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Awesome / Ashes to Ashes (2008)

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  • In the first episode, Shaz is kidnapped. Everyone is stuck on what to do and we slowly zoom in on Gene Hunt's office. The door opens...
    "Right, let's fire up the Quattro."
    • In the same episode, Gene, Chris and Ray arriving to help out Alex in a speedboat. Carrying Uzis. To the tune of "No More Heroes".
    • In the same episode, the introduction of Gene Hunt... complete with a shot of Gene between Alex's legs in homage to the poster for For Your Eyes Only.
    • Chris reasserting that he's not nervous, just cautious, by shooting The Dragon in the foot.
  • Alex slapping Gene across the face, thinking better of it, then uppercutting him, in response to being called - among other things - a bitch. And then following it up by inviting Chris and Ray to go get drunk.
    "Better now?"
    "No." *WHAM* "Better NOW."
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  • Gene shooting the glass door of Chas Cale's restaurant in 1x06, and then walking through the wreckage to find Alex tied up in the meat locker.
  • Gene Hunt's "un-bloody-breakable" speech at the end of the first season.
    Lord Scarman: I'll be keeping a beady eye on you, DCI Hunt.
    Gene: Is that right? Well you can take this home in your Harrod's pipe and smoke it: in twenty years time, when the streets are awash with filth, and you're too frightened to leave your big, posh, Belsize Park house after dark, don't come running to me, mate! Because I'll be in Alicante. Oiled up, skin sizzling in the midday sun like a burnt sausage!
    Lord Scarman: If you're quite finished—
    Gene: No, not quite. You can despise us, you can disown us, you can even try and close us down, but you will never break us. Because we are police officers. We are brothers. We are un-bloody-breakable!
  • Most of 2.04 is a CMoA for Jackie Queen:
    • Headbutting a guy while pregnant.
    • "Not if you were the last man on Earth", followed by pwning Gene Hunt so thoroughly he's speechless.
  • Alex swinging for the fences with a two-by-four in 2.07, knocking out a mook about to shoot Gene and quipping "Say hello to Mummy Bear!".
  • Shaz saving Chris's life by shooting a man in the back. While wearing her wedding dress.
    • Followed up by a nonchalant "How you doin', baby?" to Chris.
  • From the same episode (2.08), Gene and his bit of Car Fu: "Carnegie, you've just been Quattroed!"
  • The finale has multiple Crowning Moments Of Awesome for each character, but one of the best is when Gene finally whacks Keats. Brilliant on its own, but by that point it's been all but confirmed what Keats actually is. So, for his final badass action, Gene punches the devil in the face: "Hello, Jimbo!"
    • Keats got his with his Villainous Breakdown, where he sucker-punches Gene, bloodies him up, goes spectacularly batshit, and rounds it off by breaking the world.
    • Chris and Ray's Big Damn Heroes moment, riding to the rescue of Shaz, Alex, and Gene. To "Chariots of Fire".
    • The finale, from the point where Gene pulls himself together and starts preparing the trap his team had planned to set earlier onwards, is basically just a series of Crowning Moments of Awesome for everyone in the team.
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  • It's the end of the Finale, the big reveal has happened and the credits have run. Then, before the station idents come up we are treated to a homily by Sergeant George Dixon, of Dixon of Dock Green. This was one of the UK's most successful and long running cop shows (1955-1976) and had such homilies at the end of each episode. But Dixon himself (same actor, Jack Warner) was first encountered being shot dead (by Dirk Bogarde, no less) in the 1950 movie The Blue Lamp. Arguably also an Awesome Moment of Crowning for the entire series.

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