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The series

  • "Pure-Dee Poison": The Team is going after a baron who whips up and sells poisoned moonshine. Hannibal and Tawnia are infiltrating one of the clubs where this drink is sold. After patting Hannibal down, the guys who run the club determine that Tawnia cannot possibly be hiding any weapons on her person. She produces a gun, to their surprise. One of them says "You wouldn't", to which Hannibal, taking the gun, replies:
    Hannibal: "Oh, she wouldn't. But I'm a whole 'nother stretch of road." *A-Team starts shooting*
  • "Harder Than It Looks": The team has to rappel down a cliff. After all the others get down, Hannibal gets caught at the top and in the ensuing shootout, the rappelling ropes get shot in half. Does Hannibal panic? No — he just executes a smooth headfirst dive into the ocean and comes out completely unharmed.
  • "Timber":
    • Mr. T wielding a chainsaw. That is all.
    • The team have been tied to poles in a lumber warehouse pending execution. B.A. spends several minutes straining...and breaks not the rope, but the pole. In fact, he even pulls it loose from the ceiling, despite the bolts. Murdock waxing eloquent about his sheer strength is very justified.
  • "The Big Squeeze":
    • Jack Lane going to spit in Hannibal's face during the funeral and finding out the "deceased" is very much alive.
    • The team's trick on Jack and his men late in the episode. They come after the team, thinking they're only going to have to deal with four guys...and panic when they burst into the "Lady" with guns and discover a bunch of policemen in the room.
  • "Road Games"
    • When Face comes to tell the team what he's learned, one of the mooks tags along with him. He still manages to pass the information to Hannibal in Spy Speak that sounds perfectly natural.
    • Hannibal anticipates that Royce will attack the Sullivans after reasoning that they brought the team in, and the four of them can't mount a round-the-clock guard and deal with Royce simultaneously. What does he do? Call Colonel Decker and get him to guard the Sullivans in an attempt to trap him, Face, and B.A.
    • The A-Team puts up pretty ferocious fights against the villains of the week. During the final fight, one of the goons has Hannibal pinned from behind. He still manages to fend off the guy's fellows by kicking at them with his unsecured legs until B.A. shows up to the rescue.
  • In "Deadly Manuevers":
    • The A-Team is temporarily between missions and Hannibal decides it's a good time for some training. What the A-Team does to keep themselves in shape is rather impressive — crawling across fields under a hail of bullets and racing through an obstacle course, with the person who comes in last having to do more running.
    • The villains who have the other three hostage demand that Face tell them where Hannibal is. Face replies calmly that the beauty of it is that Hannibal is so unpredictable, nobody has a good idea where he'll be or what he'll do next.
      Face: He's a real mystery. A walking riddle. Yeah, he might start dropping bombs on you guys and on the other hand, he might just show up as a nun. I can't tell.
    • After a failed (but nonetheless pretty good) escape attempt, the other three members hear a truck Hannibal rigged driving over the landmines outside and the villains beginning to panic:
      Face: Sounds like World War V.
      B.A: Hey, man, that sounds like Hannibal!
  • Murdock and Hannibal get a double in "The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing" when Murdock is (temporarily) blinded by a muzzle flash and he has to coach Hannibal through landing a plane. Murdock can tell how Hannibal is doing just by the sound of the plane and the tilting, and with his coaching, Hannibal lands (mostly) safely, despite the only experience he'd had previously was one lesson with an instructor where he got to hold the stick for a couple of minutes.
    • Also, in the same episode, while the others are out of commission through various things, Murdock takes out half of the plane-jackers on his own.
  • Face gets a good one in the fourth-season episode "There Goes the Neighborhood". The team has been hiding out from a group of kidnappers in suburbia, passing the time by annoying the local drug smugglers. This impresses the locals so much they make Hannibal block captain of the neighborhood watch, which irritates the smugglers no end. So, when the kidnappers show up and start interrogating Face about the password into the team's other safehouse (the drug dealers' place, which Face convinced them the team had bought), what does Face tell them to say? "It's the new block captain." Cue one of the show's only three-way gunfights when the kidnappers follow this advice.
  • General Stockwell's reaction to Murdock holding him at gunpoint and revealing that he'd figured out the General's entire scheme from virtually no clues:
    General Stockwell: (calmly) Whoever declared you insane should have his license lifted.
  • You know what? Fuck it, Mr. T is a walking Man of Awesome.
  • "Lease With an Option to Die": Hannibal and Murdock masquerading as an old, wheelchair-bound woman and her yo-yo obsessed son (respectively) threaten and then shoot up the office of The Dragon in that episode, without once breaking character. Those couple of minutes holds so much awesomeness and complete hilarity as Hannibal plays the sweet and proper old lady (including the sweet and innocent look he holds while shooting up the office) and Murdock the doting son (who knocks out a couple of goons with his yo-yo for his mother as any good son should) has to be seen twice to be believed.
  • "The Doctor is Out": Murdock correctly identifying the helicopter of the people who abducted his psychologist only by the sound of it's engines and a brief (blurry) glimpse of it, and putting together a plan on the fly to escape the V.A. and get to Face's, all while in a drugged stupor (caused by the people who abducted his psychologist) and slowly falling into unconsciousness.
  • "The Battle of Bel Air" (?): Murdock outmaneuvering and causing a high-grade helicopter to crash while piloting a helicopter that is literally falling apart.
  • In "The Sound of Thunder", Murdock still managing to fly the team out of Vietnam in a chopper despite being shot in the shoulder.
    Murdock: "We may not make it to Texarkana, but I'll get us to the plane!"
  • In "Children of Jamestown", Hannibal and B.A. defeating the cultists with a jeep-mounted flamethrower. With Murdock dropping bombs from a helicopter, which he lights with his cigar.

The film
"They're trying to fly that tank."
  • The entire intro sequence
    • Hannibal picking his handcuffs with a firing pin (taken from a gun two corrupt cops tried to shoot him with) and handcuffing together the dogs sent to eat him
    • Face verbally bitchslapping General Tuco while about to be hung and set on fire.
    • BA taking out the entire garage (including sending a guy into a wall with one kick) just to get his van back.
    • Everything Murdock did - stitching up BA with a lightning bolt, setting Face on fire, crushing BA's car with an air conditioner and THE ENTIRE FLIGHT SEQUENCE :D
      • Hell, even General Tuco, the guy who was chasing them, thought the barrel roll was awesome.
      • Murdock stopping the chopper's engine mid-flight so there won't be a heat source to follow for the homing missiles, which then destroy each other. Completely insane, and totally awesome.
    • "You are engaged in unauthorized warfare on United States Military Personnel...over United States airspace!"
  • The planning for finding the plates (complete with A-Team Montage!) and the entire capture of the plates
  • The High-Altitude Battle over German airspace which is then turned into a Free-Fall Fight with a parachuting tank against two Reaper UAVs.
    • Face using the tank's machine gun to shoot down one of the drones.
      Face: [charges the .50] Yeah! What you got, bitches! [opens fire]
    • Sosa gets hers simultaneously, when she corrects one of her subordinates about what the team is doing, and she looks not amazed, but irritated.
      Technician: Are they trying to shoot down that other drone?
      Sosa: No, they're trying to fly that tank.
    • Earning the guys another when they prove the subordinate to also be right by shooting down the second Reaper while guiding the tank towards a nearby lake. When they do, Sosa's reaction is one of utter awe.
    • Hannibal then goes balls-out by using the tank's main cannon to slow their descent into the lake.
      Fire everything!
      C'mon baby!
  • Pike throwing a spanner into Face's works. With an anti-armor rocket launcher.
    • Pike proves equally awesome during the scene in Frankfurt, where he essentially has to fend off the A-Team single-handedly. While the A-Team manage to indeed fulfill their objective, once you see B.A. in the concussed mess Pike left him, you know the plan sure as hell didn't come together.
  • The scene where Murdock and BA get through the airport. They show up in elaborate disguises, with BA portraying a Tanzanian national and Murdock dressed as a rabbi. Unfortunately, they accidentally switch passports. However, BA improvises and clarifies that he is converting to Judaism, and Murdock pulls out flawless Swahili, which surprises even his crew.
  • Playing games with the crates at the climax.
  • When Murdock and the rest of the inmates sit down to watch a 3D movie, a jeep is shown on the screen moving towards the audience. Cue the rest of the A-Team crashing down the wall with a jeep, timed exactly to the film.
  • Baracus taking out Pike by doing a Rider Kick complete with motorcycle, and then revealing his Important Haircut.
    • Even the DVD "vision impaired voice-over" sounds ready to cheer at this point.
  • Face's last line in the movie.