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Heartwarming / Ash vs. Evil Dead

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  • Several occur in "The Mettle of Man," the show's Grand Finale:
    • Ash is revealed to have kept the necklace he gave Linda the fateful night in the cabin for the past 30 years, believing it had kept him safe. He passes it on to Brandy as a gift.
    • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Ash locks Pablo, Kelly and Brandy in an evacuating army transport. He says a heartfelt goodbye to his kids before going off to face Kandar alone.
    Brandy: Dad, get in.
    Ash: (Takes one Long Last Look at Brandy, Pablo and Kelly before shutting and locking the door)
    Brandy: No! What are you doing!?
    Ash: My father always said I ran from my fights, Brandy. I'm not running from this one.
    Kelly: Ash, come on. Get in the fucking truck!
    Ash: Kelly, people are going to need a strong leader. Someone they can depend on. Someone they can believe in. That's you. Pablo, you're the "Jefe" now. You save them. (Gestures towards civilians)
    Brandy: You said you wouldn't leave me!
    Ash: I'm doing this for you. I'm doing it for all of you. I've got to finally, for once, own up to who the hell I am.