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    Army of Darkness canon 
In an interview, I believe Bruce said they could not use Army of Darkness footage due to copyright. So, does this mean AoD never happened and this is an alternate universe a la Evil Dead: Regeneration? If AoD is canon, what happened to his artificial hand and how did the Oldsmobile go back to normal?
  • It's Still Canon- see WMG Page.
    • OP here. Yeah, that makes sense. It also looks like they recreated some of the significant events of AoD to fit it in anyway.
    • Episode 9 of season 2 more or less confirms it's canon, with Ash explicitly mentioning that he's gone back in time before to the middle ages.
    Chainsaw in two hands? 
Ash regularly removes his prosthetic hand to attach his chainsaw-hand. Fine with the wooden hand, but this makes less sense when he removes his "Power Glove" robot-hand (which can fully articulate) to attach it. Why not just hold the chainsaw like any two-handed person would?
  • Force of habit? He hasn't had a right hand for 30 years.
  • Maybe he's used to having it mounted on his wrist, and it would otherwise throw off his balance/aim.
  • The actual answer is the same for everything related to that chainsaw: Rule of Cool (also, I agree with force of habit: Ash is used to have it on his wrist, and he just isn't the kind of guy who'd think of doing otherwise, "shoot first, think never").
  • Also, remember that Ash and Annie specifically modified that chainsaw for use with his stump, though it can still be used the normal way.
  • Keep in mind while he can fully articulate his Power Glove hand, he has to manually program the thing to close and open. Might not be worth the trouble.
  • Doing the two-handed chainsaw thing gives the risk of it being snatched out of his hands and used against him in some way. Remember, there have been fights where Ash had been disarmed of his shotgun (which would count as a weapon that can be used with two hands). There wouldn't be anything keeping a Deadite from disarming him of the chainsaw and then proceed to use said chainsaw on him. By having the chainsaw attached to him, it ensures that it can't be used against him and that even if he's disarmed of the shotgun, that he still has a weapon he can use.
    Evil Ash's wardrobe 
Where did he get the exact shirt, pants, belt, shoes, and even leather straps to match Ash's outfit?
  • Used the same magic that was regrowing the body to create it? Or if we want to go with the cannon then we can look at the copy produced in Army of Darkness. It came out clothed as well so there's precedent for deadite inspired clothing.
    • Exactly this. The magic that made Ash regrow from his old severed hand reproduced the clothing that the real Ash was wearing at the time that fake Ash was made, just because it was duplicating him as he is now (except, of course, his severed hand and the replacements for it). The duplicate even has all the same weak spots as real Ash, including old injuries that real Ash got after the hand was cut off.
  • As much as Sam Raimi would probably be amused by Bruce Campbell beating himself up in the old-man-nude, I don't think the censors or Mr. Campbell's dignity would allow such a thing.
    • "Mr. Campbell's dignity" To that, I must say "oh no, not the butthole!"
    The Necronomicon 
In one episode, it was said that the Necronomicon was written by the Dark Ones as a weapon against humanity. Then why would they write specific instructions to trap demons (such as Eligos) in circles of salt? What might seem like the obvious answer is so that those instructions were written for the Dark Ones themselves, but given their superior strength, why would they need to do that?
  • At the end on season 1, we found out that Ruby was actually the author and that she wrote it in order to take over all of the forces of evil. It wasn't a weapon against humanity, after all.
    • Still, like I said, Ruby clearly has superior strength and power over the demons.
    • The whole point of her character is to show that you cannot fight evil alone, even if you are evil yourself. Remember that Ruby's children were able to steal her immortality and that demons are capable of killing one another (e.g. Baal's nail being used as the weapon that kills him). The claim that the Necronomicon was written as a weapon against humanity comes from humans. It makes sense for humans to see it as a weapon against them. Likewise, it makes sense that demons would see the book as something else. Since Ruby is the one who wrote the book and she says it was written to take over the forces of evil, we should consider that to be the book's purpose. Note, however, that this does not contradict the humans' perception of the book. After all, if you can control the forces of evil, you can direct all evil onto humanity were that your desire.
    How is Ash not in jail? 
I mean, he's killed people left and right, and there's no evidence that they weren't human. And if he did manage to convince people of the truth, he'd have a huge amount of government help and the show would basically turn into Agents of SHIELD or something like it. Him being both free and having no help beyond his sidekicks makes no sense.
  • In the first two seasons, authorities have suspected Ash of being a killer and have tried to bring him in. Each time, things didn't go well for the officers involved. The evil forces seem to want Ash all to themselves, so it seems certain measures are taken to let that happen.
  • As far as anyone knows, Ash disappeared after the events of the second movie, only to reappear (after his adventures in 1300 AD) an indeterminate amount of time later in the UK, possibly in a sealed crypt or something, with absolutely no plausible evidence to explain how he'd gotten there. Sure, everyone would naturally conclude he was the killer- but, in those circumstances, how in hell can you prove it?
    Ruby's Babies? 
So apparently the whole ritual where Pablo got the Necronomicon attached to his face and had to vomit out babies was completely unnecessary? When Ruby summons her babies in the last episode of Season 2, there is no human/book bondage involved at all.
  • In the first instance, Ruby — that is, red-haired "good" Ruby — did not have Baal's help in summoning her babies, and she clearly didn't want his involvement. In the second instance, Ruby — that is to say, blonde-haired "more evil" Ruby — had Baal's help. Presumably, the ritual required a second person with some form of magical power, which at the time Pablo had — given his necklace.
    Elk Grove Memory Loss? 
At the end of season 2, Ash kills what is very clearly a demon right in front of a cheering crowd, clearing his name, and a parade is even thrown for him. Yet in season 3, even though he's very popular in town, every time he tries to claim something is a demon or evil, he's treated like some kind of nut (with the one exception of Brandy's Mom, who specifically seeks him out to save her).
  • Not everyone was there to see that battle with Cheryl, which is why the kids in Season 3 still think he's a nut job (there were only adults present, no kids or teenagers). The only other people who don't believe what happened are the police, which are comprised of people who we never seen before (as the previous group of police officers were all killed off in Season 2, so these people may have been new to the town and moved there to fill in the open law enforcement positions).

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