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Army of Darkness still happened, but in Italy instead of England

Ash's wooden hand was made by Italian artisans. They could've been medieval or renaissance-era ones.

Ramjam: Hey, that's an interesting idea. Army of Darkness happening in the streets of Venice? I could easily imagine that.

  • Jossed: Season 3 even has some flashbacks to Army of Darkness.

Ash and Pablo will continue to suffer from Eligos.

We saw that creature snapping things apart in their brains, and it looked absolutely awful for them. I'm thinking that throughout the series, the consequences of that fight are going to continue to hit them.


Lionel lied to Ash about how powerfull Eligos was

In real world demonology Eligos is a Great Duke of Hell and very powerful, unlike the description Lionel gives of him as a lesser demon. But Lionel lied because he was eager to test the SummoningRituals in the Necronomicon and he knew Ash would've backed out if he knew there were no rituals for summoning lesser demons in the book.

Army of Darkness Still is Canon

  • Over 30 years S-Mart may have gone bankrupt or been taken over by various other enterprises, hence the name change to Value Stop. Since Ash is one of the senior staff, possibly from the takeover of S-Mart.

  • In Season 1 Episode 4, as Ash, Pablo and Kelly are escaping in The Oldsmobile from The Evil Force, Ash mentions that he has two downpayments before he can truly own The Oldsmobile. Therefore it's likely that this is a brand new Delta 88 Oldsmobile, as the Army of Darkness version was rusted and broken beyond repair: From the battle with King Arthur's men and the deadites, or when Ash took the sleeping potion and slept through the centuries.

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  • It's possible that Ash's artifical Hand got rusted over the years and he couldn't be bothered making a new one... or perhaps as Ash got older, he couldn't remember how to make a new one.

  • Ash's personality in Ash vs. Evil Dead is primarly based on his Army of Darkness persona, more than his Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 persona.

  • Ash's new hand created by Pablo (While not a Medieval Suited Hand) is probably the first direct reference to Army of Darkness.

  • Evil Ash's death is almost identical to his death in Army of Darkness: Even Ash commenting "Chopping up my evil clone... maybe someday that will feel weird", implying that he has done this before in Army of Darkness

  • An Image of Ash in front of a medieval castle in The Necronomicon is shown in Episode 10

  • Flashbacks from the movie, and that pictures, are part of Season 3.

Army of Darkness is definitely non-canon.
Sure, the real-world reason the writers aren't referring to Army of Darkness is because they couldn't get the rights. But, instead of hinting at it/ignoring it completely, this is a universe where Army of Darkness never happened. Instead of traveling back in time, defeating the Deadites, and almost becoming king, Ash was stuck with the mutilated bodies of his friends and an evil book he doesn't know how to dispose of. Now, he's getting a second chance at a real victory.

The show is an alternate timeline, but continued from the films.

It could be possible that some of the events of the films happened differently and that the show is a continuation from them, creating an alternate timeline that's similar though slightly different from the films. For example, Ash mentions the events of the first two films, yet the Necronomicon is still intact despite him destroy it on the first night, as well as why Ash is lacking his gauntlet (though we know its due to legal rights issues). However, with a lot of noticeable details, it could be seen as an alternate timeline occurring, where Ash didn't destroy the book in the first night, Annie ended up using it to banish the evil from our world (though still dying in the same manner as she did in the film) and Ash never got sent back in time (accounting for a wooden non-functional hand instead of a functional mechanical one) and Ash has been carrying the book after those two nights of hell to keep people safe (in his original Oldsmobile Delta 88 that he crashed outside of the cabin, the same one he and his friends took to get to the cabin).

We'll see Deadite Ash again.

Several mentions have been made of some sort of...something that resides within Ash and is said to be the key to everything. I'm betting it's not his heroic resolve.

  • Confirmed.

    • Zigzagged: Ruby uses Kandarian magic, the page of the Necronomicon about the Chosen One and her own body to recreate a different Evil Ash supposedly able to override the Prophecy and replace Ash as the Chosen

Eventually Ash and the gang will head back to the cabin to destroy the book once and for all.

How could they not? Given how fanservice-y this show is, a return to where the madness all started is practically a guarantee.

  • Confirmed (end of Episode 7 / start of Episode 8).

    • And Confirmed again at the end of Season 2 via time travel.

Ash, Pablo and Kelly will Time Travel in Season 2.

Its highly possible (mainly due to the ending of Evil Dead 2) that Ash, Pablo and Kelly will eventually end up either traveling to a different dimension or time travel

  • In the second and third movies, Ash creates a Stable Time Loop by traveling back and defeating the Deadites. If Army of Darkness is no longer canon, then perhaps Ash never made that time loop, which means he still has to go back.

  • Confirmed as of Season 2. The season finale takes place just prior to the first film.

Everything from the start of Evil Dead onward is Ruby's fault

So, at the beginning of the first Evil Dead movie, it is explicitly stated that Scott had rented the Knowby cabin for the weekend, and our merry band of victims had every reason to expect it to be empty when they got there.

Meanwhile, Annie Knowby was headed up to the cabin fully expecting to meet her parents there that weekend, unaware that her father had already inadvertently awakened the evil of the Necronomicon once already, and certainly unaware that a group of kids had rented what can be safely assumed to be her family's cabin (when she spoke to Jake, she asked if this was "the road to the Knowby cabin" as if she'd expect the locals to know it by that name).

So, how would Scott rent a cabin belonging to a family that fully expected to be there during the time he was renting it?

Enter Ruby Knowby, a woman who failed to burn to death when pulled onto a funeral pyre powerful enough to make Amanda believe she had died. A woman who would have been a teenager herself when her father awakened the Deadites. A woman who might well have been brought to the cabin by her parents, rather than left at the dig site with her sister.

A woman who could have very easily made a deal with the evil bound within the book: her survival in exchange for anyone she could lure up to the cabin.

Ruby is a Dark One

Or at least, she is now. The real Ruby died on the funeral pyre, and was then resurrected by the spirit of one of the Necronomicon's creators, which was stalking her (something is clearly seen behind her in the Brujo's house). Now, it's using her to find the book again and summon its cohorts.

  • More likely Ruby either got posessed before her first appearance (certainly would explain a lot: a Deadite calling her traitor, the magic blade, Ash's hand obeying her commands). It's also possible the real Ruby never existed at all and her whole story was completely made up as a cover.
  • Its possible that Ruby was possesed over 30 years ago- she travels to the cabin after the events of Army of Darkness (its possible that Ash got sent back to that location by reciting the words- hence he finds the necronomicon reconstructed after its "demise" in Evil Dead 1 and takes it so that nobody else would discover it- ofcourse the ending of Army of Darkness hints that he screwed up the incantation so maybe the evil force/spirit of the dark one found Ruby who at that time went searching for her Father and Sister and wound up getting possesed.
  • Jossed: Ruby is a Dark One, a betrayer of her own kind acting as a puppet master for centuries.

Mia will make an appearance at some point.
She'll lead her own trio of Deadite hunters, who will resemble gender-flipped versions of Kelly and Pablo.

Season 2 will feature an Enemy Civil War.
It'll be the Deadites and demons now under Ruby's control versus those resisting her rule. And Ash will reluctantly be forced to join forces with the former as the Lesser of Two Evils, much to Kelly and Pablo's protests.

Sam from Evil Dead Regeneration will appear.
Since Sam Raimi bought the rights to use Sam from THQ back in 2005, its possible that Sam would make an appearence in the tv show probarly either as CGI or a body double with Ted Raimi voicing the role

Evil Ash and Amanda will Return
Well given the endings of Episode 9 and 10 its possible with Ruby as The Dark One that she could bring Amanda and Evil Ash back from the dead to be her allies against Ash, Pablo and Kelly possibily as a way that The Army of The Dead Returned in Army of Darkness
  • Zigzagged: Ruby manages to recreate a second Evil Ash, with the supposed power to override the prophecy and take over Ash's role as the Chosen One once the Williams' bloodline goes extinct. That doesn't come to pass obviously, yet the third Evil Ash, counting after Deadite Ash from Evil Dead and Evil Ash from Army of Darkness, manages to confront Ash

Season 3 will combine the continuities of the old movies and the 2013 remake
After the Ghost Beaters went back in time and prevented the original cabin incident 30 years ago, the events of the remake will transpire, possibly at a different cabin. It's not clear who the person finding the book at the end is, or if that scene is taking place in the past or present. The Necronomicon might find its way to another cabin, laying the grounds for Mia's adventure.
  • Jossed

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