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Nightmare Fuel / Ash vs. Evil Dead

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He ain’t here for a pic-a-nic basket.

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     Season 1 
  • In the fight between Amanda and a Deadite, the flashlight ends up on the ground spinning, while all the doors and windows are shut down. Being held at gun point, the Deadite switches back to Amanda's colleague human appearance, begging her to stop, telling her "I need you". Due to the spinning, the lights keeps going on and off on them. While the light goes off, the Deadite goes back to Game Face, and specifies "I need you... to die!". The light keeps going on and off. And then, an insanely creepy Evil Laugh starts...
  • Kelly running to her bedroom, only for the Deadite posing as her mother to already be there in the background silently singing a creepy nursery rhyme.
  • The first look at an actual demon, not just a possessed Deadite, in "Books From Beyond". It effortlessly defeats Ash and Pablo with just a touch when it is released from the circle, and it's explicitly the weakest demon they could find to summon in the Necromonicon.
    • To clarify: it hovers a hand over Ash's (and later, Pablo) head and slowly, painfully begins to extinguish the neurons in his brain, constrict every muscle and blood vessel in his body, and overall subject everyone's favorite demon-slaying idiot (and his sidekick) to a level of non-comedic torture not seen since the first movie.
    • The end of the episode shows Amanda handcuffed and trapped in a room with a now Deadite Lionel, with the very last shot showing him smiling gleefully and extending an abnormally long tongue at her, ready to attack.
  • "Brujo" finally shows the evil force whose POV we often see from as it rushes through the woods — a giant, malevolent cloud, which we now see chasing Ash and co. down the highway, repeatedly slamming into them and tossing aside anything else that gets in their way.
    • There's also the return of Eligos, the demon from "Books From Beyond". First off, it turns out that he's possessing Kelly. Then, he infiltrates Ash's Vision Quest and tries to kill him in it.
  • Everything about Kelly's possession and the attempted exorcisms in "The Host".
  • In "Killer of Killers" Kelly tries to behead a Deadite with a standard-issue deli meat slicer. She has to do it one slice at a time, face first. When that fails, she grabs a meat tenderizer...
  • The Deadite attack on the diner. It's an ordinary diner, broad daylight. Nobody's playing with cursed artifacts or sneaking off to have sex in the haunted woods or breaking any of the horror movie rules. Ten seconds after the Deadites show up, and the lucky ones die quickly. And as we've seen in previous episodes, the Deadites aren't just following Ash around, they pop up in other places too, which means that little girl from the first episode might have slaughtered her family off-screen, or those bodies from the diner might get up and go on a rampage.
  • "Ashes to Ashes":
    • Amanda's fight with Evil Ash from beginning to end. While many of the fights in this series have been gloriously, gorily goofy, this is an absolutely brutal battle with little in the way of humor, calling back to the straight horror of the original Evil Dead. It ends with Amanda's slow, painful death by way of impalement and being chopped in the neck by a meat cleaver.
    • Ash's severed hand. We see it crawling inside the walls, still rotting, and while part of the arm is growing back it's full of crawling worms. And then we see an eye open on it. And when we have the fake Ash grown around it, it gets even worse...
    • Just everything about that cabin.
  • As if the Necronomicon wasn't scary enough, in "Bound in Flesh", it starts talking. And when Ash cuts the face off its cover (leaving the book's cover bleeding), the face retaliates by latching onto Pablo.
  • There's that creepy little thing that Ruby summons in "The Dark One." And there's more than one of them running around.
    • Pablo's screen-time is one long piece of nightmare fuel. He's chained up in the cellar, repeatedly cut so that Ruby can use his blood as ink, the creepy children are summoned via Orifice Evacuation, and finally mind raped into attacking Ash and Kelly. No wonder he's just begging to die.
    • Heather's Cruel and Unusual Death is just horrific. She's thrown about the room, the sofa lands on her wounded leg, numerous nails impale her, and she's dragged screaming into a room with a red glow. The next time we see her, she's in pieces.
      • Bear in mind that Heather's been in a state of constant trauma since she and her hiker friends stumbled on the Ghostbeaters while lost in the woods. Her friends were bloodily killed right in front of her, and used as puppets by a demon (being blissfully unaware of Deadites until now). Then her rescuers riddled the corpses with bullets. Then their bodies were calmly dismembered by another stranger. All that before Heather even gets inside the cabin...
    • The cabin was already creepy as hell, but the latest recitation of the Necronomicon turns it into an outright Eldritch Location — blood seeping from the walls and floor, a giant eyeball appearing in one wall and a mouth on a doorknob, and of course, Heather's aforementioned Cruel and Unusual Death.
  • Almost every person who dies in the show becomes a Meat Puppet for the Deadites even Pablo's uncle, whose body is burned on a funeral pyre, rises as a charred skeleton to attack Ruby.

     Season 2 
  • Pablo has been haunted by horrible visions ever since he was possessed by the Necronomicon at the end of the previous season.
  • Thought the demons spawned at the end of the first season were creepy as children? Well, now they're adults, and they're even worse. Among other things, they can now turn into Living Shadows and sneak up on people.
  • Kelly is dragged into a sewage container, and is attacked by a (hallucinated?) copy of herself with Black Eyes of Evil. After it disappears, the walls start leaking blood and fill the container up, nearly drowning her until Pablo rescues her.
  • The entire sequence where the Delta is possessed by the Necronomicon, and proceeds to hunt down and kill most of the teenagers who took it for a joyride, save for one who is trapped inside and Forced to Watch.
  • "Delusion" is all about Baal trying to convince Ash he's insane in order to break him. It's just one long sequence of one awful thing happening to him after another, until by the end of the episode Ash is practically an Empty Shell.

    Season 3 
  • That Cougie-Deadite. Brr...
  • The sudden death of Candace Barr.
  • For that split second before her brutal death, Deadite-Rachel screams Brandy's name in quite a human, non-Deadite sounding voice. Was it a ploy, or had she been freed from possession?
    • A later episode shows her very briefly, through the peep-hole in the wall to the deadlands... then she's never shown or mentioned again.
  • One of the Knights winds up possessed after passing through the Gateway and pulls a page from The Thing (1982), forcefully fusing with several other Knights to become a twisted heap of flesh and bone.
  • The school holds a dance. Several teenagers, just out for a good time, get bloodily murdered by the local boogeyman, Ashy Slashy. Then, as shown by one very unfortunate girl, their souls, because they were killed by evil, have to sneak around in the underworld, trying not to get Dragged Off to Hell. For what it's worth, due to the nature of the underworld, Dalton sacrificing himself, the kids left behind and the apparent victory for the heroes later, it's likely it just means they can't come back to their bodies on Earth and are dead in the conventional sense, not somewhere even worse for all eternity. Still sucks, but could've been worse.

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