly named Brock.
  • Near the beginning of "Brujo" Kelly says "Drive, Miss Daisy" to Ash.
  • During his Vision Quest, Ash says he wants to go "back to Kansas."
  • "There is no Kelly anymore!" from "The Host" is a reference to Ghostbusters (1984).
  • In "The Killer of Killers", Pablo quotes Yoda's speech about the nature of revenge from The Empire Strikes Back to Kelly.
  • Linda's severed head being told she's "just a head" and her offer to give Ash head are likely references to Re-Animator.
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  • Ash offhandedly remarks that he'd like to "bang Mary-Anne from Gilligan's Island."
  • In "The Dark One" Ash likens Ruby's plan to The Godfather, remarking that he didn't like that movie because it was too long and there weren't enough boobies. He then goes on to say that he's "more of a Death Wish kind of guy."
  • Ash apparently calls his chainsaw and shotgun "Moe and Larry."
  • In "Last Call", when Ash's car is possessed by the Necronomicon, the car burst into flames similar to the Ghost Rider's car. Also is very similar to Christine.
  • Ash's childhood bedroom in "The Morgue" is decorated with several era-appropriate posters featuring the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, The Stooges and Suzi Quatro. There's also a large cardboard standee advertising "Shemp's Beer."
  • When Ash is attempting to remove the Necronomicon from inside a corpse in "The Morgue" and is met with resistance from the entangled guts he says "What the Harryhausen?"
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  • When Ruby is bleeding in "Trapped Inside" Kelly tells her to "Wolverine that shit up."
  • In "Delusion" upon seeing the Ashy Slashy puppet, Kelly asks "What the Fraggle Rock is that thing?"
  • In "Ashy Slashy" Kelly calls the Ashy Slashy puppet a Muppet.
  • In "Home Again" the 1980s theatre Ash drives by is showing a double feature of Friday the 13th Part III and Poltergeist. It also has posters on display for Stripes, The Hills Have Eyes, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • In "Second Coming," Ash is honored as a hero by his hometown and sees the ghosts of Cheryl, Chet, and Brock cheering him on.
  • In "Second Coming", Ruby's decapitated head, thrown unceremoniously in the back of the Delta (by her 80's-self), marks the second time Lucy Lawless has been beheaded off-screen.
  • Ash constantly mispronounces the name of the manipulative demon who wants to throw the world into an age of chaos and darkness and who wants to get his hands on a Tome of Eldritch Lore as Bill.
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  • "Tales from the Rift" names a parallel dimension as the Dead Lands. Campbell is a fan of the Deadlands RPG.
  • In "Tales from the Rift", Marcus comes back possessed and fuses with another hapless Knights of Sumeria member, similar to The Thing (2011), where a victim gets his face and eventually his whole body fully assimilated by the Thing.
  • When Ash is attempting to pilot a tank in "The Mettle of Man" he tells himself it'll be just like Battlezone.
  • Might be coincidence, but when Ash is in the future in the final moments of the series finale, his gray temples and the jacket he wears make him resemble the future old Wolverine from Days of Future Past.