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     Season 1 

El Jefe

  • Fisher surviving a Deadite attack while on an official investigation.
  • Ash's big He's Back moment. It starts with Ash severing a Deadite's arm with one good axe-throw, and ends with him beheading a Deadite in mid-air. To top it all off, when asked how it feels to be back, Ash has only one thing to say...
    • Before that, his almost effortless killing of the first Deadite that bursts into his trailer. As soon as it appears, he steps on a button that opens a small compartment in the floor that pops out the Boomstick, which Ash grabs in mid air and aims around his shoulder, blasting it in the shoulder, then beating it and knocking it face first through a cabinet, then finally dispatching with a shotgun blast to the head and a kick-ass one-liner. He may be older, but Ash hasn't lost his touch.
    Ash: Mommy should have taught you to knock.
    (He proceeds to blast the Deadite's head clean off with one shot)


  • Ash killing off the Deadite posing as Kelly's mom and giving her a burial afterwards. Although there was a mistake he made...

Books from Beyond

  • Ruby's introduction, where she tortures a Deadite with a dagger so well that it screams for her to stop torturing it.


  • Ruby's Big Damn Heroes moment when she helps out Fisher.
    Ruby: I'm your new best friend.

The Host

  • Ash finally takes down Eligos by making him teleport for a few seconds after flipping his shotgun up before catching it and shooting first, thinking never.

Killer of Killers

  • Just when it looks like Amanda's Deadite boss is going to kill her and Ash:
    Kelly: (Offscreen) Hey, asshole!
    (Deadite turns around to see Pablo and Kelly, holding the chainsaw and boomstick, respectfully)
    Kelly: Order up!
    (Weapons are tossed to Ash, and an asskicking ensues)
  • Kelly working out her anger issues by killing the Deadite waitress with a deli slicer and a meat tenderizer.
    Kelly: (As she's bashing the Deadite waitress's head in with a meat tenderizer) Oh yeah! Wanna fuck with me and my friends?! Come after my family, you fuck?! Oh, I'm just getting started! I'm just warming...the...fuck...up!

Fire In The Hole

  • This shows that even the Deadites can have a good moment. A possessed Crazy Survivalist proceeds to kill two other survivalists that are guarding Pablo and Kelly with staggering ease. The crowning moment to this is his Badass Boast:
    Survivalist: It's not the government! It's ME!
  • Ash and Amanda killing a deadite that had been troubling them for the whole episode, despite not having either a gun or the chainsaw and being handcuffed together, combining their moves perfectly.

Ashes to Ashes

  • Ash finally having enough of Deadite!Linda's mockery of him, and smashing her skull with a crowbar, then busting out of the shed to save Amanda.
  • Amanda herself in her fight with Evil Ash, eventually gaining the upper hand by chopping his off with a cleaver, finally killing Ash's possessed hand. Sadly, that doesn't stop Evil Ash from killing her.
  • Ash vs. Evil Ash, with each masterfully using their knowledge of Ash's physical weak points to try and gain an advantage.

Bound in the Flesh

The Dark One

  • Ash's fight with Deadite Amanda, during most of which she's wielding his chainsaw. He eventually catches it on his metal hand, and when she jumps to the ceiling, he tosses it into the air and quickly puts it into his stump, before running her through.
  • Ash killing one of the demonic children by shoving the boomstick down its throat. After he pulls the trigger, the head is all that's left.
  • Kelly setting the cabin on fire, finally destroying the damned place.
  • Ash refusing Ruby's offer, and later getting the upper hand on her with her own knife. At which point he forces her to include Pablo and Kelly in the deal before accepting.

     Season 2 


  • The Ghostbeaters' 10-Minute Retirement hasn't slowed them down any. When a pair of Deadites crash the party at their bar, it doesn't take them long to take them out.
  • Ash and Ruby working together to take out one of the demons. Ruby stabs it with the Kandarian dagger, causing it to start to melt, before Ash finishes it off.


  • When the skinless deadite is attacking, Joanie the prostitute isn't scared. When it comes her way, she picks up a dagger and attempts to kill it herself. The deadite ends up ripping her arm off and throwing her through a window before she can actually do something, but the fact that she even tried when most others in the series wouldn't (outside of Ash's team) is still awesome.

Home Again

  • When a demon infects his leg and puts it in the same situation as his lost hand, after applying a tourniquet to the wound to stop it from spreading further, he's about to cut off his leg when he has an idea. He stabs the leg and literally sucks the possessing demon out. After it goes into his stomach and starts throwing him around the kitchen by punching and kicking him from inside, he coaxes the little bastard out via cinnamon, hot sauce and boiling water, and proceeds to spit the demon, a tiny, impish creature with multiple eyes, against the door, before smashing it into Ludicrous Gibs with a frying pan.
    • Some credit has to be given to the demon, considering it beats him black and blue while hiding in his gut and when it's Ash's mercy, it remains defiant all the way up to Ash beating it to death.

Second Coming

  • Ash's knockdown, drag-out fight with Baal, with Ash wagering the fate of the world on the outcome. As it comes to a close, Baal has the upper hand, but Ash distracts him long enough to stab him with his own nail, sending him back to the Underworld.
    • In fact, if you were paying attention to the fight, Ash was actually curbstomping Baal before he started cheating using his powers.

     Season 3 


  • Kelly and newcomer Dalton taking out the Deadite mascot — they launch a compressed air tank into its mouth, then open fire with an assault rifle, blowing up its head.

The Mettle of Man

  • Ash rolls into battle against a the giant demon Kandar in a tank. It's him against the apocalypse, with no-one else to back him up - and he attracts the demon's attention by flipping it the bird, of all things. They couldn't have summed Ash up any better than that.
    • Then, he ends it all by using the tank to shoot the Kandarian Dagger through Kandar's head, killing it.
    • The final scene: Ash awakens in a post-apocalyptic future, where a cyborg woman gives him the keys to a Delta that's been outfitted into a Mad Max style mini-tank. They then drive off to keep fighting the Dark Ones.
    Cyborg woman: How do you feel?

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